How To Create an App like WhatsApp

WhatsApp offers a lot of features, a flexible system for adjusting settings, a simple and user-friendly design, and it’s fast. As a result, WhatsApp has become one of the most popular messaging apps in the world, and many entrepreneurs are interested in learning how to make a chat software similar to WhatsApp.

Many entrepreneurs look to WhatsApp as a model for starting their own company. As a result, they must plan their budget and anticipate potential expenses in order to develop an app similar to WhatsApp, and they must know how much it will cost to create an app similar to WhatsApp.

If you want to make an app similar to WhatsApp, follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Decide on a viable business strategy for developing a messaging app similar to WhatsApp.

Step 2: Look for skilled developers who know how to create a WhatsApp-like app.

Step 3: Take into account the team’s geographical location.

Step 4: Create an app architecture.

Step 5: To make your own WhatsApp, add MVP features.

Step 6: Create a fantastic design for your WhatsApp-style app.

How to create a  WhatsApp-like App?

Let’s take a closer look at each of these stages to have a better idea of what you should do.

Maintain a good business model.

Before you begin developing your app, consider all of the commercial considerations you’ll encounter as you learn how to create a WhatsApp-like app. Check out the key ideas to follow if you want to achieve.

the intended audience.

First and foremost, you must identify your target audience for the creation of a message. Young individuals, on average, use messengers more often than older folks. WhatsApp is popular among business people since it is safe and simple to use.


When you release an app, you want it to generate money and pay for itself. P2P payments, in-app purchases, and advertising are some of the monetization methods you may utilize to make money with your own WhatsApp-like service.

Know who your competition is.

You should do a market analysis and research all of your rivals. What should you do to improve your app if theirs is good? In general, you should be aware of what messaging applications are available on the market that is comparable to WhatsApp.

App worth.

What is the value of your app if it is identical to other applications in this niche? When considering how to build a messaging software like WhatsApp, it’s critical to include something fresh to make it competitive and distinctive

Optimization of the app store.

It’s not enough to wait till the app is completed and accessible on Google Play or the App Store (or both) for people to start downloading it. To attract more users, you should consider app marketing.

Recruit a development team that is solely focused on your project.

When it comes to establishing your project budget, there are a few factors to keep in mind.

Locate seasoned programmers.

If you want your app to grow and evolve, its architecture should be well-thought-out at the early phases of development. This is what a smart entrepreneur notices all of the time. As your application grows, you’ll need the ability to handle a huge amount of data. To have the flexibility to add new features smoothly afterward, you must consider everything from server sustainability to code design. As additional choices are introduced, a poorly written code may cause the program to malfunction.

Our recommendation is to employ someone who has experience with similar tasks. Good specialists can foresee all possible scenarios in order to avoid future app crash and financial losses. Hire a highly competent workforce instead of risking your name and money.

Consider the team’s location and personnel.

The cost of developing an app varies based on the location of your prospective workers. We’ll use the average pay of the Eastern Europe development team, which is $50 per working hour. Let’s take a look at your prospect team as a whole. The following are possible team members:

Manager of sales (can be in touch with a client before, during, and after the development process)

Project manager (may also perform the duties of a business analyst)

Requirement analyst (having both a project manager and an analyst is ideal)

Developers of software (depending on the project complexity, a dev team can include 2-5 members for front-end development, the same is for back-end development, 2-3 members can be engaged in post-release support if such specified by a project)

Engineers in charge of quality control (1-4 members)

Designers of user interfaces and user experiences (2-4 members)

Manager of marketing (can be involved if product promotion is needed)

Begin with the basics of WhatsApp: construct the foundation.

You should familiarize yourself with WhatsApp’s architecture after you’ve found a decent tutorial on how to build an app like WhatsApp. It’s crucial to understand what’s going on in the background of the app. So, in this part, we’ve included some crucial facts that you should think about before you begin. Without the items listed below, all of WhatsApp’s procedures would be impossible. This is the mechanism that allows this sophisticated message exchange machine to function.

WhatsApp utilizes the Ejabberd XMPP app server (FunXMPP), which is developed in the Erlang computer language, to manage message flow. Because of its long-term viability, it’s ideal for supporting large communication networks. Erlang is an open-source programming language. Because of its long-term viability, it’s ideal for supporting large communication networks. Erlang is an open-source programming language. Because of its long-term viability, it’s ideal for supporting large communication networks. Erlang will be an excellent choice since it responds fast to hotfixes and real-time upgrades. As a result, it does not need to be restarted to add new features or upgrades.

If you want to build the exact same program as the messenger’s developers, you may utilize Erlang on the server-side. You may, of course, pick from a variety of different server-side scripting languages. Node.js is used by other applications like WhatsApp, Telegram, and Kik to develop their servers.

WhatsApp utilizes a high-performance webserver called YAWS (Yet another webserver), which is also built-in Erlang, to store multimedia files.

WhatsApp’s engineers selected the FreeBSD operating system to run its servers.

They also selected Mnesia as their database since it is Erlang’s default database.

WhatsApp sends messages using the XMPP (Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol) protocol. This technology allows for one-on-one and multi-user chat conversations.

The business uses the RC4 (Rivest Cipher 2) cipher technique, which is regarded to be insecure.

In terms of client-side development, the programming language used varies based on the device’s operating system. The rest is common knowledge: iOS uses Objective-C or Swift, whereas Android uses Java or Kotlin. Then we’ll go through a list of MVP features that your WhatsApp should have.

Registration and the creation of an address book.

The registration page serves as the app’s front door. WhatsApp sends an SMS for authorization once users provide their credentials (a phone number). This SMS is immediately opened and processed by the Android version of the program. Actually, that’s very handy. When developing a messaging software like WhatsApp, you may include a voice verification option in addition to SMS permission.

WhatsApp registration.

Discover the methodology for attracting more users. Read How to Increase Mobile App Engagement and Provide Users with a Personalized Experience for more information.

Because the WhatsApp-like software is linked directly to a user’s phone number, which cannot be copied, the user’s fear of password loss or identity theft is alleviated. The software generates an account using a person’s phone number as a user name when it is first installed. The program then examines all of the numbers in the new user’s address book and compares them to WhatsApp’s user database in order to populate the app’s contact list.

Do you know why an MVP should be the first step in your company’s development? Check out the video below to see how to do it:

Why Should You Begin Your Business with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)?

To create accounts with the Jabber ID, WhatsApp utilizes the XMPP protocol. The program has lately refused to utilize IMEI and MAC to create accounts, instead of sending an SMS to a user’s phone number with a randomly generated password created on the server-side. If you’re making a messaging app like WhatsApp, this is a must-have feature.

Chatting one-on-one and in groups.

Because you’re making a WhatsApp clone, it’s self-evident that the ability to initiate a conversation must be included. A contact list must display when a user clicks a dedicated button to allow the user to choose a person. There should also be an option to establish a group chat, where members may contribute a chat image and a discussion topic. Broadcast Lists is a new WhatsApp feature that allows you to broadcast a single message to many recipients at once. If you have any, you are free to include them.

Final Thought

You’re probably aware that XMPP technology is used for message sharing, allowing users to speak one-on-one or in groups with as many contacts as they wish. It’s quite similar to HTTP. A client establishes a connection that remains open as long as the user is logged in. In contrast to REST API, when a client starts a socket and closes it after a message is sent/received when the client opens a socket and closes it after a message is sent/received. WhatsApp used to utilize SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)-like communication technology, where messages were transmitted in plaintext. The business reportedly revised its idea in 2012, but the creators have yet to provide a cryptographic technique.

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