How to Invite People to Private Story on Snapchat from Main Story

Snapchat is well-known for many things, but its stories are one of its most popular features. Snapchat stories are pretty comparable to those on other networks. But Snapchat stories are unique in some way. Snapchat is where the notion of “stories” originated. Indeed, Snapchat was the first to introduce stories. Every other platform that enables the viewing and uploading of vanishing photographs and videos has followed Snapchat’s lead.

However, why are we discussing this now? Because Snapchat remains the innovator of tales in a different way. The innovative platform continually generates new modifications. And offers one of the most engaging tale aspects not available on other platforms. And in this article, we will discuss an intriguing Snapchat tales function.

You are well aware that private stories allow you to share your photographs with a limited audience. But did you know that you can invite people to your private Snapchat stories without physically adding them?

You may invite individuals to your private Snapchat story directly from your main tale. And you may do so without altering the story’s surroundings. So, without further ado, let’s discuss how to accomplish that.

How to Invite People to a Snapchat Private Story from the Main Story

You should now see that Tale Stickers allow you to invite individuals from your main narrative to a secret story. The issue, though, is “how?” Learn how to utilize the Story Sticker on your main Snapchat story to invite others to your secret story.

  1. Sign into Snapchat on your mobile device.
  2. Navigate to the Camera tab and take a picture by touching the large circle in the middle.
  3. After capturing a photo or selecting one, many options will show on the screen’s right side. Tap the Sticker symbol, which resembles a… sticker (duh).
  4. Several stickers will appear on the following screen. You are not required to choose any of them. Examine the panel of yellow options at the top, which includes GIF, Mention, Location, Topic, and Question, among others.
  5. Select one of your existing private tales towards the bottom of the screen. To create a new private tale, provide a name and select Private Story.
  6. Return and hit the Next button in the bottom right corner to share the photo.
  7. Selecting My Tale from the list allows you to add the snapshot to your main story. Alternatively, you may send individual snaps as direct messages to your pals.
  8. Tap the Send icon in the lower-right corner to add the photo to your narrative.

And that is it. Tap the story sticker to join the private story. Once they join your private story, they will be able to view any further snaps you upload.


Therefore, this is how you may invite people to your Snapchat story using your primary story. As explained, the Snapchat Story Sticker is the tool you need to do this task. However, before employing it, bear the following in mind.

If you apply a Custom Story sticker to the photo, you will be prompted to select the list of members who can contribute photos to this story. Only people on this list can add stickers to the custom tale.

Additionally, if you choose to remove someone from your private tale in the future, you may follow the standard procedure for deleting viewers from the story settings.