How To Delete An Youtube Account?

Youtube is an American online video sharing platform which has spread through out the globe at present time. This sociall media allows users to upload, view, rate, share, add to playlists, report, comment on videos and subscribe to other users. It offers a wide variety of user generated and corporate media videos. Its content includes video clips , Tv shows, music videos, films, recordings, live streams, video blogging, educational videos and many more from around the world. There are unregistered users who can only watch the videos while registered users are permitted to upload an unlimited number of videos and add comments to videos.

Youtube has its pros and cons just like any other social media. The registered users who have their accounts face many difficulties because of many reasons. Because of which they want to delete their accounts permanently. Some users earn a lot of respect, fame, and money through Youtube but there are some who get abused or are forced to shut their accounts, either because they are not liked by the viewers or they upload videos with contents that the society doesn’t prefer or like. Users also want to delete their accounts because of personal reasons or just because they no longer want to be a part of Youtube.

But users must remember that once the account is deleted, it will no longer be available to them. Every information they shared will be deleted and no trace of it will remain. After a few quick keystrokes, their Youtube identity is erased.

You can delete any Youtube account by using a third-party application that lets you delete any account you want. You can get the application here.

First of all the user must log in to their Youtube account by entering their username and password. Once they are logged in, they should lookout for a link that is on the top of the page. The account link on the page should be clicked which will take the user to the account section. Once they are in the account section, they should search for the delete account option that is at the bottom of the page. Once you click the Delete Account option, it takes you to the Delete account page. The delete account page has different empty boxes where you have to fill in the required information. First, there is the box that wants the reason why the user wants to close the account. As with any breakup, the other party deserves to have some idea why the user wants to leave. If the user is closing the account because they are unhappy with its service or had a bad experience on the site or because of some personal reasons or they just don’t want to use it anymore. This information could be valuable information to the Youtube team for improving the site.

So the user must enter the reasons for closing their Youtube account. Once the user provides the reason then the next thing to do will be to fill up the next space. The next space requires the user's current password. After the current password is entered by the user, then the further step is to click the Delete My Account buttons present on the page. The user can click on either of the Delete My Account buttons present there.

Finally, the account is closed forever and ever. The user will not have any access to that account ever again. All the information shared by the user will have been deleted forever once the account is closed. There will be no trace of the account on Youtube after closing it forever. They should create another account in order to be among the registered user if they wish to join Youtube again.

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