How To Find Out Who Created Snapchat Account

Snapchat is an extremely private social networking service. Most of the time, we may not even know the name or other details of the person with whom we are conversing or communicating.

Occasionally, identifying a Snapchat user’s identity is as simple as seeing their profile, but sometimes our curiosity compels us to perform tiresome espionage work. Obtaining their true name may appear hard or arduous.
In this post, I will explain precisely how to utilize the following ways to determine the Snapchat account’s owner.

Snapchat Reverse Search Device

Snapchat Reverse Lookup Tool is one of the simplest ways to discover the account owner of a Snapchat account. The availability of Snapchat’s reverse username lookup enables you to identify Snapchat’s owner without requiring a manual and time-consuming procedure.

The Snapchat reverse lookup tool may help you discover not only the user’s Real Name, but also their address and contact information.

The information accessible via Snapchat’s lookup function includes:

  • Initials Surname Email Address Phone Number
  • Other Social Media Support Images
  • Let’s examine the different Snapchat reverse lookup solutions accessible.


BeenVerified is one of the most efficient methods for identifying the individual behind a username. With access to billions of records from the many verified databases, BeenVerified assists you in locating and communicating with the genuine Snapchat account owner.

Not only can you get a person’s true identity, but also their contact information, criminal and court records, automobile and property data, and social media profiles.

Social Catfish

With Social Catfish’s reverse username search, you may determine the true name of the Snapchat account’s owner. Through the service, you may research social media profiles and their actual users.

In contrast to BeenVerified, Social Catfish do not disclose much information. Nonetheless, you will be able to obtain your entire name, address, phone number, and even your relative’s information.

Social Catfish is a professional dating research service that assists individuals in avoiding catfishing.


Spokeo is last on the list, allowing you to determine the Snapchat account owner from its 120+ social networks.

In addition to 130 million property records, 6 billion consumer records, 3.9 billion historical documents, 600 million court records, and 89 million company records, the application has many other data sources.

In addition to Social Media profiles, Spokeo provides access to contact information, personal details, location history, wealth data, family and acquaintances, and criminal histories.

Examine the Username on Other Websites

Many of us like to keep things simple and use the same username across the majority of our social media accounts.

Even if someone has created a bogus account, there is a chance they choose a similar or recognizable username. There is a possibility that the individual uses the same or a similar username as a nickname on their other social media sites.

You may also locate the Snapchat username on Facebook or Instagram using the URLs and Alternately, you may input the username straight into other social networking sites to locate accounts with same or similar usernames.

Generally, this strategy will not work if the owner has used a different username on their social network accounts; nonetheless, it is still worth attempting.

Search for a Real Name Using Contacts

If you are skeptical, the Snapchat account belongs to a friend or someone in your contacts. Their true name may be determined through their contact information. Discovering the true name of a Snapchat account is straightforward and may be done directly within Snapchat.

  1. Open Snapchat.
  2. Navigate to your profile.
  3. Select “Add Friends”
  4. Tap “Quick Add” after selecting “All Contacts.”
  5. You may now view all of your contacts and their Snapchat account.

Searching from contacts is only applicable if the individual is in your contacts list. If you suspect that your friend or lover is pranking you using a false Snapchat account, you may quickly avoid being pranked.

Using Google for assistance

Google Reverse Image Search is yet another powerful and free method for identifying Snapchat’s true owner.

There is a potential that the Snapchat photo that was provided to you has been published on social media. Using Google’s reverse image search, you may obtain more information on a person after obtaining their other Google profiles.The picture search may not be particularly useful, but it is still worth doing because they may have utilized the same or a similar image elsewhere. You may also conduct a Google search for the Snapchat username, which may provide useful results.

Ask them directly

Asking the Snapchat user their true name is the most accurate way to obtain information about them. Sometimes it’s sufficient to simply inquire in order to get to know someone better.

If the account is false, they may not be willing to share their name, therefore you must engage in pleasant conversation and attempt to obtain their name. You may also inquire about their contact information and other social media profiles. Some of them may even refuse providing you with any information. In this instance, we always have further options available.


Now, you may have access to simple and feasible ways for identifying Snapchat account owners and genuine names on Snapchat.

Hopefully, it won’t be too difficult for you to locate the Snapchat account’s owner in the future.

The Snapchat lookup tool is one of the most efficient ways to identify the actual user behind an account. But you may also quickly and easily satisfy your curiosity through other means.

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