You Can Now See Who Blocked You on Twitter Easily

Getting blocked, using any social media has been the most divesting thing to be for anyone who is engaged with it, but have you ever think what would you do if you get blocked? How would you find a person who had blocked your “Twitter”? Yes, aim to say Twitter because having being blocked on Twitter has become a common phenomenon for those people who are using Twitter. So, here I will tell you the method to find out who blocked you or anyone on Twitter. Although it is not easy to find out that blocked on Twitter but given instructions and methods will help you to get a person who blocked on Twitter

As there is no way to go through a list of people who blocked you on Twitter, all you need is to go and search for specific accounts of those whom you suspect. For that, I will give you some important steps to go through it.

Step 1: At first, using the app of your phone or a web browser starts you’re Twitter.

Step 2: Go through the profile of an account to whom you suspect of blocking your Twitter, by using the search box.

Step 3: You will not be able to watch the profile when you get blocked you will get a message saying that you have been blocked.

What does blocking do on Twitter?

Well, being blocked on Twitter is different than getting blocked on other social media like Facebook. When get blocked on facebook it will mention the person anywhere on the planet. Getting blocked on Twitter will tweet to them but will not tell the person that tweets are waiting for them. You will not get any alternate to see their Tweets, but you will be able to take part in conversations where both of you are mentioned. Let me make you clear that neither you nor the person who had blocked your Twitter will be able to watch each other replies.

Will you be notified when someone blocks you on Twitter?

Let me mention to you that they won’t be able to see retweets of your tweets. In that case, you won’t be able to send each other direct messages. Well, as I have already mentioned that finding out the person who blocked Twitter is a very difficult thing to do. So whenever a user takes a little break from your Twitter by blocking your Twitter, you will not be able to notify it unless you briefly investigate it. You will not be able to find a way when your opponent blocks you.

How to see if the account has blocked you?

Twitter is kind of an extraordinary app as it will neither let you know when your opponent has blocked you or nor will tell you who had blocked you, but there is a way to see if the account has blocked you.

If you see an account not responding to your tweets, you must make a strong decision of going through their profile whether the opposing party has blocked you or not. If they have blocked you then you can see a message mentioning that this user has blocked you on Twitter.

How to find how many users have blocked you on Twitter   

As I have mentioned that Twitter is a unique app as it will not let you know who has blocked you. It will also no mention how many users have blocked you on Twitter. Thinking and focusing on the situation service called BLOLOOK has come to play an important role in finding how many users have blocked you on Twitter.

To go through it, simply go to the website and log in with your Twitter account. After monitoring, the website will let you know how many users have blocked you on Twitter.

Is there a way to get a list of people who have blocked you?

Well, for your information Twitter has not been able to give a tool or idea that would tell us about the list of people that have you on Twitter. Many of the websites claim to get a tool or an idea about it, but for your further information, most of the websites claimed are scams and will charge you a premium. Nevertheless, if you are willing it then there is a workaround that will let you know about your opponent that had blocked you on Twitter.

How to find if a contact has blocked you.

Those people who would block you on Twitter are not random they have requited accounts with you. Therefore, at first, all you need is to search for a user who may be following the suspected blocker. After that, you have to go to their Twitter profile and press on “Following” to get the list of those people who are following.

Well, going through the number of people would consume a lot of time for you to go to the bottom of the screen. After that, press on the right-click bottom on your page for saving it as a “complete webpage”. After that you have to open the HTML file in Notepad, and find the word: “blocks you”. There if you get a notice, then quickly look for the Twitter username. You will see a couple of lines at the top of the found text _ “blocks-you”.

You will see a username there on the screen which is blocking you on Twitter. All you have to do is just repeat these steps for all your suspected opponents who have blocked you on your Twitter account.

Final words:

Hopefully, these above-mentioned steps and suggestions will help you to understand and interact with other people of your surrounding and community to get the idea and knowledge of this topic. Before wrapping up let me mention you one more time to make you clear that Twitter has authenticated no apps to notify or justify the users to let know who has blocked.

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