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What are The Names of Twitter Accounts Of BTS

Welcome to the BTS ARMY, if you're new. Unlike many other boy bands, BTS uses social media to communicate with its fans. Sometimes it's via We verse, and other times it's through Twitter. What is the Twitter handles for the members of BTS? Is it true that they have their own Twitter accounts? This is all we know thus far.

We verse is a BTS fan app that allows followers to interact with the group.

We verse is your best option if you want to talk to BTS directly. This app is a “fan-centric community platform,” with individual profiles for each band member. BTS, as well as K-pop groups such as Tomorrow X Together and GFRIEND, fall under this category. Members of these communities often post updates and respond to fan messages.

Namjoon, better known by his stage as RM, stated that he's “Namjoon Ing” while BTS is on their “time of rest and leisure.” The word spread quickly on other social media sites, with followers loving their engagement. He once consoled a fan by revealing that he did not have a driver's license. So, the lads are very active on We verse. This app is also distinct from BTS World, which is a phone game starring BTS's guys.

Is it true that each member of BTS has their own Twitter account?

Despite the fact that each member of BTS has their own We verse account, the group does not have individual Twitter profiles. BTS (and its management) are still accessible to be followed on Twitter. @Bts big hit is BTS' official Twitter account, which has over 17 million followers. The guys' direct Twitter account is @BTS twit, which they use to interact with followers. Over 22 million people follow that account.

The guys often post updates to the group's Twitter account, concluding each message with the hashtag of the person who sent it. These tweets often contain images and conclude with the BTS ARMY creating a trending hashtag for the K-pop stars. BTS may also be found on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and other social media sites.

During the 2019 Billboard Music Awards, BTS performs onstage | Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for dip

Nonetheless, BTS used Twitter to broadcast a lot of their activities in the form of text, videos, and photos.

Just because BTS doesn't have its own Twitter account doesn't mean they don't send out updates and tweets to their followers. When one of the members of the group celebrates a birthday, the rest of the group takes to Twitter to share their favorite photos and well wishes. Their tweets often go viral, with some receiving more than a million likes from the BTS Army.

The BTS guys sometimes utilize the group's Twitter account to respond to other Twitter users, but this is uncommon. V once showed off some of his favorite photographs by well-known photographers. V, of course, reacted when those photographers thanked him for the honor. “Come to Canada and I'll show you some bears, deer, moose, and beavers!” said Callum Snape in response to V's tweet.

“The Korean countryside is likewise very lovely. “I hope you have a chance to photograph it,” V responded. The guys have even released footage from the stage during and after live performances, allowing fans to see what the show is like from their viewpoint.

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