How To Unlock Twitter Account Because Of Age Restrictions

Every Twitter user around the world are well known about the fact that under age cannot use Twitter as it gets Unlocked. If you are below thirteen and trying to get into Twitter then it is very much sure that you get unlocked. So, how can i unlock my Twitter if i get locked because of my age? here i will explain of getting unlocked on Twitter. Beside age, there are various  aspects of being locked on Twitter, which i will be discussing below. For your comfort, the solution is same, no matter for what reason you get unlocked.

Access to user accounts on the Twitter social network may be restricted in a variety of ways, each with different degrees of severity. The most frequent limitations Twitter employs, as well as what triggers their activation, are listed below.

1. Twitter account that has been locked:

 If your Twitter account has been locked, Twitter will log you out of all of your devices. This is due to suspicious activity or security concerns. This may be caused by several attempts to log in with the wrong password, too many third-party services linked to your account, or unusually high account activity.

2. Limited Twitter account:

 If you break Twitter's rules or are too active, your account may be restricted, preventing you from tweeting, retweeting, or like. During this time, previously published tweets from a restricted account will be hidden from search results and only accessible to current followers. Limits are typically set automatically to assist prevent spam on the network, although they may also be set manually by Twitter employees.

3. Restricted Twitter account: The terms “restricted” and “limited” are frequently used interchangeably, although there is no actual distinction between the two.

4. Suspended Twitter account: Getting suspended on Twitter is the same as being banned. A suspension may be short and challenged in certain cases, but it is generally permanent. Spam, false news, being a phony account, impersonation, harassment, being hacked, and breaching Twitter rules are all common reasons for accounts being suspended on Twitter.

When you attempt to log in to Twitter and you're locked out, you'll typically get a notice stating why it's locked and how to unlock it.

You won't be able to log into Twitter until it's unlocked.

You should get a notice of the lock through the email address and cell phone number connected with your account, in addition to the message inside the Twitter app and website.

If you can't find the email in your inbox, look in your spam folder. The Focused Inbox option in Outlook may potentially be concealing the email from you.

The notification message will instruct you to perform one of the following: Reset your password using the link provided in the message.

After you click on a link in the message, they'll give you a PIN number to your linked cell phone number.

While it may seem dramatic, a locked Twitter account is generally nothing to be concerned about, and the process of unlocking it just takes a minute or two.

Because the severity of a Twitter account limitation may range from moderate to severe, the proper reaction will differ.

Twitter will always contact with you by direct message and email, regardless of the reason for the restriction, to explain why your account has been restricted and what steps you need to do.

1. Verify your email, for example, is an activity that is often asked of restricted users.

2. Verify or add a phone number to your account.

3. Delete the tweets that are linked to the regulations that were broken.

4. You need change your password.

5. Use this official form to file an appeal.

When interacting with Twitter employees throughout the appeal process, it's better to be regretful and apologetic rather than defensive or furious.

What to Do If Your Twitter Account Is Suspended A significant breach of the social network's rules typically results in your account being suspended. However, errors can happen, and it is occasionally feasible to reactivate a Twitter account.

Make sure to connect one email address and phone number with your Twitter account, and link to it from your official website if you have one, to avoid your account being suspended or restricted due to suspicion of impersonation or being a false account.

When some suspended users attempt to log into Twitter, they will be provided with options for reactivating their accounts. These steps differ depending on the user, but they typically include verifying your identification through email or phone number.

If you can't log in after attempting many times, you'll need to file an appeal.

How to Delete a Suspended, Restricted, or Limited Twitter Account

 Unfortunately, deleting a suspended, locked, or limited Twitter account is difficult. The only way to remove a locked Twitter account is to unlock it first, then deactivate it as normal.

Add a mobile phone number to your Twitter account to help decrease the chance of your account being restricted, locked, or suspended in the future: Add a mobile phone number to your Twitter account to help reduce the risk of your account being limited, locked, or suspended in the future. This will let you verify you're a genuine person and will also allow you to revive your account if it's ever locked.

Use a Twitter avatar: Create a Twitter avatar and update your profile information to reflect your real identity. A link to your personal or professional website should also be included. All of this reduces the likelihood of others reporting your account as a phony.

Set limits: Don't follow more than 400 accounts, send more than 2,400 tweets, or send more than 1,000 direct messages in a single day. Note that these figures are for the whole day; instead, concentrate on the average hourly limitations, which are 16 accounts followed, 100 tweets sent, and 41 direct messages sent.

Calling out other people may be seen as harassment, especially if the other individual is very well-known.

Keep your cool: Having emotional debates on Twitter may quickly degenerate into insults and threats, which are against Twitter's rules.

Use auto-following applications sparingly.

Remember that Twitter is a private site with its own set of rules, and how you speak elsewhere may not necessarily be suitable for the social network or its members.


Don't lie about your age: If Twitter suspects that an account was established while the owner was under the age of 13, the account will be locked or suspended, so be honest about your age and don't alter your birth date in your profile. You may get in trouble if you claim to be 21 years old yet your Twitter profile is 9 years old.

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