Methods to Know If Someone Unfriended You on Snapchat

Typically, social media services make it evident when a user has unfriended or banned you; however, Snapchat keeps the entire process very discreet. If you weren’t paying attention, you may not even notice.

In this post, we will discuss four ways to determine if someone has banned or unfriended you on Snapchat.

Check out the chat Window

If someone has unfriended or blocked you, all sent snaps will stay pending until they re-add you as a friend. In such circumstances, you can send the person a snap to determine if they have unfriended or blocked you. Follow the instructions below on your Android or iOS device after launching Snapchat.

  1. Select the conversation icon. Optionally, you can swipe right on the display.
  2. Open the chat between you and the target individual.
  3. If you receive a notification stating that your chat will remain pending until you are added as a friend, it indicates that you have been unfriended.

Examine the snap rating

A user’s snap score is a numerical measurement of their Snapchat use. Greater scores imply greater usage. However, only your friends may view your score. This also implies that if you cannot view a user’s snap score, they have either banned you or deleted you as a buddy.

  1. Launch Snapchat and press the top search icon.
  2. Search for the buddy you wish to verify. To access their profile, tap their Bitmoji.
  3. If you can view the snap score, you are in excellent shape. Otherwise, you have been either blocked or unfriended.

Check your list of followers

Snapchat, like the majority of social media networks, maintains a list of your pals. If someone has removed you as a friend or blocked you, they will not display on this list.

  1. Launch Snapchat and tap the profile icon in the upper-left corner.
  2. Tap My Friends under the section Friends.
  3. Search for the individual you wish to locate. If you do not see their name, they have removed you as a friend.

Try posting an article

This strategy is not particularly successful, but it can give you an indication of whether or not you’ve been unfriended while simultaneously submitting a tale.

You only need to post a tale and then see the number of views it received. If the person you’re looking for is not on the viewer’s list, you may have been de-friended or banned.

How can you remove a Snapchat friend?

Therefore, if you’ve decided it’s your turn to unfriend a few pals, use the Snapchat app and follow the procedures outlined below.

  1. Select the search option located at the top.
  2. Find the buddy you wish to unfollow and tap their bitmoji.
  3. Tap the three vertical dots in the upper-right corner of the screen.
  4. Select Delete friend.


Various Snapchat symptoms indicate a person has been unfriended, whether or not it is immediately obvious. Since its 2011 debut, Snapchat has enabled users to interact with their peers via photographs. Snapchat introduced the Stories feature almost a decade ago, and other social media and messaging applications have subsequently replicated it.

Following and befriending other users has existed since the inception of social media. Since 2004, Facebook users have been adding each other as friends. Since 2006, users have followed each other on Twitter, and since 2010, on Instagram. Frequently, it is evident on these applications that persons have been unfriended or unfollowed. Twitter, for instance, shows a banner on a person’s profile that reads “Follows you” if that user is following them.

There are several techniques to determine if a Snapchat user has been removed. If the user’s tales display under ‘Subscriptions’ instead of ‘Friends,’ this is the clearest indication. However, if the user’s stories are set to “Friends Only,” it may take longer to realize a person has been removed. Checking your Friends list is another technique to determine if a friend has de-friended you. To do so, press the profile icon on the camera’s display, then tap “My Friends,” followed by a search for their username. If their name is absent from the list, they have removed you as a friend.