How To Delete Direct Messages On Instagram

Among Instagram’s most popular features is the Direct Message (DM) function. With Direct Messages, users may discreetly speak with a single buddy or form group discussions. While various messaging applications are accessible, Instagram is the most popular instant messaging service among many users.

In addition, Instagram was not built to handle DM conversation logs, which is reflected in the relative lack of options for managing your DM inbox. Your inbox may soon get filled with messages from friends, spam, and fraudulent links.

So, is it possible to erase all of your texts simultaneously and start over? This article describes many ways to organize your Instagram direct messages.

How to Delete Android and iPhone/iOS Conversations

To remove a chat, complete the steps below:

  1. Tap the message symbol (airplane) located in the upper-right corner of the home screen.
  2. To remove a discussion, tap it, drag it to the left, or long-press it to see its message choices.
  3. Select Delete.
  4. After completing the preceding procedures, group communications will no longer show in your inbox. Remember that the other individual still has access to them.

In addition to browsing through your whole DM inbox, you can also use the Search option to locate specific conversations you wish to delete. You may put a person’s name into the search bar at the top of the page to locate and remove a chat with that person.

Individual Messages Can Be Deleted on Android and iPhone/iOS

A few years back, Instagram discreetly debuted the Unsend tool. It enables you to unsend messages that have not yet been viewed.

If you have never utilized Unsend on Instagram previously, follow these steps:

  • Start a DM conversation
  • Tap and hold the objectionable message
  • Select Cancel Sending.

The actions above remove the communication on both ends, making it appear as though it was never sent. If you ever regret sending a message, you may erase it before the recipient reads it. Aside from this, you are out of luck.

Unfortunately, Instagram does not support mass deletion of individual messages, so you will need to repeat the procedures above for each message. You may always try a third-party auto-clicking application.

Delete All Instagram Direct Messages on Android/iPhone/iOS Using AutoClicker

AutoClicker for Android and AutoClicker for iOS are applications that enable you to automate taps and swipes in any app or screen on your mobile device. Once you have experimented with it, you will be ecstatic with the possibilities this robust, free application offers. However, for the time being, this essay will focus on erasing Instagram DMs.

  1. Open the Instagram app.
  2. Open the Auto Clicker application.
  3. Tap Enable in the Multi-Target Mode section. This will enable numerous tapping sites with a delay between each tap.
  4. Navigate to your Direct Messages screen on Instagram.
  5. Tap and hold the green + sign to generate a swiping point, a circle containing the numeral 1.
  6. Move the swiping point to the first direct message discussion.
  7. Place the second circle within the first. This method commands AutoClicker to tap and hold.
  8. To open the Settings dialog for this swipe, tap the circle. Both the delay and the swipe time should be set to 1000 milliseconds.
  • Long-tap the initial chat on Instagram to advance the process and see where the following taps should be made.
  • The context menu is displayed. Tap the plus sign to add a tap point, then drag the tap point to the Delete line in the context menu. This tap point becomes number two and will have a number two in the circle.
  • Tap the erase line to continue the procedure on Instagram.
  • Tap the plus sign to create tap point 3, and then drag it to the desired location.
  • Press cancel to save this discussion from being deleted at this time.
  • Tap the gear icon and provide a name for this tap script setup. Save the script, and you may now execute this command hundreds or thousands of times automatically and without human intervention.
  • Use the Run button to execute your script.
  • On the AutoClicker app’s home screen, you may disable the app’s UI to disable it.

AutoClicker is undeniably a potent tool that you can use in a variety of ways, not simply to delete Instagram direct messages faster!

Deleting Instagram Direct Messages FAQs

Here are most of the question that is asked by most of the people that has this problem of deleting direct message on Instagram.

Does banning someone on Instagram remove all messages?

No, Instagram user banning has nothing to do with sending messages. If you block someone on Instagram and then return to their message thread, the “Delete” option will be available. If you opt to delete the mails, just your end will be affected. The recipient may still access all of your sent messages.

The only method to erase messages from another user’s account is to unsend them, but they must not yet have been viewed. Open the Instagram Direct Messages, tap on the recipient’s message thread, long-press each sent message, and then hit “Unsend Message.” Depending on how determined you are to delete each message you’ve written to a user, this might take a very long time, but it’s a useful option nonetheless.

Can you remove all Instagram direct messages simultaneously?

Unfortunately, Instagram does not permit removing all of your direct messages at once, even using third-party programs. You must delete each chat manually, one by one, unless you use an application like as AutoClicker that automates the process.

Despite obstacles, it is possible to remove whole chats at once. This option allows you to repeat the deleting procedure just once per discussion, rather than each message. It’s still annoying, but it’s a significant improvement from sending each message individually.

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