How to Check When Someone’s Snapchat Account Created

To find when you made your Snapchat account, open the application, tap on the bitmoji symbol in the upper right corner, and look down until you find a joining date in a lighter textual style contrasted with the wide range of various messages.

To find out when somebody made a Snapchat account, check their Snapchat score. If the score is low, it implies their record is new, and if the score is high, it implies that they have been involving their record for some time.

If somebody from your contacts has quite recently made a record, you will get a warning from Snapchat to add them as your companion.

You can likewise ask the individual when they made their record since there could be no other direct way you can use to comprehend when somebody made their record.

To follow somebody’s record, you can undoubtedly take a look at their area on Snapchat. On the other hand, you can likewise send them the following connection during your visit, and when they open it, their IP and area will be recorded.

There are a couple of things you ought to about twofold records with a similar telephone numbers.

Step-by-step instructions to Check When Snapchat Record Was Made:

Follow the means beneath:

Open Snapchat and tap on your ‘bitmoji’

The initial step you need to follow to find out when you made your Snapchat account is to open the Snapchat application from your telephone’s home screen.

After tapping on the Snapchat application symbol, you will be in the camera part of Snapchat, from where you can take photographs with channels.

On the upper left corner of the screen, you will see that there is a small scale of the bitmoji you had made before close to the hunt symbol. You need to tap on this bitmoji choice.

Open the profile and Look down

Since you have tapped on the bitmoji choice accessible at the upper left finish of the screen, you will be taken to the profile segment of Snapchat.

Here, you will see all the particular data connected with your record, similar to your bitmoji, Snapchat score, and username. You need to look in a ” down to upwards” movement. This will assist you with arriving at the lower part of the profile segment of Snapchat.

You will see “Joined Snapchat on _date_”

Now that you are in the profile segment of Snapchat and have looked to the base, you will see that every one of the choices has finished, and before you, there will be a clear screen that is filling your compelling reason need.

Here, you will see more limited text in a lighter text style than the choices. The message here will say, “Joined Snapchat on [Month name] *day*, *year in four digits*”. This will let you know the specific day when you initially joined Snapchat.

Step-by-step instructions to Tell When Somebody Made Another Snapchat:

There is no immediate approach to finding out when somebody made another Snapchat account. You need to either go look at their most memorable public story and check the date or check their Snapchat score if they are not a confidential individual. You can likewise actually ask them.

Check Snapchat Score out

The primary way that you can use to learn the date when somebody made a Snapchat account is to check their Snapchat score, which will be quite simple to examine.

If you are know all about how the Snapchat application functions or have involved in it for quite a while previously, you will realize that Snapchat has a score that increments relying upon your utilization and the relationship you keep up with different clients of the application. It explicitly relies upon the number of snaps an individual has sent and the number of snaps they have gotten.

Presently, you can comprehend when the record was made relying upon the score. Assuming a record has recently been made, its Snapchat score is generally low contrasted with the score of a record that has been around for quite a while.

Similarly, assuming that the record is more established, the Snapchat score will be high, and you can see that they have been utilizing the application for quite a while.

See ideas from Contacts

You can likewise see ideas from Contacts and know when somebody has made a record. At the point when anybody whose number you have saved in your contact list makes a record on Snapchat, you will get this data as a general rule.

When they make a record, you will get a warning as an idea from Snapchat to add the individual to your rundown of companions.

So when you get this notice to add this recommended companion, you will realize that they made another record.

Ask the Individual

Assuming that the Snapchat account whose creation date you are looking for is of somebody you know, in actuality, or are close with on the web, you can undoubtedly find out when they made their record.

Rather than examining their Accounts or Snapchat score, you can ask them when they made their Snapchat account by messaging them through Snapchat or asking them face to face.

The odds are the individual won’t possibly let you know when they made their record and yet, they may be complimented that you care about the data enough to inquire.

How Might You Track a Snapchat Record?

To follow a Snapchat account implies that you need to track down the client’s ongoing area. There are two different ways you can use to do this.

You need to swipe downwards from the home screen to uncover the Snap Guide. When you are here, search for the companion’s bitmoji you are searching for. The piece of the guide where you will find them is the area they are as of now at.

Notwithstanding, some of the time, clients keep their area hidden. All things considered, you should utilize the accompanying technique. You need to send the client the following connection through the talk part of Snapchat.

You should turn on your live area to utilize this technique. At the point when the client taps on this following connection, the individual’s IP address gets recorded. When the individual’s IP address is recorded, their area is uncovered. Along these lines, you can know their area.


You have numerous manners by which you can find out when you and your companion initially made their record. In any case, you can constantly straightforwardly ask them; this would save you all the difficulty. You likewise now know two methods for figuring out the ongoing area of your Snapchat companion.