Did Someone Scanned Your Whatsapp QR Code? Here’s How to Change It

Did Someone Scanned Your Whatsapp QR Code? Here’s How to Change It

One of the security risks youmay face with your WhatsApp account is if someone scans your QR code and gains access to your account. It is important to know how to get rid of these malicious connections and change your code.

Changing Your QR Code

Changing your QR code is the only way to revoke access from the person that scanned it. This can easily be done in a few simple steps:

  • Open WhatsApp. Open the app on your phone.
  • Tap the Menu. Tap on the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Go to Settings. Select “Settings” from the drop-down menu.
  • Go to Account. Select “Account” from the long list of options.
  • Go to Security. Scroll to “Security.”
  • Tap on “Change Number.” From the “Security” page, select “Change Number”.
  • Input your new phone number. Input your new phone number, then follow the prompts until you reach the “Change your QR Code” page.
  • Tap “Done.” Tap the “Done” button to complete the process and reset your QR code.

Additional Steps

Changing your QR code is a good first step to help secure your account, but it is important to keep in mind that anyone who has already scanned it will still have access to your account. It is a good idea to take additional steps to ensure the security of your account.

  • Change your password. Make sure to update your password frequently.
  • Turn on two-factor authentication. Enable two-factor authentication to give you an extra layer of security.
  • Turn on contact verification. Increase security further by enabling contact verification.
  • Check active sessions. Check your active sessions regularly to make sure no one is logged in from an unknown device.


The security of your Whatsapp account is of utmost importance, and blocking those who have accessed your QR code is the best way to ensure your account remains secure. Regularly change your password, turn on two-factor authentication and contact verification, and check active sessions regularly to ensure your account remains safe.

5. Is there a way to protect my WhatsApp QR Code from being scanned?

Yes, there is a way to protect your WhatsApp QR Code from being scanned. You can use a third-party applications like WhatsApp Token Generator which offers a temporary security token to encrypt your QR Code. This token is randomly generated and will expire after a certain amount of time. This will prevent anyone from being able to scan the code and access your information.

2. Is it possible to stop others from scanning my WhatsApp QR Code?

Yes, you can stop others from scanning your WhatsApp QR Code. You can revoke the QR Code by logging out from the app or changing your settings so that your QR Code cannot be seen by unknown people in the settings. Additionally, you can use third-party tools like WhatsApp Lock and LOCKit to hide your WhatsApp QR Code.

3. What is the difference between a regular QR Code and a WhatsApp QR Code?

A regular QR Code usually takes users to a website, an SMS message, a GPS location, etc. It can also be used for tracking and marketing purposes.

A WhatsApp QR Code is a unique code that allows users to easily open and begin a conversation, or add a contact, in WhatsApp. It may contain a specific message when scanned by a user, allowing businesses to interact with customers and keep track of conversations.

1. How does scanning someone else’s WhatsApp QR Code affect me?

Scanning someone else’s WhatsApp QR Code will add them as a contact in your WhatsApp account. This may give them access to conversations you have had with other contacts who they may also be connected to. In addition, they may be able to view any media you have shared with other contacts.

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