Know What It Means If Someones Hides You On Facebook

What Does It Mean If Your Husband Hides Cell Phone Or Blocks You On Facebook

Continue reading below and listen to some of our relationship coach's effective dating advice if you want to learn the truth about why your guy is concealing his phone from you.

I agree that just because a guy conceals his phone doesn't imply he's cheating.

For example, he doesn't want anybody looking through his private messages or snooping through his gallery, but sadly, infidelity is the most common cause.

Fortunately, there are several telltale indications that a guy is hiding his phone because of treachery.

So, if you're worried about your man's faithfulness because of his phone's newfound concealment, pay close heed to these big warning signs.

He pays more attention to his phone than he does to you.

The truth is that we've all gotten somewhat obsessed with our phones, which is clearly bad.

However, we can all agree that going out with someone and having them spend the whole night on their phone is very impolite.

If you're on a date, you should put your phone away and focus on the person you're with.

If you think he's paying more attention to his phone than to you, it's probably because there's something more fascinating on it than you.

You should speak with your partner and explain politely that you don't agree with them spending so much time on their phone and ignoring you.

That does not imply that you are needy; you have every right to demand more attention.

He constantly puts his phone on the table facing down.

It's OK if it occurs a few times; many individuals do this unintentionally on occasion.

If your spouse has done it many times, he is most likely concealing something from you.

Perhaps he's waiting for a text message that he doesn't want you to see, or he's worried that someone (read:'the other lady') will call him and you'll see it.

If you remove his phone even for a second, he becomes enraged.

Is he constantly irritated if you attempt to grab his phone to look at anything, make a phone call, or just hand it to him since it was ringing and you wanted to give it to him?

If your husband's phone is constantly off-limits to you, there's probably something he's attempting to keep hidden from you on it.

If you believe this is the case, gently inquire as to why your spouse behaves the way he does whenever you attempt to grab his phone.

He updated the password on his lock screen.

You should have access to your boyfriend's phone if you've been dating for a while, and vice versa.

I understand that trust is essential in a good relationship, but giving someone your phone's password is also a show of trust.

The worst-case scenario is if you knew his phone's password and he changed it abruptly and without explanation.

Of course, you're wondering whether he's concealing anything, and you're quite justified in your suspicions.

He keeps his texting partner's identity a well guarded secret.

You've observed that he's constantly messaging someone on WhatsApp, Snapchat, or another social media platform, and when you ask him who he's texting, he tries to avoid answering or says it's simply one of his friends or a family member?

Come on, don't accept his pathetic explanations. What could he be messaging his friends about all the time?

It isn't his friends; it is someone else, and you should attempt to figure out who it is.

When you're together, he's constantly on his phone, yet he never responds to your messages right away.

This is the one that will grate on your nerves the most. He spends the majority of his time on his phone while you're together, yet when you text him, he takes an eternity to respond.

That indicates you're no longer his first priority, and it's most likely because he's responding to someone else who has clearly taken your place.

You've discovered he has two cellphones.

If you discover that your guy purchased a new phone and now has two, despite the fact that he doesn't need one for work, you should be skeptical.

This is something you should certainly bring up with him. Inquire as to why he needs two phones and, more crucially, why he failed to inform you of the presence of the second phone.

He no longer allows you to share pictures of you two together, and he doesn't allow him to do so either.

If you used to share pictures of you two together on social media and your boyfriend suddenly tells you that he doesn't want to post any more and begs you not to either, you should investigate the real reason behind this.

Of course, you may ask him, but good luck with that; he'll most likely refuse to respond.

There are some guys who don't enjoy revealing their private lives by uploading pictures on social media, but they'll tell you right at the start of your relationship.

In this case, you should simply accept it or attempt to reach an agreement with him to at least allow you to upload a profile photo of the two of you, but if he used to post photos and now doesn't, you should figure out why.

He abruptly changed his phone number.

Whether your boyfriend's phone number has suddenly changed for no apparent reason, you should begin to question if there is anything going on in his life that you are unaware of.

Again, you should attempt to have an open and honest conversation with your guy and inquire as to why he changed his phone number.

If he doesn't respond or you don't trust what he says, you should attempt to figure out how to get to the bottom of it in a manner that you feel would be effective.

He constantly deletes the history of his phone calls.

Even if your partner permits you to grab his phone while you're together, you should be concerned if you do so and find nothing on his phone calls or messages.

He constantly deletes his phone history and texts before going out with you for a purpose. He's most likely concealing something he doesn't want you to know about.

He can't, however, be so cautious and cover up every sign of his adultery.

You should peek through his phone sometimes when he's showering or taking out the garbage and probe around his call history.

Let's see what you come up with.

He receives calls from an unknown number on a regular basis.

You've caught an unknown number contacting him a few times, or you've discovered many calls from an unusual number in his call history, and when you questioned him about it, he attempted to avoid answering you or claimed it was an incorrect number?

Don't be fooled by him, my darling. There are many methods and applications for cellphones (many of which are compatible with both Android and iPhones) that may assist you in quickly determining whose phone number it is.

When someone summons him, he always exits the room.

If he doesn't want to take a call while you're there, he whispers on the phone or, even worse, leaves the room when someone calls, that's another indication he's concealing something.

If you're in a good relationship, there shouldn't be any secrets between you. Of course, if it has anything to do with his job, that's reasonable.

When you're with him, he never wants to open a text message or an email.

If he puts his phone in his pocket or leaves it on the table (with the screen facing down) whenever you're together and he receives a text or an email, it's an indication he doesn't want you to see it.

If it's something unimportant or business-related, why should he be concealing it?

If he does it again the next time you're together, ask him who's messaging him and have him show you his phone.

Some evenings, you won't be able to contact your boyfriend for many hours.

If he isn't accessible for many hours at night, you should investigate what's going on and what the cause is.

I understand how difficult it is to question whether our significant other is cheating on us, but if this kind of scenario occurs often, you should investigate.

You may check his Snapchat location as an example of what you can do if his Android or iPhone isn't set to Ghost Mode, of course.

You discovered some unusual names on his phone.

If you've snooped through your boyfriend's contacts and come across any unusual names, the first thing you should do is gently inquire about them.

Don't draw any judgments until you've asked him to explain himself. Maybe they are his new coworkers, or maybe they're just individuals he met lately.

Of course, if you don't trust him, you may double-check the statistics for yourself.

Simply input the phone number into your WhatsApp or Viber account, and if the recipient uses either app, you will see their profile picture or name.

Wrap Up

So all these listed points might be the reason behind hiding cell phone from wife. So one must be very careful and attentive with their partner. Hope you liked it.

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