How to Know If Someone Turned Off Read Receipts on Whatsapp

How to Know If Someone Turned Off Read Receipts on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the most used messaging applications in the world. It has many features, like read receipts. This feature enables you to know whether the person you sent a message to has seen it or not. If you are suspicious about the fact that someone might have turned off their read receipts, here’s how you can confirm it.

1. Observe their replies

If someone has disabled read receipts, then it would be difficult for them to reply to your messages quickly. Due to the lack of read receipts, they do not know when or even if you sent a message. This means they would take some extra time replying to your messages.

2. Check their last seen

Another way to tell if the person has disabled read receipts is to check their Last Seen status. WhatsApp allows you to see the last time someone has been online. A sudden change in their Last Seen status, especially if its longer than usual, could be an indication that the person has disabled read receipts.

3. Send a message to a broadcast list

If you want to confirm if someone has disabled read receipts, one of the best ways is to create a broadcast list with that person in it. Then, send a message to the broadcast list. The message would be sent to everyone in the broadcast list, including the person you’re enquiring about. If the person’s read receipts are disabled, you won’t see the double blue tick that indicates that the message has been read.

4. Ask someone else

If all else fails, you can try and ask someone who is in touch with the person you want to inquire about, if they have heard anything about it. This is a surefire way to find out if the person has disabled read receipts, albeit it requires someone else you trust to confirm it.

Read receipts can be a useful feature, but they can also be intrusive and pry into personal conversations. If you think someone has disabled their read receipts, it’s good to double check using one of the methods discussed above.

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