How to Add TikTok Link in Snapchat

Since the introduction of social media platforms, our lives have been simpler and more enjoyable. There are currently a variety of solutions accessible for these platforms as well. This is because there are a variety of social media sites available, and you are free to employ any or all of them. However, it seems sense that you would want your fans from one app to follow you on another. This is especially true whether you are an enthusiastic social media influencer or a businessperson seeking to grow your following on a single platform.

You may wish to market your business to additional app users. Since TikTok and Snapchat are two of the most popular social media platforms, we shall discuss them. Do you feel it is feasible to upload your TikTok link on Snapchat? We are aware that many of you are now inquiring about this, so please allow us to respond in today’s blog post.

We will discuss putting a connection to TikTok on Snapchat. If you’re prepared, let’s dive right into the blog to find out all there is to know.

Numerous individuals have active social media profiles. Therefore, if we are on TikTok, we would like our Snapchat friends to view our profiles so that we may also be mutual there.

If you desire the same, let’s examine how to add a TikTok connection to Snapchat so that our pals might use it to contact us.

Adding a TikTok connection to Snapchat:

  1. Open your profile page on TikTok by pressing the profile symbol. In the lower right corner of the TikTok home screen is the profile symbol.
  2. Locate the hamburger symbol in the upper right corner of your profile page. Choose Settings and privacy by clicking on it.
  3. The Share profile option is located in the Account section. Click on it.
  4. Choose copy link from the menu.
  5. Navigate to Snapchat and put the URL wherever you choose.

If you desire to attach it to a friend’s conversations, enter the chat and paste the URL directly into it.

However, if you desire to submit it to your stories, you may record a brief video by tapping the camera icon. Tap the paper clip symbol that appears in the list of options on the right panel.

Copy the URL into the area that reads Enter a URL and hit enter. Click the attach to snap option and then select the tale option at the bottom of the screen. Select the Add button to confirm your action.

How to post a link to a TikTok video on Snapchat

Consider the want to share a TikTok video with your Snapchat friends so that they may see it by clicking the link in your tales. Most of us do this so that our non-TikTok-using friends may click on the link and access the content we meant for them to see.

Snapchat stories can contain links to TikTok videos. Adding clickable links was formerly an impossible feat, but this is no longer the case. On several social media platforms, we have the option to include clickable links; Snapchat is no exception.

You may also publish TikTok links in locations other than stories on the platform. You may add URLs in chat messages and Snaps you send to your friends. We consequently think that our message has been effectively communicated.

Given your presence, we may guess that not all of you are aware of how to add a TikTok connection to Snapchat. In any case, we are present to address this situation as well. If you are unaware of how to add a TikTok connection to Snapchat, we will now explain the process.

  1. Locate and launch the official TikTok app on your mobile device.
  2. Locate the video you desire to share with your Snapchat buddies.
  3. When you open the video, do you notice a share arrow icon? It should be in the bottom right corner. It must be clicked on.
  4. After completing this step, you will have access to all of the sharing options that the TikTok app offers its users. Please navigate to the link copy icon beneath the share to option.
  5. Once the link has been copied, dismiss TikTok and navigate to your Snapchat account.

You may now paste the URL anywhere on Snapchat. You may post it on your story, send it to a buddy through Snap, or send it using the app’s standard chat.


Let’s discuss the blog’s key points now that it has reached its conclusion. We discussed how to include a TikTok link in Snapchat.

Before teaching how to link TikTok videos to Snapchat, we explained how to link your TikTok profile to Snapchat. We trust that the instructions for both were clear. Please share your thoughts on the blog in the space below.