How to Unsend Snapchat Message

Snapchat’s popularity stems from its dedication to user privacy. Images and movies uploaded to the network typically disappear within twenty-four hours. The messaging component has enhanced the usefulness of the application, and the good news is that you may erase message content.

To undo a snap, navigate to your Snapchat messages and locate the conversation in which it was sent. Select the conversation and scroll until you locate the image to be deleted. Keep your finger on the snap until the settings menu opens. Select “Delete” from the option that displays, and you’re all set.

Can You Undo a Sent Snapchat?

All forms of material can be removed from the platform. Although you cannot “unsend” messages, you may delete them. It is more convenient to erase them, especially if you sent stuff to the incorrect recipient.

Snapchat will tell you and the recipient that you deleted a sent file after deleting a snap. They will be unaware of the contents of the communication because it was removed from the discussion.

It is straightforward to undo the action of transmitting movies and photographs to Snapchat friends. Snapchat also allows users to delete media from their Snapchat Stories. You may erase photographs and videos shared with friends using the Memory tab. This is because these files were stored or uploaded from your device.

How to Cancel a Sent Snapshot on Your Mobile Device

If you wish to unsend a snap on an iPhone, Android, or iPad, the instructions are identical for each device. The methods to unsend a snap sent to a single recipient are separated from those for a group chat.

How to Remove a Snap Message Sent to a Single Recipient

To delete a snap sent to a single recipient, please follow the instructions outlined below.

Access the Chat

Start by navigating to the conversation where the message was sent inside the Snapchat messaging area.

Press and hold the Message

Now, using your finger, touch and hold the message you wish to erase.

Tap Delete

Select “Delete” from the menu drop-down. You will be required to confirm your choice. To complete the procedure, click “Delete” again.


Before doing this step, check the bottom of the snap to verify if the recipient has opened it. Once the receiver has already viewed it, it would be futile to erase it.

How to Remove a Snap From a Group Conversation

Follow the procedures outlined below to delete a sent message from a group chat.

Access Your Snapchat Chat

Select the discussion in which the photo was sent. To remove a message, press the conversation to expand it and then navigate through the conversation until you find it.

Tap and hold the Message

Press the message with your finger for many seconds.

Tap Delete

Select the “Delete” option next. Select the purple “Delete” box when prompted to confirm this action.


Verify that Snapchat has not marked the snap as open before deleting it. If other chat participants have seen it before, they will be able to determine what you have removed from the conversation. Be prepared to answer some questions unless you removed the snap before they could open the package. Everyone will note that a snap has been gone and will want to know what it was.


Snapchat is a game-changer in the social media industry due to the quick deletion of snaps, which ensures anonymity. Many users have difficulty resending messages on the site.

Follow the methods outlined in this article to erase any Snapchats that were sent in error.


Q:Is it possible to erase a photo before opening it?

A:Yes, you absolutely can. Snapchat allows users to delete sent messages before they are viewed. To erase a sent message, press and hold the media until the delete option appears.

Q:Is it possible to undo a photo that I accidentally sent?

A:There is no way to recall photos or videos shared with friends using Snapchat once they have been received. The only alternative is to delete the communication, however, this does not ensure that the recipient will not view it.

Q:What happens if I send someone a snap and then block them?

A:Similarly, if you send a snap to a receiver and then block them, they will still get the snap. Even if they are blocked, they can still access the snap and view it. However, they will not be able to Snapback.