Know Why Someone Has Both Of Your Photos On Social Media

What It Means If Your Ex Has Both Of Your Photos On Social Media

if your ex maintains photos of you two together on social media rather than deleting them, it’s a good indication. It’s probable that your ex can’t bear deleting them since you’re still important to them and they believe there’s still hope for the future. They’re probably not going to inform you because they don’t want to raise your hopes and because they don’t want to deal with you asking (or pleading) to get back together right away. Don’t be alarmed if your ex has removed photos of the two of you from social media. It’s OK; it’s simply not a visible indication. Exes may erase photos if seeing them causes them pain.

Your ex reminisces about times you and he or she shared with you or with others. This supports point 2 in that it’s likely an indication that your ex misses the emotional connection you two had. This is a fantastic indication, and if they continue to pile up, you should be overjoyed!

If you mention your ex to common acquaintances, he or she will inquire. This is often an indication that your ex is contemplating moving closer to you (emotionally speaking). It may be as easy as communicating more effectively. It may even be as severe as requesting that you reconcile. This is because this indication often indicates that your ex is testing your receptivity to him/her or attempting to determine if you have moved on or not. If they’re curious about it, that’s a positive thing.

If you see or hear any of these things, it’s a positive indication that your ex still cares about you, loves you, and may be interested in reuniting with you at some time.

To read following this one, you may want to open this article in a new tab: 9 Indications That Your Ex Is Pretending To Be Over You.

That doesn’t imply you should go after your ex or point out the warning signals to him or her.

The same points I’ve made in previous articles and videos still hold true.

The no-contact rule, resisting the urge to try to persuade your ex to get back together, making yourself as attractive as possible, using radio silence, and other strategies that I teach you to use to get your ex back include the no-contact rule, resisting the temptation to try to persuade your ex to get back together, making yourself as attractive as possible, and other strategies that I teach you to use to get your ex back include (like in my Emergency Breakup Kit).

It’s critical that you don’t get distracted or obsessed with looking for indications and indicators that your ex still wants, loves, or cares about you.

It may cause obsession, worry, and a delay in your recovery.

It’s important to realize that, even if your ex still cares about you and wants to reconcile, it may take some time.

If your ex is serious about accomplishing something significant in their life, it may take them seeing progress toward that goal.

Hopefully, it won’t be necessary to complete the accomplishment in its entirety.

If they’re having trouble coping with the breakup and questioning their choice to leave you, it may be as simple as showing them some steps toward completing whatever it is your ex thinks he or she has to do.

You can’t have your ex believe that you’ll ignore their messages if you want them back.

This kind of rejection may cause them to give up and perhaps hate you.

Simply said, if your ex thinks you will not react or ignore her, she will stop contacting you.

Who in their right mind wants or needs that sort of rejection in their life?

Your ex will most likely cease contacting you since it is useless.When a coaching client receives poor advise from someone else before coming to my content, I often see this happen.

What Should I Do If I Notice Signs That My Ex Is Still Interested In Me?


Seeing indications that your ex still cares about you should primarily act as reassurance that you are on the correct track and that there is still possibility of reuniting with your former.

Is this to say that if you find indications that your ex still cares, you should do specific things?

I hate to tell you this because I don’t want you to take it too seriously, but it very well might be.What I mean is that, in the instance of your ex being far away from you at the time, if you were going to be in the same region as them, it would be beneficial if you let your ex know.

Warning! You must use caution.

Your ex doesn’t have to believe you’re attempting to make this happen.That’s because you want your ex to be intrigued and wonder whether you’re just going to move on and meet someone else.You don’t want to tell them you’re gay, but you also don’t want to tell them you’re not.

Allow your ex to ponder the situation.

You want a little healthy suspense and worry to work in your favor with your ex’s heart.

So, if your ex believes you’re attempting to set up you two seeing one other, they may assume you’re still interested, and they won’t have to worry about getting back together with you anytime soon.

They’re free to take their time.

The issue is that such a moment is unlikely to occur since your ex’s attraction to you will most likely decrease as a result.

So be as clever as possible.

Mutual friends who reside in the region may be beneficial provided you are cautious about what you tell them.

For example, don’t say, “Hey, I’m going to your neighborhood and I’m dying to see my ex, so could we meet for coffee and see if he’ll come by?”

That’s not a good idea!

Keep your intentions a secret from that common buddy.

In fact, keep it a secret!

There’s just too much danger, and I’ve seen much more harm than good.

Simply inform your common buddy that you will be in town and would want to meet up with them.

Have a cup of coffee and a conversation.

Enjoy yourself.

Maybe you’ll run across your ex, maybe you won’t.

You must be patient since it will not happen properly every time.

If there are indications that your ex still cares about you, believe them and don’t push or hurry a meeting with him or her.

It would be beneficial.

That is the truth, but it is also the fact that if you attempt to push it, it will damage your efforts to win your ex back.

In my Emergency Breakup Kit (which I strongly recommend if you want your ex back and want to retain them), I go into a lot more depth. This covers things like how to react if your ex contacts you, how to get your ex back after a long distance split, what to say in a meet-up with your ex, and other aspects you may not have considered.

So make sure you have the Emergency Breakup Kit on hand.

The following are some indications that your ex is still angry with you:

They are uninterested in you.

It may seem self-evident, but this is significant since it indicates that they are likewise sure that you will continue to chase or pursue them.

The reason your ex is angry with you will determine whether or not you continue to make an effort. If you’re to blame, you’ll have to eat some humble pie.

It pains me to say this, but you will have to go out of your way to contact them.

It will be rarely used, but even if they are ignoring you, the best option is to contact them once a week.

If necessary, apologize, but not more than twice.

  1. Use of sarcasm

It’s crucial to understand why.

If you’ve given them a cause, humble pie is still on the table for you.

  1. Attempts to smear you with a new or possibly new connection.

If your ex insists on seeing and hearing from you, he or she is still angry and perhaps interested in you.

  1. Your ex pretends to be happy.

This one is a little more harder to see, but if your ex is constantly bragging about how great he or she is doing without you, you can bet they’re using happiness to attempt to harm you or at least have an effect on you.

Last Thoughts

While time is usually on your side, your ex may be waiting for compensation or an honest apology.

It’s critical to consider what occurred and decide if you bear some or all of the responsibility.

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