How To Get Tinder Gold For Free?

Tinder is a geo-social networking and online dating app. It allows users to see profiles of other users and unknowingly swipe it to like or dislike their profile as they please. Profiles of users are filled with their photos, a small bio, and common interests. This information helps people to find their match according to their interests and requirements. The profile gives users a brief account of the other person's lifestyle and looks and many more features to select a match. This app helps people to find a partner by letting them know about people and so once they find their match with a common interest or whatever character they want to find in their partner. Once the users have matched or found the perfect partner for each other, they can exchange messages as they please.

Previously, Tinder required access to a Facebook account to use the app but now it allows users to register with just a phone number and is accessible through mobile apps and web browsers for PC. Facebook has been a primary companion site for Tinder and with its, help Tinder can build a user profile with photos that have been uploaded on Facebook. Connecting through Facebook, Tinder uses the information of its users and uploads it.

Tinder works by gathering basic information and analyzing it. After that candidates who are more likely to be compatible based on location, mutual friends, and common interests are streamed into a list of matches. The app allows users to swipe which is the feature of Tinder. Right swipe means to like the profile and left swipes means to unlike and passing by. This swiping is anonymous to other users. If two users have liked each other then it results in a “match” and this allows them to chat within the app. They can even share a photo that is known as “Tinder Moments”.

Another feature of Tinder is Tinder Gold which is the main topic of discussion here. This is a premium subscription feature of Tinder which allows users to see people who have already liked them without swiping their profile. This is an interesting feature of Tinder and what the users want is to get this feature for free. They don't want to pay for it and want to have this feature on the app without going premium. They want Tinder Gold for free.

Tinder Gold provides users or you can say subscribers with the fun and engaging the swiping experience they love about the app along with the capability to see who has swiped them right. It includes many of the Tinder Plus features like Passport, Rewind, Unlimited Likes, Super Likes per day, and so on.

Having all these features without subscription and payment is what most users want. So, how can you get a Tinder Gold premium for free?

Hacking could be one of the ways to get the premium for free but that would certainly be illegal and could get you in trouble so let's not talk about hacking Tinder. You don’t want to mess around anything.

Free subscription links

Now, there are certain links on the net that says you could get a free subscription but these links are in millions and only a few are genuine. So, if you are lucky enough you might get a link that sends you to a page of Tinder where you can get a free subscription.

Free trials by Tinder

Also, Tinder sometimes gives free subscription for like three days. It is like a free trial of three days for users to know about Tinder and use its features that could be found on Premiums. Now, this is a way to attract users to get Tinder and go premium because after the trial ends you won't get another free trial. The only alternative is to pay for the feature.

If you could confuse Tinder or if there was any way to cancel the trial and then get a retrial like many applications with free trials, you could get free trials for premiums.

Third-party tools or apps

Many third-party apps and tools in the market can hack Tinder or get access to Tinder Premium and allows you to get Tinder Gold for free. You need to install it and then follow the procedures given and finally, you get the premium Tinder Gold for free without payment.


In this way, you can get Tinder Gold for free. You can go premium without payment and use the features of Tinder Gold along with the features that match Tinder Plus on Tinder Gold. Hacks from third party tools and apps and if you are lucky enough to get the exact link that gives free subscription, and the free trials of three days by Tinder will let you use free Tinder Gold.

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