How To Get Your Account Verified Easily On Snapchat

Verifying a Snapchat account is a simple process. After account verification, a golden star will show next to your name. This wonderful feature may be used to promote your company or brand. How do you become a verified Snapchat user for this to occur? How important is it to be renowned?

This tutorial will teach you how to get Snapchat verified.

How to Get Snapchat Verified

Advantages of Snapchat Verification

Now, prominent influencers and companies may be verified on many social media platforms that, in most cases, need the personal information for verification reasons. A little badge will be shown next to your name. In 2015, Snapchat users began to see little emoticons next to the usernames of celebrities on the platform. If you attempt to accomplish this on your own, you will realize that there is no practical method.

Snapchat secretly verifies celebrity accounts so that users know which is the official account to follow. Similar to Instagram’s Verified account feature, which shows a blue checkmark next to the user’s username. Snapchat has not disclosed information on its verified accounts. If you search for a celebrity on the app, though, you will be presented with additional verified accounts to follow.

Once you’ve been authenticated, you’ll receive several rewards. You will be able to customize your Snapchat icon, for example. In addition, the bio space supports up to 150 characters. It is a fantastic technique to convey your mission and get new fans. In addition, after your account has been verified, you will be able to use Snapchat from different devices. So, for instance, you might submit a tale from your computer while uploading a photo from your phone.

Snapchat’s promotion of verified accounts will increase the visibility of your profile. You can only locate someone on Snapchat if you know their exact username. This is a fundamental limitation of the app. However, if you have the verified account icon, you may search for the person’s true name to locate their Snapchat account. Moreover, when a user searches for verified people, other verified accounts are always offered.

Can You Get Snapchat Verification Without Being Famous?

If you are a celebrity, getting Snapchat verified is a breeze. However, what can you do if you meet all of the aforementioned conditions yet still lack a certified star?

Some Snapchat users have contacted the company directly to voice their displeasure over content theft. They obtained a confirmed star unexpectedly as a consequence of this information. Here is what is required of you:

  1. On your mobile device, open Snapchat.
  2. Ensure that you are currently signed into your account.
  3. Click on your profile icon in the upper left corner of the display. This will bring up the Settings tab.
  4. Select Settings in the upper right corner of the screen. It looks like a gear symbol.
  5. To locate I Need Help, scroll down to Support.
  6. Choose Contact Us from the menu drop-down.
  7. My Snapchat is not functioning in a drop-down menu option.
  8. Following that, you must select Other.
  9. Scroll to the bottom of the page to locate the answer.
  10. In a question, you will be prompted to detail your issue. Select My difficulty is not listed.

Remember that the account must have at least some views. Otherwise, you will not be authenticated, even if you have complained about others using your account without permission. Once you have completed all of the instructions, a new page will load.

Complete your account details. Include your login, email address, cell phone number, and a description of when the issue first occurred.
You will also be required to provide further information.

Explain in this section how people are attempting to impersonate your account and how gaining a verified star will help protect your account while garnering the attention it deserves. Include your ID in the area for Attachments.

This will allow Snapchat to recognize you as a genuine person. Snapchat wants to verify that they are not dealing with fake accounts or imposters attempting to gain more followers to minimize competition. It may take Snapchat a few days to react to your inquiry. When this occurs, you are notified through email that your account has been validated, which is fantastic news.

How Many Snapchat Views Do You Need to Get Verified?

If your Snapchat stories receive 50,000 views, your account is validated. Users must see your complete Snapchat story for it to count as one view. It is currently unknown how many of your Snapchat stories must receive 50,000 views for you to be verified. Even if you are not a celebrity, you can get Snapchat verified.

However, your tales must have a minimum amount of views, and the stuff you publish must be engaging. You may also request Snapchat to verify your account by notifying their customer care staff that your content has been duplicated on other accounts.

How to Increase Your Snapchat Views?

To obtain the verified badge on Snapchat, a substantial following is required. It all begins with a substantial amount of views. Focus on providing new and distinctive material. Use these strategies and methods to improve your Snapchat views:

Follow Other Users

In contrast to other social networking networks, you will not be punished for adding a large number of individuals. If you follow them initially, they are likely to return the favor. At the time of account creation, you will be asked whether you wish to follow everyone on your phone’s contact list. How do you respond? Yes.

By clicking on a user’s Snapcode, you may determine whether they are following you back. Then, when you examine their Snap Score, you can rest easy knowing that they have added you.

Join Forces with a Powerful Figure

When a prominent figure recommends your business or account, you have access to their related followers. Send them a private Snap or instant message, or view their website for contact details. Inform them of the type of collaboration you seek and the benefits they will receive.

An influencer can just give you a shoutout or execute a takeover, in which you give them complete control of your account for a predetermined time. Due to the strong demand for influencers, expect to pay a premium for every collaboration. If you have a substantial following, you may be able to trade shoutouts with other users. A social media influencer might give you a shoutout or execute a takeover, in which you hand up complete control of your account for a while. However, due to the strong demand for influencers, expect to pay a premium for any collaboration.

Improve Your Content

High-quality content is necessary to increase the number of your followers. Nobody desires to view a film captured on a potato. Additionally, consistency is essential. To build a following and earn the community’s confidence, you must publish consistently and frequently throughout the week.

Be Personal

Snapchat is a more open and intimate medium than Instagram. Your admirers want to know the truth about you, such as your everyday life, preferences, etc. Personalizing your trip will increase your likeability and relatability.

Promotion On Additional Platforms

If you have other social media profiles, use them to promote your Snapchat account. Some of your Snapchat followers may not know how to find you.

Acquire Trophies and Points to Unlock New Features.
When you use Snapchat to apply filters, send private Snaps, or upload creative videos to your story, you get points. These points allow you to earn awards and unlock exciting features.

Trophies appear as emojis within your trophy case. If you tap on your profile picture, you may view your trophy case. The criteria for winning awards differ. For instance, you will obtain the ogre award after taking 1,000 Snaps using the front-facing camera. You may also access the Sun emoji if the temperature is over 38 degrees Celsius when you send a Snap.

All Snapchat Awards

What Happens After You Request Snapchat Verification?
It may take Snapchat a few days to react to your inquiry. However, they should notify you through email that your account has been validated when they do so.


Businesses and personal branding must be verified across all social media platforms for numerous reasons. One of these reasons is that it boosts the visibility of their accounts to prospective followers – on most platforms, a verified company or brand account will show at the top of the search results when someone searches for accounts. As your followers see the company or brand’s posts first, this increases engagement and draws additional followers.

Even if you are not a celebrity, you can still get Snapchat verified. However, your tales must have a minimum amount of views, and the stuff you publish must be engaging. You may also request Snapchat to authenticate your account by alerting customer care that your material has been duplicated on other accounts.

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