How to Know if Someone is Online on Snapchat

If you have experience with social media, you have likely heard about Snapchat. The app has completely revolutionized the digital world and is extremely popular among millennials. The app appeals to the selfie, photo, and video-centric culture in which we live. The application provides users with a simple method for sharing their regular activities with fascinating and individualized features.

We are regularly confronted with the challenge of how determining if a user is online. Multiple social networking programs indicate whether a user is active. It often takes the form of a green dot that indicates the activity status of the individual. This is how other app users may determine whether or not their friends are online. However, this signal does not always show on Snapchat, correct? Does the application notify us when a person is available?

If you are one of us, we regret to notify you that this function is absent from this popular software. It does not provide a clear indication of whether or not our connections are now online. However, we have attempted to break down a variety of methods that may help you determine whether someone is online on Snapchat.

Can You View a Snapchat User’s Online Status?

On Snapchat, it is not possible to check if someone is currently online. If you haven’t noticed, Snapchat is missing the green icon. Therefore, establishing whether or not our friends are online might be difficult. However, we must be aware of our friend’s online presence in some capacity.

There is still a mechanism through which we may determine whether someone is online on Snapchat. Therefore, continue reading to discover more.

How to Determine Whether an Individual Is Online on Snapchat

Examine their Snap Maps

Have you heard about the Snap Map function on Snapchat? If you’ve used Snapchat, you’re surely aware that this amazing feature allows users to pull up a virtual map and see what their friends are doing at the moment. People utilize this interactive version to inform their friends of their present position.

The ultimate goal is to encourage individuals to participate in their social networks. But did you know that you can also use it to determine whether someone is currently online? Although the method is not always accurate, it is rather useful in several scenarios. So, let’s examine how to utilize this Snapchat application.

  1. Log into your Snapchat account and scroll down from the top of your camera screen to reveal the Snap Map.
  2. The camera’s display transforms into an interactive map. On the map, your buddies will appear as images known as Bitmojis.
  3. Locate the person’s bitmoji and tap it after you’ve found it.
  4. You may see the grey status bar and timestamp beneath their names. Typically, this timestamp denotes the last time the user was online. You will get information such as Seen now or Last seen, based on the last time the individual used the app. If you see Just now, the user is now using the application.

Additionally, you may utilize the search box at the top of the screen if you cannot locate the individual.

You may not always be able to view your friend’s location on the app. This is because the Ghost mode is now active. You will be able to view their location if they authorize your request to view it in this manner. In this scenario, you can utilize the Friends on the map option. It provides a list of everyone who has shared their location.

Send the Individual a Message

You presumably already have an idea of what this method comprises based on its moniker. You need merely send the person a message and wait for them to read it. It may not provide a precise answer, but it will allow you to make reasonable guesses about when they were online.

If you’ve been using Snapchat for a long, you’re likely accustomed to sending messages. However, if you are unfamiliar with the application, we will guide you through the steps.

  1. Launch the Snapchat app and navigate to the Friends page. Here you can discover all of your recently-contacted pals.
  2. Locate the individual whose online status you’re interested in by scrolling down. Open their chat, send them a message, and then wait for some time.
  3. If their Bitmoji appears in the lower left corner of the chat window, it indicates that they are online and reading your message.

Alternatively, a cheerful emoji may indicate that the individual does not utilize Bitcoin. After a few seconds, if they are online, it will transform into a blue dot.

If neither the bitmoji nor the blue dot appears, the recipient is either offline or has not yet opened your message.

Send them Snapshots

If you use Snapchat, you’re likely aware of the excitement around snaps. It has an undeserved reputation for being difficult to use, but it’s not if you understand the basics. Snapchat’s word for photos and videos sent to pals. However, did you know that you may utilize this function to approximate the time a user was or is currently engaged on the app?

You must submit a photograph to the person whose online status you desire to determine. It might be a photo or movie that you enjoy, after which you must wait a little time. If they examine the snap immediately, you may discover an Opened option with a blue arrow that points nowhere. It indicates that the user has just viewed your application, suggesting that they are currently online. However, if the message status remains as Delivered, it signals that the recipient has not opened it or is not online.


This marks the conclusion of our blog for the day. This article demonstrates that there is no easy way to determine a user’s Snapchat online status. Therefore, we investigated numerous methods for detecting an individual’s online status.

Included is a discussion of how to browse other users’ snap maps and send them messages. We also mentioned further possibilities, such as sending them snaps and viewing their snap scores. If you find our blog to be useful, please share it with your friends and leave a comment.