Discover how to find someone on Snapchat using their phone number

Have you ever struggled to locate your crush or your buddies on Snapchat? You have done everything, including searching by name and inquiring with common friends. This is your last chance, as you have their phone number. Many of us have been in your shoes.

Finding someone by telephone number is simple and may be accomplished in two simple steps:

  1. Go to the Snapchat friend section.
  2. Tap “All Contacts.”
  3. You will be presented with a list of your contacts.

This article describes how to perform a Snapchat search by phone number. We will also cover alternate Snapchat search methods. So keep on reading!

Finding Someone by Phone Number on Snapchat

It’s simple to locate someone on Snapchat by phone number; simply follow these steps:

  1. Launch Snapchat on your mobile device.
  2. Tap the “Add Friends” button at the top of the screen.
  3. Tap “All Contacts.”
  4. The list of suggested pals from your contacts will be displayed.
  5. To add a user as a friend, use the “Add” button.

Users whose contacts have been connected to Snapchat will be shown at the top with their user names and profiles. People who have neither joined Snapchat nor connected their phone numbers to Snapchat will be shown at the bottom with an invite button.

You have successfully added a Snapchat user by using only their phone number!

Keep In Mind
You cannot add someone to your Snapchat account using their phone number unless you have already stored their number. Snapchat also provides an opt-out option for users who do not want their phone numbers shared. When searching for a person who has opted out, it is preferable to use their username.

Discover how to find someone on Snapchat using their phone number

Discover how to find someone on Snapchat using their phone number

Other Methods for Locating Someone on Snapchat

The aforementioned procedure is simple, but what if you do not have their phone number? Are they still discoverable on Snapchat? Yes, you have several possibilities!

Using Snapchat search is the easiest way to locate someone on Snapchat. You may search for individuals using either their username or complete name. Follow these methods to locate a Snapchat user using the search function:

  1. Launch the Snapchat app.
  2. Tap the search icon in the upper-left corner.
  3. Input the username or complete name in the search bar.
  4. You will view the results list.

Using Snapcode to Identify a Person

You may be familiar with the snap code. Snapchat’s unique QR code is referred to as a snap code. It contains information on the user’s profile.

You can easily locate the person with the snap code if you have saved their snap code to your camera roll. Here is the procedure:

  1. Launch Snapchat.
  2. Tap on add friends button.
  3. Tap the snap code button at the search bar’s end.
  4. Select the image associated with the snap code.
  5. Select “Accept Friend.”

To obtain someone’s Snapcode, you should personally ask them. If you are concerned about this option, you can request that common friends take a snapshot of a snap code. However, keep in mind that Snapchat always provides a notification when a profile is screenshotted.


This post explains how to search for Snapchat users by phone number. Snapchat is a fun and simple app, but it’s often the simplest features that confound us.

With this work, that is no longer necessary. We have responded to your question regarding looking for Snapchat users by phone number. We have also supplied you with other Snapchat search options.

If you’re still having trouble locating someone on Snapchat, consider reading “How to Find Someone on Snapchat Without Their Username?”

Happy snapping!


Q:Can anyone view my Snapchat contacts?
A:Your Snapchat pals are unable to view your other friends. You only see mutual friends if they are added to your add list.

Q:How will I determine if a specific user is my Snapchat friend?
A:Simply tap the profile icon in the app’s upper-left corner. Tap the “My Friends” button by scrolling downwards. Here, you may search the list for the individual in question. You may also enter the individual’s username or complete name in the search field. Once their profile displays, it indicates that they have added you back on Snapchat.

Q:How can I see Snapchat without adding someone?
A:Launch the application, then swipe left. Snapchat will lead you to the stories screen, where the Discover window is located. Swipe upward until you locate the Snapchat story you desire to view.