How To Find Who Blocked You On Instagram?

Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps used by people today daily. It is an American photo and video sharing social media app which is owned by Facebook. It was previously created for the users as a platform for sharing photos and videos. Now, it allows users to upload all kinds of media, which can be edited with filters and organized with tags and location information of the user. Users can post anything that can be shared publicly or with pre-approved followers. Users can browse other user’s content by tags and locations and also view their trending contents like stories. They can like and react to their photos and follow other users, so they can view their contents in the feed. Now, there might be new users on Instagram and like all the newcomers they don’t know much about the features of Instagram and want to learn about it.

There are a lot of new users who create an Instagram account every day. And most of them don’t know about the features of Instagram or know how to use it. Well, don’t worry newcomers you have come to the right place. We will tell you about the features of Instagram and tell you how to use Instagram properly and conveniently.

One of the things that people can do on Instagram is blocking you and you won't even know that. So, people want to know how to find out who blocked them on Instagram. Don’t worry it is not that hard to find out who blocked you on Instagram. Just a few detective works and searches will let you know who has blocked you or not. Sometimes, people delete or deactivate their accounts on Instagram which seems to others as if they have blocked you but the reality is different.

Okay then, let's talk about how to know who blocked you on Instagram. There are many ways to find out who blocked you on Instagram.

Ways To Find Out Who Has Blocked You On Instagram

You can follow these steps to find out:

  1. First, open your Instagram app and click on the search button.
  2. After that search for the name of the person you think has blocked you.
  3. If the name shows up then you have not been blocked for sure. But, if the name doesn’t show up then go to a mutual friend's Instagram account.
  4. After that, go through their posts, likes, and comments to see if the person's name appears or not. If you find the user's name then be sure that he or she has blocked you from their account.
  5. Searching for the name is quite a tedious job though. But, you need to search for it to know about it.
  6. Once, you find the username then tap on it. If the profile has some contents or posts but you can't see it then they have surely blocked you.
  7. The next thing is that if the profile opens up but is set to private and the name still shows up on your search list then they have probably deactivated their account.

So, the probability that you have been blocked is to see if the user's profile opens up or not when you search on your list. And, if the user has deactivated their account then you won't be able to open the profile. And if you think that you can't open the profile because you have been blocked then you can reassure yourself by checking the user's name in your mutual friend's account. If you find them there then you have been blocked as well.

Third-party tool

This is another help that we can give you. Using third-party tools and apps you can search for the person who has blocked you on Instagram. The tool does all the work so you don't need to do the hard work. It provides you with the names of the person who has blocked you and give you information regarding the blocked details of your account. You can find the app in the link:


In this way, you can find out who blocked you on Instagram. And following the above steps and the tools or apps you can easily know if you have been blocked on Instagram or not. The tools will help you find out if you are blocked or not and give you the name of the person who blocked you.

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