Can I Screenshot A WhatsApp Story Without The Person Knowing

Due to some privacy settings, WhatsApp doesn’t enable all kinds of notifications however there are some strategies.

For the DP in your WhatsApp profile, if somebody simply takes a screenshot then you’ll not be notified for that case.

If you need, you’ll be able to change the privacy of your DP in your WhatsApp profile making it seen solely to buddies.

If you need to know if somebody simply takes a screenshot of your standing or story on WhatsApp, they are going to solely see the identity of the individual as a standing viewer when he opens the standing however that doesn’t verify that the individual screenshotted the individual’s standing.

You can even comply by installing a screenshot notifier on your telephone after which register together with your WhatsApp after which going to settings. Set up the screenshot notification on that mod app and it’s carried out.

Does WhatsApp Notify When You Screenshot A Story?

This is kind of the identical course if you wish to know if the individual took a screenshot of the standing on WhatsApp. Now, immediately WhatsApp wouldn’t notify you if somebody simply took a screenshot of your standing or tales from the WhatsApp standing part.

You will know who’re the individuals who considered your WhatsApp standing by tapping on the ‘eye’ icon. Just attain them and play a trick.

To know if he screenshotted your standing on WhatsApp,

  1. First, ship him a message and ask if he took the screenshot of your standing.
  2.  Now, if the individual agrees to it then ensure that he screenshotted your WhatsApp standing.

But WhatsApp itself wouldn’t let you realize, it’s important to comply with the above methods to know if the individual took a screenshot of your WhatsApp DP or standing.

WhatsApp Status Screenshot Notification Apps:

You can strive for the next instruments:

WaStat – WhatsApp tracker

If you need to observe the WhatsApp actions of any WhatsApp consumer, you’ll want to use third-party apps such because the WaStat – WhatsApp tracker. It’s out there on the Google Play Store without cost and allows you to add ten WhatsApp contacts to observe their WhatsApp actions from one place. 


  1. It tracks the web time and length of all of the added WhatsApp contacts. 
  2.  You can discover the IP deal with the WhatsApp customers. 
  3.  It permits you to get a notification when somebody takes a screenshot of your standing. 
  4.  You can even be notified when the consumer comes online and goes offline. 
  5.  It notifies you when the customers change their show footage. 
  6.  It tracks the web statistics of every account and offers a weekly report. 

 Steps To Use:

  1. Download the app from the hyperlink and set up it.
  2.  Then open the app. 
  3.  Click on Permission. 
  4.  Click on Agree after which settle for the phrases and circumstances by clicking on Accept. 
  5.  Next, you’ll want to click on the Add profile icon from the highest panel. 
  6.  Enter the WhatsApp consumer’s quantity and identify. 
  7.  Click on OK.
  8.  It will likely be added to the app. You’ll be capable of observing the consumer’s WhatsApp actions. 

WhatWeb Plus – Online Tracker

Another monitoring app that may assist you to realize the WhatsApp actions of any WhatsApp consumer is the WhatWeb Plus – Online Tracker. This app is out there without cost on the Google Play Store. But you’ll be able to solely apply it to Android gadgets because it’s not suitable for iOS gadgets. 


  1. You can join limitless WhatsApp contacts to it to trace their actions. 
  2.  It notifies you about new standing updates from customers. 
  3.  You can test the final seen and online occasions of different customers. 
  4.  You can set alarms to let you realize when a consumer comes online or goes offline. 
  5.  You can test if any consumer has taken a screenshot of your chats and standing utilizing this app. 
  6.  You can join it on your net WhatsApp too. 

 Steps To Use:

  1. Download and set up the device from the hyperlink.
  2.  Open it after which you’ll want to click on the icon. 
  3.  Provide permission to the app to enter contacts by clicking on Allow. 
  4.  Then select a contact from the contact checklist to add to the app. 
  5.  Click on ADD THIS NUMBER. 
  6.  It will likely be added to the app and also you’ll be notified concerning the consumer’s online and offline actions. 

Can I Screenshot A WhatsApp Story Without The Person Knowing

Parental App: Online Tracker

The app is known as Parental App: Online Tracker will also be used for checking the WhatsApp actions of any WhatsApp contacts. It affords three sorts of subscriptions to activate your account: 1 Week subscription, 1 Month subscription, and three Months subscription. 


  1. You can observe several WhatsApp numbers directly. 
  2.  You can test with whom the consumer is chatting. 
  3.  It permits you to discover if the consumer has modified his profile image and data on WhatsApp. 
  4.  You will likely be notified concerning the consumer’s altering location. 
  5.  It permits you to test the final seen and online time. 
  6.  You can discover the web session length. 
  7.  It notifies you if somebody takes screenshots of your chats and standing. 

 Steps To Use:

  1. Download the app from the hyperlink beneath after which open it.
  2.  Then you’ll want to select any of the three plans and purchase one to activate your account. 
  3.  Next, you’ll want to click on Add Number. 
  4.  Enter the WhatsApp variety of the consumer whose actions you need to observe. 
  5.  Then click on START TRACKING

Can You Identify If WhatsApp Status Is Screenshotted?

There are not any methods just lately to inform if the standing is screenshotted, but when considering one of your folks simply uploaded the identical picture on their standing then you’ll be able to simply assume that he took the screenshot or you may also ask the individual immediately if he did so.

Follow the directions:

The Status was uploaded by one other buddy

If the standing is exclusive and captured by you solely that another person is utilizing on their standing or DP then it is best to give it some thought.

He might need to save or screenshot your standing and that’s the reason he is ready to add the identical from his finish.

If you discover somebody is utilizing an identical picture or video that’s distinctive and in your standing then the individual has screenshotted or downloaded that out of your standing. This is the indication that you should use to verify if somebody screenshots your standing on WhatsApp.

His standing will likely be seen underneath the ‘Recent updates‘ part.

Profile Picture Visibility is Public

If your WhatsApp profile image visibility is public then it is best to know that each folk or WhatsApp customer can view your DP or screenshot it. However, in case it’s personal then solely the folks saved in your contacts will be capable of seeing your DP, after which the screenshot is feasible by solely these folks.

So, in case your profile image or standing privacy is about to be public then that may be copied by others screenshotting it. It is suggested to maintain the DP or Status visibility to buddies solely or the folks you have got saved in your contacts.

Does WhatsApp Notify For Screenshots Of DP:

If you need to get notified when somebody screenshots your DP then that isn’t doable from WhatsApp’s core notification system moderately you’ll be able to play a social engineering sport with the individual you realize.

To simply take the screenshot of your DP, the individual must open the profile and go to the profile image part after which he can screenshot to get it on his machine.

But, in case your privacy is public and if the individual is just not in your contacts then additionally he can screenshot your DP, in any other case not.

To know if he screenshotted your DP,

  1. First, ship him a message and inform him that you just bought a notification for his screenshot on DP (in actuality ‘not’). (Not actually, simply an experiment)
  2.  Now, if he responds positively or agrees to it you then may ensure that he screenshotted your WhatsApp DP.

He could deny that he had not but when they agree with you that he screenshot the DP then it’s good to go. You will discover the fact when you comply with the method.

You may even immediately ask the individual without getting him into the lure, and chances are you’ll get the reply as effectively.