If You Block and Unblock Someone on Snapchat, Will You Lose Your Streak?

The majority of us regard Snapchat as a world rife with bizarre filters, strange selfies, and infinite emoticons. This renowned white ghost within a yellow square box has eliminated feed congestion by removing the feed or timeline entirely. In addition, the addition of tales feature has helped the app reach new heights, and it has been replicated by several social networking sites. Consequently, we can currently find this function on all social networking sites.

The app’s ephemeral texting option was the only feature that attracted millennials. Your friend receives your messages and snaps, examines them, and your conversation is terminated. Therefore, you no longer have to worry about your parents seeing your app messages.

Also, you may transmit a big quantity of unpleasant movies and photographs because they will be deleted from the app. Snapchat is engaging and intimate, and we frequently add friends to the application. On the application, connecting with strangers is also simple.

Nevertheless, Snapchat, like every other social media platform, has a blocking option. Thus, you have the choice to both block and unblock individuals.

In this blog post, however, we will address the most common concerns customers have while employing blocking features. We commonly question whether banning and unblocking someone on Snapchat will break your streak.

We are not the only ones that are considering this, therefore let’s find out the solution today.

If you block and unblock a Snapchat user, would you lose your blocking streak?

There are several reasons to block an individual on social media. Perhaps we find their postings dull, or they flood our direct messages with photographs we don’t want to view! Blocking is fairly prevalent, and people commonly utilize it to clean their feeds.

There is also a great deal of time when it results from a friendly conversation with pals. Have you ever banned your closest friend on Snapchat after taunting them, just to later unblock them?

You may do it intentionally to annoy them, or you may be irritated and unwilling to communicate with them at the moment. In any event, we must encourage you to stop doing such activities if you wish to continue your winning streak.

Yes, if you block someone on Snapchat and fail to unblock them, you run the danger of losing your streak with them. Snapchat recognizes that once you block someone on the app, you no longer wish to be linked with them.

You will not appear in the search results if the person you banned attempts to find you on the site. You can no longer send photos to one another.

In addition, the platform will automatically erase the account and any ongoing conversations with them. We learned that two factors might lead you to lose your winning streak with a friend.

Let us examine them below.

Did you unblock them during the preceding day?

On Snapchat, we’re confident that everyone has at least one active streak. You are essentially always transmitting a photo to the other party. Therefore, these streaks indicate how many consecutive days we have exchanged photographs.

You maintain your streak if you snap with a person within a day. If you blocked someone, unblocked them within 24 hours, sent them a snap, and viewed what they sent you, you will not break the streak.

Have they altered their relationship status with Friends?

We are all aware that Snapchat has a tool that allows us to modify our contact privacy settings. Essentially, you may change the setting to Friends, Friends, and Contacts, or Everyone.

Whether their settings are set to friends is the second aspect that affects whether you lose your streak with someone. Therefore, only their pals on the site may communicate with them.

Consequently, as soon as you block them, they quickly remove you from their list of friends. Essentially, it indicates that your winning run will terminate if this occurs.


Let’s summarize everything we’ve learned today as we conclude this blog. Therefore, we answer a commonly asked question: will you lose your streak if you block and unblock someone on Snapchat?

We are all aware that keeping a streak needs everyday aggression against the opponent. Consequently, barring them prevents any communication between you two.

However, we have given you two variables that decide whether or not you will lose your streak. Therefore, if you want to maintain your winning streak, make sure to adhere to what we’ve said in the article.