When is Spotify Wrapped Released? A Guide for Users

Are you looking forward to seeing your tailored Spotify Wrapped report for 2020 that details your listening habits for the year? Every year, millions of users eagerly await the annual Spotify Wrapped report to see a breakdown of their streaming devices, total plays, genre variety, most listened-to artist, top song and more. Whether you’re new to Spotify or a seasoned user, you may have already heard of Wrapped and wondering when it will be released this year. This article will provide you with a comprehensive guide to the launch of 2020’s Spotify Wrapped and the features you can look forward to.

1. Introduction to Spotify Wrapped

Spotify Wrapped is an annual activity that users of the streaming media service, Spotify, can participate in. It is a summarisation of the data the user has created during their time using the platform, designed to give the user an overview of their engagement with music, podcasts, and other content. These results can be shared on the user’s social media pages, or embedded within a blog post, informing friends and family of the user’s media preferences.

Each year, the user must answer a series of questions regarding their year in music, such as their top artists, favourite thing to listen to when cooking and the most popular track. After submitting these queries, the user will be presented with a tailored Spotify Wrapped page that details their year in streaming. It includes statistics on the user’s playback habits, including the total number of minutes the user has streamed, their top three artists, and their top five tracks. It also includes their top podcasts, and the total number of countries their devices were used in. This page can be saved, or shared.

Unique Features of Spotify Wrapped

  • Detailed statistics relating to user’s streaming habits.
  • Ability to save and share the Spotify Wrapped page.
  • Questions regarding user’s music preferences.
  • Detailed descriptions of the number of countries the user’s devices have been used in.

Overall, Spotify Wrapped serves as a great tool to summarise the user’s year in streaming, informing them of their most used content, with the page design appealing to users in a casual, intuitive manner.

2. Timeline for the Spotify Wrapped Release

The Spotify Wrapped feature is released annually and is an easy way for users to access and share their listening stats from the last year. Annually, the release date falls in December. Here is a comprehensive timeline for the 2020 Spotify Wrapped release.

  • November 19: This marks the start of the promotion for the Spotify Wrapped feature.
  • December 6: Fans can start to access the Spotify Wrapped landing page where they can get preliminary information about the feature.
  • December 10: Spotify Wrapped will be available to use, and users will be able to generate their stats.

The Spotify Wrapped feature is an important release for Spotify, as it provides insight into users’ listening habits across all music genres. This feature is also a great opportunity to introduce new and exciting content to the users.

A month-long promotional and anticipation period will surround the release and will include a range of activities, from fan contests to influencer marketing and creative collaborations.

3. Preparation for Spotify Wrapped

To get the most of your Spotify Wrapped experience, you should prepare beforehand. There are a few simple steps you should take to ensure that you get the best results.

First, make sure you have the correct and updated version of Spotify installed on your device. If you do not yet have an account, signing up for one and downloading the app is also necessary. Be sure to connect all of your music streaming accounts, if applicable, such as iTunes or SoundCloud, to ensure that all of your listening data is taken into account for the year.

Second, turn on all social sharing options, such as allowing your results to be shared with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Finally, go to the Spotify Wrapped page and start accessing and reviewing your results using the appropriate tools such as the Bubble Chart, Fun Facts, and Year in Music. For a more detailed analysis, open the Spotify Wrapped Insights page to compare yourself to the Year and Global Trends.

4. Extracting Data from Spotify Wrapped

Spotify Wrapped is a great feature that offers detailed information about an individual’s listening habits over the past year. This data can be extracted and made readily available for a variety of purposes. Here are 4 ways that the data can be accessed and used.

  • Get Access to Spotify APIs: If a company or individual needs up-to-date statistics and metrics about listening habits, they can use the APIs to access that information directly from Spotify Wrapped. The APIs provide access to usage statistics, artist preferences, and other important data.
  • Signing Up for a Spotify Account: The data can be collected by signing up for a Spotify account, which provides comprehensive data tracking information regarding usage and favourites. This data can then be used to gain insight into music taste, preferences, and other trends.
  • Analyze the Data: Spotify offers a wide range of analysis tools that can be used to extract and analyze data on user preferences from Spotify Wrapped. These analysis tools offer numerous insights, such as how frequently a user listens to a certain artist, or what kind of music they prefer.
  • Upload Results to Third-Party Analytics Platforms: Data from Spotify Wrapped can be uploaded directly to third-party analysis platforms, such as Tableau and Power BI, for further analysis. These platforms provide a robust set of features for extracting and interpreting data that can help in gaining insights into user preferences.

Ultimately, can be utilized to gain an in-depth understanding of an individual’s music preferences. Be it for a commercial, nonprofit, or academic purpose, analyzing the data can be an invaluable tool.

5. Wrapping Up: Final Considerations

Once the analysis has been performed and all factors have been considered, making the final decision is the next step. It is important to recognize the pros and cons for each option and choose the one that best fits the situation and goals. Here are some final considerations to consider:

  • Future projections: Investigate how each option may impact the business in the long-term. Understand how its implementation could affect the business in the future.
  • Financials: Consider the financial implications of each decision. Analyze if it can be financially sustained, or if the expenditure is worth the investment.
  • Strategic value: Identify the added value of the decision and how it aligns with the current strategy of the organization.

Finally, make sure to understand any risks or potential issues associated with the decision. Once the decision is made, a communication plan should be established to inform the relevant stakeholders.

You now know the expected release date of your Spotify Wrapped and how to get the most out of it when it arrives. Start creating your year’s playlist now and get ready to relive your best streaking moments! Don’t forget to use the hashtag #SpotifyWrapped when you’re sharing your Wrapped on social media.

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