How To Change My Friend’s Profile Picture On WhatsApp

throughout all ages, races, and areas are locked in on discovering as many tips as attainable. The newest addition to the series of numerous Whatsapp tricks is easy methods to Change Your Friend’s WhatsApp Profile Picture. In case you’re questioning whether or not that is attainable, simply loosen up and skim on. It isn’t too late.

Just to get us all on the identical web page, You can’t change your pal’s WhatsApp Profile Picture out of your cellphone globally however you possibly can change it on your cellphone so that at any time when somebody will examine it in your WhatsApp, he/she is going to see your assigned profile pic for that pal. So, it could be a good way to make it enjoyable for your folks. This is what makes this a trick, one thing near magic. Amaze your folks and depart them marveling at what a genius you’re.

How to Change Your Friend’s WhatsApp Profile Picture

Here are the steps to Change Your Friend’s WhatsApp Profile Picture

  1. Download a weird-looking/humorous image that you just need to assign to your pal’s WhatsApp profile pic. It may be any picture. It can be enjoyable if you happen to get a humorous picture of them that you’re virtually positive they wouldn’t need to use as a profile pic.
  2.  Resize it to 561 x 561 pixels and title it along with your pal’s cellular quantity from which he/she uses WhatsApp. Include the nation code.
  3.  Save the picture to this listing; SD Card >> WhatsApp >> Profile Pictures. Overwrite the present file if prompted to.
  4.  Now, present your pal his profile pic out of your WhatsApp to ask immediate panic to his face.

Note that you need to disable WiFi/Data connection so that WhatsApp is not going routinely replace the image and alter it to the unique one. Enjoy tricking your folks and be at liberty to share your expertise. Check out other tricks here Enjoy.

How To Change My Friend’s Profile Picture On WhatsApp


Q: Can I edit another person’s message on Messenger?

A: No, as Alexander Cook stated there is no such thing as such strategy to undo or edit the despatched message on Facebook messenger. But in case you are sending an image or video that’s mistakenly shipped, you need to shortly flip off your community, so the sending can cease. Then just by restarting messenger, the message will spontaneously be eliminated.

Q: Why are my buddy’s profile images different on Messenger?

A: I assume, the messenger does not reload the profile image every time you open the app. Even it occurs in your contacts’ thumbnail photos additionally. It simply depends on the saved cache photos. If you clear the app cache or app information and log in once more, in all probability then you see the up-to-date photos.

Q: What occurs if I make my profile image buddies solely?

A: If you choose “Public,” it will likely be seen by the world at massive, together with folks you do not know. If you choose “Friends,” it will likely be accessible to your whole buddies on Facebook, together with buddies you may add sooner or later.

Q: Can WhatsApp messages be edited?

A: Open the WhatsApp dialog wherein you need to edit a message. Tap and maintain the message you need to edit. Select the “Edit” choice from the menu.

Q: How do you Delete everybody after deleting for me in WhatsApp?

A: WhatsApp offers you a 5-second window to undo the unintentional deletion and choose to Delete for all customers as an alternative. If you choose “Delete for me”, you may see an undo choice on the backside of the display screen. Click Undo to see the message once more. After that, you possibly can proceed to “Delete for everybody”.