How to Add Someone on Snapchat if You Don’t Know That Person

Here’s how you add someone on Snapchat without them knowing or without it displaying “added by search.” When you add someone by searching for them, Snapchat will indicate “added by search” to inform them of your action. You’ve discovered someone you’d want to add as a friend, but perhaps you don’t want them to know how you added them. Or perhaps you do know who they are, but you don’t want “added by search” to appear.

However, we are here to assist. We will discuss a couple of ways to add someone without having it mention “added by search.”

Launch Snapchat on your mobile device. Tap your profile image located at the top of the display. From here, you should choose All Contacts

Touch the contact’s name after locating them in your contact list, then tap Send Request when Snapchat prompts you to do so.

When you add someone as a Contact, you will get a message similar to added by contacts or by phone number. If you do not have them as a contact, proceed to the subsequent options.

By providing the individual’s username to yourself, you may add them to Snapchat without it displaying added by search. However, it will show Added by Mention, which is not quite as negative.

Before you may add someone without it stating added by search, you must write yourself a message including the individual’s username.

Now you must add the individual from your conversation. Keep in mind that Snapchat allows you to send yourself messages. Once the individual has been added, the phrase added by search will no longer appear.

However, there is a catch: you must know the person’s username before adding them for this to be successful.

Send yourself the username once you have it. Once they have been included, it will show added by mention.

This is much better as it does not appear like you manually attempted their name. It will appear less despondent.

Enter Complete Username

You may also add someone without seeing the message “Added by search” by using their complete username.

When you enter a portion of a user’s username, the system will provide suggestions based on what you have previously entered. When you add a person from these recommendations, it will indicate that you did so via search. You do not wish for this.

When you provide a full username, the phrase added by username will appear instead of added by search.

To accomplish this, you will need to know the user’s whole username beforehand. Ensure that it is completely written in before adding them. Their username should be the sole entry that appears.

Once you’ve added them, you should notify them that you’ve added them by username and not by search. This will appear less urgent to them because few people are familiar with its meaning.

This is less desperate since people will be puzzled about what added by username implies, but if you think about it, it is fairly similar to adding someone by search.

Use Snap code

Instead of the aforementioned options, you can select to add someone by their snap code. This will prevent them from seeing the Added By Search notification.

To add someone based on their snap code, you must have their snap code handy. You may search for this on other social media platforms, such as Instagram. Examine their highlights to see if you can see them there.

Once you have it, you must open the Snapchat app and tap your Bitmoji at the very top. Click the Add Friends button from this page.

Now, when you click the ghost icon in the search box, their snap code should appear in your gallery. You must get a snapshot of their Snap Code before initiating the process.

Whether you were unable to obtain their snap code, ask a common acquaintance if they have it. Once they have been added, it should read added by snap code, not by search.

Consider that adding someone by their snap code appears somewhat more desperate than adding them via search or by their username, so bear this in mind.

Yes, Snapchat still notifies individuals when you add them via search. When a Snapchat user adds another user they find in their search results, the receiver will receive a notice reading “added by search.”

If the other person adds you by searching for your username, a notice will appear on their screen as soon as Snapchat accepts and confirms your request, stating that you were added via search.

This function was designed to discourage non-friends from adding you excessively.

Second, to ensure that users do not tire of receiving snaps from strangers who add them but never send them snaps in return.

Both of these reasons are quite self-explanatory: the first minimize unwelcome attention, while the second makes new users feel more welcome and encourages them to contribute again.

You cannot add a Snapchat user without their knowledge. There are two methods to add someone on Snapchat while maintaining anonymity.

Creating an anonymous Snapchat account or finding their usernames on other social media platforms, such as Twitter or Instagram, and adding them from there.

However, if you create an anonymous account, there is no way for the individual to know that you have added them as a follower; they would just see your name as one of their followers.

However, if you locate the person’s username through social media, they will be able to see that you added them and will also be able to see your username.

To add someone to an anonymous account is straightforward (but time-consuming).

How to add someone without them knowing on Snapchat? Create a username less account.

Then they will be compelled to add you back since they will be unsure about your identity. Now you may email them photos using this anonymous account, and they will be unaware of your identity.


Now you know how to add a contact without having “added by search” displayed.

This little step can make all the difference in your ability to keep in touch with your pals.

Remember to enable “ghost mode” on your account before adding friends if you don’t want them to be able to see that you’ve added them.