How To Reactivate Suspended YouTube Account?

YouTube is an American online video sharing platform that has spread throughout the globe at present time. This social media allows users to upload, view, rate, share, add to playlists, report, comment on videos, and subscribe to other users. Its content includes video clips, TV shows, music videos, films, recordings, live streams, video blogging, educational videos, and many more from around the world. Some unregistered users can only watch the videos while registered users are permitted to upload an unlimited number of videos and add comments to videos.

Let’s talk about the accounts which people make for business or entertainment purpose. There are policies and rules they have to follow so that YouTube doesn’t delete their channel. 

Now, YouTube may suspend accounts either temporarily or permanently depending on the extent of the violations of their policy. YouTube provides an Email of suspension to the owner of the account or the channel but the mail doesn’t contain the exact reason why the account was suspended i.e. the particular comment or the post or anything that the account had uploaded on their channel.

When YouTube sends the mail, they ask the account to appeal for retrieving back the account. If they can convince YouTube with their appeal, providing all the proper information then YouTube might reconsider and cancel the suspension. Here in this article, we will tell you about how you can make a perfect appeal so that it makes YouTube no other choice but to cancel your suspension i.e. how you can reactivate your suspended YouTube account.

If YouTube doesn’t like your appeal and denies it then you will have no other choice but to forget the channel. Once YouTube has suspended your account permanently then you will not be allowed to own any channel, you will be banned to create any channel on YouTube.

Once your account is suspended permanently then YouTube will only tell you that your account will not be restored and which of the rules of YouTube were violated but not the cause of violation from your side.

Let’s discuss what happens when your account is suspended. First of all, all of your YouTube videos will be gone which are on the site. Then, all the linked YouTube accounts will also be suspended. And, you will not be allowed to create another YouTube account again.

Once, the warrant is issued for the suspension of your account then YouTube immediately sends you a suspension Email. Along with the email comes an appeal link attached to it. These links redirect you to a page where you are asked to enter an appeal for the restoration of your account. You must please YouTube so that you didn’t violate the rules and it was a misunderstanding.

Steps to Reactivate Suspended YouTube Account

  1. Open your mail to see what YouTube has to say about the suspension.
  2. Search the appeal link attached to the email.
  3. Open the appeal link.
  4. You will be directed to a page where you will be asked to enter the required information regarding your appeal in the appeal box.
  5. Enter all the valid information about your account or the channel and point out the contents of your posts and media and tell them that you have not violated any of the rules or the policy of YouTube.

Remember one thing that this appeal you make is only for once so be very careful to write a proper appeal so that it gets approved by YouTube and your suspension gets canceled.

Another tip is that you can view YouTube videos because there is a more detailed explanation on how to write a proper appeal, it will help you create an appeal perfect for the cancellation of suspension.

Once the YouTube has agreed to your appeal and approved it then your temporarily suspended account will be restored and you can enjoy your channel once again. You can carry on with the work you had been doing.

Tips to save your account after restoration

  • Delete or remove anything that is even remotely violating any of the rules or policies of YouTube.
  • Remove links from the description on your channel’s post.
  • Change your sketchy thumbnails to something more proper and appealing.
  • Change your titles.
  • Make sure this never happens again because YouTube might not give you another chance if this happens again.

Now, this was all about canceling the suspension of the account and recovering the suspended YouTube account.

What happens if the account is permanently suspended i.e. if the appeal has been denied by YouTube. Your account will not be restored and you will not be able to create another account for your channel.

When this happens there is just one more thing you can do to restore your suspended YouTube account. Try to catch the attention of YouTube through posting about your channel in other social media with the help of your subscribers. If you can then try to connect with any news channel through the help of subscribers or anyone with power because YouTube listens to the news. If this works out then it will be certain that YouTube has to restore your channel and your account.

Third-party applications or tools

There are third-party applications designed for recovering or reactivating suspended YouTube accounts. You just need to install these software. Simple click on the given link:


In this way, you can restore your suspended YouTube account or reactivate your suspended account of YouTube. Follow the steps to write a proper appeal and see YouTube videos to learn to write an appeal as you only get once chance to write.

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