How to Know Someone’s Birthday on Whatsapp

How to Know Someone’s Birthday on Whatsapp

If you are wanting to know someone’s birthday on Whatsapp, here are some easy steps you can take:

1. Search through your chat history

Check your chat history with the person you are wanting to know the birthday of. It is possible they may have shared their birthday with you at some point in the past, so be sure to look through the entire chat.

2. Ask them directly

If you can’t find the answer in their chat history, the only thing left to do is simply just ask them directly. Whatsapp has a fun feature that allows you to include a celebratory effect for a person’s birthday, so you will need that exact date in order to use it.

3. Check the Facebook app

If you have both the Facebook app and Whatsapp installed on your phone, then you can easily check for their birthday information on Facebook. Simply launch the Facebook app and search for the contact you are looking for. Once you’ve found them, you can check out the details on their profile, which should include their birthdate.

4. Ask a mutual friend

If none of the above steps work, then your best bet is asking a mutual contact to help you out. This is especially useful if you and the contact you’re trying to find the date for are not friends on Facebook. A mutual friend may have access to the contact’s birthdate, or be able to ask them directly.

In conclusion, there are several ways to find out someone’s birthday on Whatsapp. Check your chat history, simply ask them directly, check their Facebook profile, or ask a mutual contact. Each of these methods should get you the answer you are looking for, so happy searching!

5. Is there a way to look up a contact’s birthday in Whatsapp without asking them directly?

Unfortunately, there is no way to look up a contact’s birthday in WhatsApp without asking them directly. You could always ask the contact politely or look on their social media profile for the information.

4. Does Whatsapp give users the option of setting a contact’s birthday in their profile?

Yes, WhatsApp does give users the option of setting a contact’s birthday in their profile. The birthday can be set by going to the contact’s profile and tapping the “Set birthday” option.

2. Is there a way to get notified about upcoming birthdays in a Whatsapp group?

Yes, you can set up automated birthday reminders in a Whatsapp group. There are several apps, such as RoboRemind, that can integrate with Whatsapp and send out automatic birthday reminders to members of the group. You can also set up a calendar integration and have a script that sends out a reminder when someone’s birthday is near.

1. What tools can I use to find out a contact’s birthday on Whatsapp?

You could try using a contact aggregator such as FullContact. This tool will harvest birthdays for all of your contacts from emails, social networks, and other sources—including Whatsapp. You can then use this data to populate your calendar with your contact’s birthdays.

3. Is there a way to view a contact’s birthday in a profile in Whatsapp?

Yes, it is possible to view a contact’s birthday in a profile in WhatsApp. To do this, go to the contact’s profile and tap “Info” to view additional information about the contact, including their date of birth if it has been added.

How do I search for someone’s birthday on WhatsApp?

Unfortunately, WhatsApp does not offer any search feature to look up someone’s birthday. The best way to find someone’s birthday on WhatsApp is to ask the person directly or check their profile in other social media platforms like Facebook.

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