My Ex Reads My Texts On WhatsApp But Doesn’t Reply. What Does It Mean

Being “seen-zoned” by their ex is one thing everybody has both confronted or been afraid of sooner or later in their lives as a result of there isn’t any worse feeling than realizing that somebody intentionally ignored you.

Today we’re going to speak about why your ex reads your text messages but doesn’t reply and what to do in that state of affairs.

And if you happen to stick around till the top of this text I’m going to even present you the cocktail of techniques that would get them to answer when it appeared not possible in the first place.

First issues first although.

Why Would An Ex Read Your Message But Choose Not To Reply? 

Let’s discover why your ex would see your message and never reply as a result it’s good to perceive the explanations so you possibly can keep away from them and get your ex to reply.

In my expertise, there are three major causes for your ex to learn your message but not reply:

  1. The timing isn’t proper
  2.  The baggage is simply an excessive amount of
  3.  Your texts sucked…

Let’s begin with the highest.

The Timing Isn’t Right

This is an issue that we had with the latest teaching shopper of mine the place we crafted what I believed to be the perfect text message to get her ex to chunk.

The downside was that she texted her ex when he was visiting his household and he was very explicit about not being eager to get distracted when he was around a household.

So she despatched the textual content message, and he didn’t reply.

Later that day, her ex posted an image of himself dwelling together with his household, and that’s once we realized that we picked the flawed time to succeed in out to her ex.

So for instance, don’t textual content them once they’re at work or once they’re with their household or once they’re doing a little outside exercise the place they’re not prone to reply.

Sometimes it is a guessing sport as a result you don’t have any means of realizing precisely what your ex is as much as you, however, if you happen to’ve been collectively for a while, you’ll have a fairly good concept of what your ex’s schedule seems like.

Maybe you’ll know that your ex doesn’t do a lot between 9 pm and midnight, so that could be your greatest shot of getting a response.

Your ex needs to be close to their cell phone, they usually should even have adequate time on their fingers to reply to you.

However, even texting at the right time of the day doesn’t imply it’s the appropriate emotional time for your ex to reply…

The Baggage Is Too Much To Overcome Right Now

Over the years, I’ve realized that whereas the 5 phases of grief mirror how individuals cope with breakups, they don’t all the time occur within the “right phases.”

Sometimes anger lasts rather a lot longer than you’d count on, and typically individuals swing forwards and backward between anger and acceptance or different phases once more.

One factor we’ve discovered is that if you happen to go by way of a very dangerous breakup along with your ex and there’s a variety of baggage there, typically they simply don’t need to discuss it with you.

I suppose you possibly can even loop this in with timing, but it surely’s deeper than that as a result of if there’s an excessive amount of baggage, it doesn’t matter whether or not they have free time.

Typically talking, if you happen to send textual content to your ex they usually’re not responding, it’s in all probability as a result of they’re nonetheless holding a grudge over how the breakup went down or how they have been handled within the relationship.

Now to make issues much more difficult, a variety of ladies will come to me and say that their ex broke up with them, so how does it make sense for him to carry a grudge?

Here’s the thing- males love to color themselves because the victims of a breakup, so their line of thought goes, “you made me break up with you.”

I do know it doesn’t make a lot of sense. But actually, do feelings throughout a breakup ever make sense?

Sometimes your ex would possibly even be over the preliminary emotional baggage, however, they won’t reply since you didn’t give them a lot to reply to…

Your Text Message Sucked

I feel that is the most typical purpose for your ex not responding.

Throughout {our relationships}, all of us develop complacent as we get used to the patterns and routines that we undergo every day.

Those patterns embody how we begin conversations.

So, it’s utterly regular to begin a dialog with an easy “hey, what’s up” if you’re collectively however that’s NOT the case after your breakup.

When you’re in a relationship, your vital different kinda HAS to answer, however, your ex has no such obligation to you.

Sometimes individuals don’t notice this, they usually attempt to textual content their ex the identical means they’d as if they have been in a relationship.

If you’re texting your ex with not a variety of thought or curiosity embedded into it, a variety of occasions, the text message just isn’t enough to yield a response.

They’ll see your text as meaningless and won’t feel the need to respond at all. If something, an easy “hello” would possibly even offend them if you happen to have a particularly nasty break up as a result they will simply allow you to again in for no purpose.

When this occurs, a variety of ladies freak out and assume that their ex doesn’t need to discuss it with them, however, that’s not what it’s. Your ex simply doesn’t need to discuss with you if the dialog goes to go this explicit means.

You should catch your ex off guard a bit and create a hook that will get them intrigued sufficiently to need to discuss with you.

How Do You Get An Ex To Reply To Your Text Messages?

Now that you just know why your ex isn’t responding, let’s repair that.

Getting your ex to reply to your textual content messages is a performance of 4 issues.

These 4 issues principally take the explanations for why your ex seen-zoned you head-on and use them as a bonus.

  1. Utilizing The No Contact Rule
  2.  Embed Curiosity Into Your First Text
  3.  Utilize The Damsel In Distress Text
  4.  Your Goal Should Be A Positive Conversation

Let’s begin with the highest.

My Ex Reads My Texts On WhatsApp But Doesn’t Reply. What Does It Mean

Utilizing The No Contact Rule

This completely helps with the bag facet of the breakup.

If your ex is holding an enormous grudge about the breakup, then the bags of the connection makes them not need to reply to you.

The neatest thing you can do to assist them to recover from this baggage is to offer them time.

You ought to go straight right into a no-contact rule the place you don’t attain out or reply to them for a sure time frame.

There are a variety of totally different psychological causes for why this works.

People usually see the no-contact interval as a ploy to make their exes miss them, however, we truly assume that it’s greater than that.

This time is helpful as a result it’s a wonderful time so that you can give attention to yourself.

When you give attention to yourself as an alternative od your ex, you blossom into the absolute best model of yourself, so if you lastly discuss with your ex, they see that you are just a brand new and different individual.

More than something, the no contact rule helps this explicit state of affairs by giving your ex sufficient time to settle down in regards to the baggage that they might be holding on to.

Every First Contact Text Message Needs Curiosity

Simply put, it’s good to give your ex a fascinating purpose to reply.

Embedded curiosity is created when there’s an unanswered query that your ex desires to get answered so that they HAVE to succeed in out to you.

Oftentimes I point out the idea of the Zeigarnik impact which states that folks keep in mind incomplete or interrupted duties higher than accomplished ones.

Hollywood has gone to the city with this concept with its use of cliffhangers at the finish of each episode that leaves the viewers wanting extra.

When you message your ex, it’s not nearly sending an unanswered query, however about embedding sufficient curiosity to make them reply to ask what you want.

Numerous ladies and men have a problem determining how to do that… that’s the place the subsequent level comes into play:

Utilize The Damsel In Distress Text Message

Just a few years in the past my spouse got here up with the thought of a damsel in misery message that faucets into the hero complicated of an ex and makes them need to reply.

We solely talked about that in passing, and some ladies in our personal Facebook help group began arising with their very own damsel in misery messages to get their exes to speak to them.

We couldn’t ignore how profitable these messages have been and the way shortly they received responses, however like with the rest there’s a proper means of doing this and a flawed means. Today I’m going to point out to you a couple of our most profitable damsel in misery textual content messages that you need to use to get a response out of your ex.

The clean can embody something from cooking to exercising so long as it’s one thing that issues your ex. The entire level is that you just ask for your ex’s recommendation on one thing and make them feel like a professional if they may help you out.

The factor with this textual content message is that you just truly have to have an issue in your ex to resolve. Saying this after having to confess that you just solely mentioned it to seize their consideration isn’t precisely a good way to get your ex to reply once more. You gained’t be capable to hold observe of any white lies both, so the nice concept is to make use of a real-life downside and add some sprinkles of exaggeration.

Your Overall Goal Shouldn’t Be A Response, But A Positive Conversation

Lots of people have a look at textual content messages because of the be-all-end-all for her conversations with their ex. However, focusing an excessive amount on the little particulars could make you lose sight of the final word goal- having a constructive, satisfying dialog that makes your ex need to discuss with you once more.

You have to have a paradigm shift right here and notice that having the proper damsel in misery message isn’t the whole sport; it’s only a small software that you need to use to play and win.

The damsel in misery message can get your ex to reply, and that’s nice. But let’s be trustworthy; you need extra than simply any response. You need your ex to have a standard dialog with you.

Here are a couple of tricks to have a constructive dialog:

Don’t plan all of it out forward

We’ve tried that previously, but it surely all the time goes south as a result of there being SO many elements that you just can’t account for. Just go in and attempt to have enjoyment with the dialog!

Try to maintain your messages as fascinating as doable

Your ex wants one thing to reply to so be sure that your messages are participating they usually have an apparent or pure response. Avoid utilizing any blanket statements as a result of they don’t depart a lot of room for dialog.

Use open-ended questions/statements

Open-ended questions are nice as a result they permit your ex to reply nonetheless he desires to, and that would steer the dialog down an extra constructive path.

Always finish the dialog first

This will hopefully create a cliffhanger that may make your ex attain out to you subsequent time.


Your ex may not be responding to you as a result of their being quick on time, they have an excessive amount of emotional baggage, or as a result your message simply wasn’t fascinating sufficient for them. Either means, these 4 issues will assist be sure that your ex responds to you:

  1. Complete the no-contact rule earlier than reaching out to your ex
  2.  Embed curiosity in each first message
  3.  Use a damsel in misery message
  4.  Your purpose must be to have a constructive dialog

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