How to Hide Whatsapp Group Without Exiting

How to Hide Whatsapp Group Without Exiting

You may want to hide Whatsapp group chats to keep them out of sight, while still being able to keep up with the conversation. This article will discuss how to do so without having to leave the group.

Steps to Hide a Whatsapp Group

  • Create a new archive – Create a new archive (the folder icon on the top left corner) for the group you want to hide.
  • Move the group to the new archive – Long-press on the group and tap the archive option from the menu.
  • Un-archive the group – You can find the group by tapping on the three dots icon on the top right corner, and then #. This will un-archive all the hidden groups.


  • Whatsapp group conversations can be hidden without exiting the group.
  • The group conversations can be accessed anytime by un-archiving the group.
  • You can keep track of the conversation without being disturbed due to its unavailability in the normal chat list.

Hiding Whatsapp groups without exiting can be a very useful tool for keeping up with conversations, without them being visible in the normal chat list. This way, you can keep track of the conversation, without disturbing your other chats or notifications from the group.

3. What methods can I use to make sure no one knows I’m no longer in a Whatsapp group?

The best way to make sure no one knows you have left the group is to use the group’s “mute” feature. This will prevent any notifications that you left the group from showing up. Additionally, if you do not want anyone to know, you can delete the group from your contact list.

2. Is it possible to leave a group without being noticed?

It depends on the type of group. If it is an open group, it may be easier to leave without being noticed. However, if it is a closed group with limited members, leaving without notice may not be possible.

1. How can I protect my privacy in a Whatsapp group?

You can protect your privacy in a Whatsapp group by:

1. Refrain from sharing personal information and photos.

2. Disabling the Settings > Accounts > Privacy > Last Seen option so that your recent activity is not visible to other members.

3. Disabling the Settings > Accounts > Privacy > Read Receipts option so that other members cannot see when you have read their messages.

4. Disabling the Settings > Notifications > Conversations Tone and Vibration options so that your phone won’t alert you when a new message is received.

5. Limiting the contact information you share with group members to just a phone number and name.

6. Regularly leaving and rejoining a group if it becomes too active or gets too large.

5. Is there a way to become invisible in a Whatsapp group without actually leaving?

No, there is currently no way to become invisible in a WhatsApp group without actually leaving the group. The only way to stay in the group without being seen is to mute the group notifications.

4. Is there a way to delete my name from a group but still have access to group messages?

Yes. You can leave the group without deleting your name by going to the group settings and selecting Leave Group. This will remove you from the group’s list of members, but you will still have access to group messages and conversations.

Q: Can you hide a WhatsApp group from your contacts?

No, you cannot hide a WhatsApp group from your contacts. The only way to prevent other contacts from seeing the group is to leave it.

Q: How do I make a private WhatsApp group?

To create a private WhatsApp group, start by opening WhatsApp and selecting the ‘New Group’ option. Give your group a name, and add the people you wish to include in the group. Once the group is created, you can add a group description, edit the group name and icon, and choose who can change the group’s settings. Under the group’s settings, you can select ‘Group Privacy’ and choose the ‘My Contacts’ option to make the group private, so that only people with your phone number can join the group.

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