Know Why Your Crush Does Not Add You On Social Media

Why Doesnot My Crush Add Me On Social Media

Men, on the whole, are not into double meanings and like to speak in a direct manner. Other modes of communication, particularly face-to-face, can offer you a better understanding of the issue, so remember to search for clues other than texting, such as body language. If texts are all you have to rely on, don’t worry: even these short messages offer a wealth of information.

The following is a list of indicators you may use to evaluate if he likes you… or isn’t interested at all. I’ve classified them into three groups:

  1. I’m not interested at all.

If you see any of these indications in your interactions with a man you like, it’s time to move on and find someone who values your attention more. These symptoms suggest a man who is either totally disinterested in you or a complete jerk who doesn’t care whether he behaves inconsiderately. In any case, you deserve better.

  1. He has never responded to anything you have ever sent him.

There is no interactivity at all. When there is no interaction, nothing happens. There is no forward motion. This is not to say that you should send nasty or aggressive messages, since negativity is worse than zero.

He usually responds within 24 hours (or longer). It’s OK to wait a couple of hours since we all have busy days, or the following morning if it was late and he went to bed. However, if there is no reaction, it does not necessarily imply that he dislikes you, but rather that you are not a priority in any way.

He only texts you about business or school issues.

His writing is colorless. There is no joking, flirting, or anything else. They sound monotonous and predictable.

He never sends you needless or random text messages. If his text has a legitimate context, it isn’t always a justification to contact him.

He’ll avoid even the most little personal information about himself. He won’t tell you about his work, despite the fact that most men like talking about their jobs.

He just texts you for assignment solutions.

None of his writings are concerned with your well-being. There will be no message inquiring as to how you are, whether you had a nice morning, or if you performed well on an exam.

He never texts you an invitation to anything.

When he cancels, he doesn’t bother to explain why.

  1. He is unconcerned about your illness.

He texts no more than three times every three months. More than once a month, in general, although there are rare exceptions. For example, if he begins chatting to you out of nowhere and you never see him again, he is definitely interested in you. He may be so far away from your everyday life that contacting him too often may come off as overly odd.

When the context calls for a lengthier answer, he routinely delivers one-word replies. This may imply that he sees your messages but doesn’t write as much. If this is simply a texting issue, you could try contacting him or using another method of communication.

The words are devoid of feeling. There are no smileys. There are no emojis. There are no exclamation points. Nothing. He never compliments you on anything.

He doesn’t appear to recognize you. “Who is this?” he may inquire.

He requests that you cease contacting him or leave him alone since he is too busy. If he asks you to stop texting, it indicates you’re texting too much for him, and it’s getting in the way of things he wants to do for himself, whether job-related or social networking.

Everything he gives you is cruel, nasty, and impolite. He’s obviously trying to get rid of you.

He frequently calls you by the incorrect name.

If he calls you a “bitch,” he’s probably not interested in you in a positive manner… or at all.

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  1. The Friend Zone

Sometimes a man loves you as a friend but is apprehensive about becoming more. There may be a variety of causes for this. Perhaps he loves someone else, is homosexual, or just does not view you in that light. If this is the case, my suggestion is to look for someone else. You could even enlist his assistance.

After all, he’d probably love to hook you up with one of his male pals if he loves you as a buddy. In any case, the following are indications that he appreciates and admires you as a friend but is not seeking for anything more.

His messages are more like what he would send to his male buddies, such as rubbing his balls, farting, and discussing beer. No man would stoop to this unless he is incompetent or has no desire to impress you.

He refers to you as “buddy” or “bro” more often. His criteria for defining you should be self-explanatory. Guys don’t usually use the term “buddy” if they view you as romantic possibilities, unless he’s losing it and truly loves you and doesn’t know what to say anymore.

If you get a text from one of his friends and that buddy claims your interest provided him that phone number… well, your interest probably doesn’t like you, but his friend does.

If he cancels on you, don’t rush to conclusions right away. See if he wants to see you another time and attempt to reschedule. Investigate the grounds behind his cancellation. Guys, regrettably, cancel a lot, but it doesn’t imply they don’t like you. There may be a variety of reasons for them to cancel, so don’t get too worked up over it.

He seeks guidance on a different lady. This clearly indicates that he regards you mainly as a friend.

Instead, he informs you that his buddies are free to hang out with you. This implies that although he may like your company, if he is handing you off to his buddies, it is possible that he is more interested in seeing someone else and doesn’t want to give the incorrect impression. He loves you enough to want you to get out with his buddies, which is a compliment. And you may discover someone in your buddy circle who is better compatible with you.

You watch him send long text messages, but you never get them. Clearly, he has the ability to do so and is capable of being sincere, but he isn’t to you.

He may be your homosexual best buddy if he seems to be mostly interested in guys. But keep in mind that bisexuality exists! Make no assumptions.

When you make a flirtatious move, he does not react by being flirty or exuberant; instead, he maintains a purely pleasant demeanor. Worse, he accuses you of being strange. That may indicate he doesn’t understand or agree with what you’re expressing. He’s not making eye contact.

In relation to you, he uses the term “platonic.”

Guys don’t typically express all of their emotions in written form. If he does, he may be interested in you for reasons other than friendship.

  1. Call for Booty

If you truly adore a man but he just views you as a booty call, it’s best to find out sooner rather than later so you don’t get too attached. You should definitely maintain your distance if you desire an emotional, serious relationship but he just wants sex. The following are indications that he is just looking for a casual or physical connection.

6.He either has a girlfriend, is in a relationship, or is married

 You don’t want someone who is ready to flirt with you while they are in a relationship; this is a negative sign that he would do the same to you if they were in a relationship, so simply ignore him. Wait a minute, there are more wonderful men out there.

He exclusively sends you photos of his physique, particularly his chest or “dick shots.”

If you find a “I love you” text from him to someone else on his phone, be wary that he is cheating or planning to cheat.

He inadvertently sends you information that was intended for another lady.

You outtext him by a significant margin, say, 80%. When texting, the communication should be generally consistent from one text to the next. At the very least, there should be no obvious one-sided texter. You may double text on occasion, particularly if he does it himself, and usually if the messages are connected. Don’t overdo it with the text. It’s overpowering and comes off as desperate.

He never apologizes for being late in responding. He never, ever apologizes. If he has never said “I’m sorry” after doing anything unpleasant, it is because he isn’t emotionally engaged enough to care and has a large ego.

If he messages you complaining about the cleanliness of his house, he’s probably just irritated with how you left his place (unless he’s your roommate, of course.)

If he just sends you bulk messages, he most likely wants to mingle and party. And you are cordially invited!

Avoid placing too many expectations on the scenario, since this may scare the person away from you.

Be wary if he abruptly stops messaging you. He may be preoccupied, but he may also be interested in someone else.

  1. If he frequently deletes your text messages, it may indicate he has no attachment.

If he wants services from you such as backrubs, sandwiches, and other strange things, it may indicate he loves you or views you as his maid. You may jokingly retort to him or scold him; how he reacts here is critical.

Final words

Be cautious if he compares you to one of his ex-wives. This may imply that he dislikes you right away. It may also imply that you are his type…or that you are close enough to his ex to be dating her in any case.

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