Know Why Facebook Messages Are Sent But Not Delivered

What Is The Difference Between Sent And Delivered On Facebook Messenger

Facebook is a popular social networking platform with millions of users across the world. People may experience an error for no apparent reason while sending or receiving a message.

Your messages are sent but not delivered, even if your buddy seems to be online on Messenger. You may also put this to the test by sending a message to a few more people. If you keep having the same issue with various individuals, I recommend contacting the Facebook support staff. By confirming your Facebook account, you may report an issue.

Why are your Facebook messages sent but not delivered?

The phrase “message sent” indicates that the message has been sent from your end. And delivery denotes that it has arrived at the intended destination. If your message hasn't arrived yet, it's because there's an issue on the recipient's end. It may be a server issue, an internet issue, a configuration issue, or something else else.

We've outlined some reasons why your messages may not be delivered on Messenger in the sections below.

Because of unavoidable technical problems, your message may be sent but not delivered at times, or the receiver may have received the message but not yet opened it.

At this time, the receiver is not connected to the Messenger app. They may be enabled on a variety of web browsers by using Facebook.

When you send a message to someone who isn't a Facebook friend or a Messenger contact, your communications are listed as filtered in their “Message Requests or Connection Requests” area. This indicates that your message has been acknowledged by your buddy and will be marked as delivered.

Your receiver or friend has purposefully disregarded your message.

Your message may have been viewed by the recipient via the notification or status bar.

They aren't utilizing the Messenger app right now and are instead using Facebook.

Your conversations are now waiting to be authorized in the “connection requests list.”

Your network is sluggish to update the status of the communication transmitted, resulting in a delay.

Issues on the server

Messenger runs on a separate server that may or may not be shared with Facebook. When you send a message quickly via Messenger, it attempts to send it to a receiver who is connected to the Messenger server. When a Messenger conversation is reported as sent even if the receiver is tagged as Active, we've found that he or she has most likely ignored you on Messenger.

It indicates that you've been assigned to keep an eye on the list of Message Requests. It's also possible that he's using Facebook light at the moment.

Servers are assigned to certain places. Your message will be marked as transmitted by the recipient's server if the server to which your position is allocated is up and running. (How do servers function?)

However, if the receiving server has a technical problem, your message will be held up, indicating that the receiver has not received it. Your server informs you that the message was not sent because the recipient's server did not respond.

Concerning the status of messages

In Connection Requests/Message Requests, Messenger also allows you to have pending conversations. An incoming message that is not on someone's Friend list gets added to Message Requests. They remain there until the receiver accepts or rejects the conversation.

You should see “accepted your request” after a conversation is authorized. When required, your communication should be marked as delivered. This option is useful for friends who are not on one's Facebook friend list. It stays as sent even if it is rejected or removed.

It's also possible that they aren't signed into Messenger or that the program isn't loaded on their device if a message seems to have been sent even though they are online.

Unless they log in or install Messenger, they will be unable to receive messages. The message will be sent when they log into Messenger.


This only occurs after they've logged out of their account on their phone. The message will be sent as soon as the user enters into Messenger, and they will be deemed to have read it.

It's possible that your letter was ignored, tagged unread, deleted, or designated as spam by your recipient after it was received but not yet read.

If you know the recipient was online at the time the chat was sent, the quickest method to get them to start your discussion is to make a Messenger voice or video call.

They are obligated to open the conversation or cancel the call while using voice or video calls.

Messages are often delayed before being transmitted. Sometimes you'll notice “Chat is temporarily unavailable” or “Message is being held on sending” with no ticks for “sent,” “delivered,” or even “read.”

If this appears, it's possible that the Messenger server is now unavailable. The most effective solution is to leave Messenger alone for approximately an hour until it returns to normal.

Until the recipient's server is ready to intercept your conversations, the message will be listed as undelivered. Your messages would be sent in a few hours if the Messenger staff was active enough to solve the issue on their end, but if not, delivery would be delayed as long as the service remains down.

What can be done about communications that have been sent but not received?

  1. Using a web browser, log in to Facebook on a laptop or desktop computer.
  2. Send a message to as many of your active friends as possible.
  3. If your message isn't sent to just one friend, it's possible that they've blocked you on Messenger.
  4. If you're still concerned about the issue, try sending a message to a few more pals.

Final Thoughts

Facebook is a prominent social media and networking website where users may leave comments, upload photos, and exchange links to other relevant online material. Live chat and brief movies are also available. Shared material may be made publicly available and open, or it might be restricted to a small group of friends or family, or even a single individual. We've addressed some of the most common reasons why messages are sent but not delivered on Messenger in this post.

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