How to Recover Snapchat Photos After Uninstall

Do you recall the days when photographs were taken in black and white? In the past, cameras were not widely available, therefore people seldom took photographs. However, the majority of us now have cameras on our cell phones. Selfies have made capturing lovely moments simpler. Even now, when we look at photographs that we shot 2-4 years ago, we recall many pleasant events that occurred during that period.

Currently, we have the choice to make our images and selfies even more gorgeous, in addition to being able to create precious moments. Why don’t you speculate for a moment about the topic at hand? If you’re a Snapchat user, you may have guessed within a minute.

The answer is the filtering functionality. Applying a filter has become more of a must when capturing selfies or photographs quickly.

Snapchat is the go-to site for applying incredible effects and taking images. This social networking site is flourishing and developing daily due to its many filters.

If you often take photographs on Snapchat, you may be concerned about the security of your most memorable images. You might be wondering if you can restore these photographs even after uninstalling Snapchat.

The good news is that we have responses to your inquiries. This article discusses how to retrieve Snapchat photographs following an uninstallation.

We will present you with three distinct photo retrieval algorithms. You will be able to retrieve your images securely. Without further ado, let’s dig in.

Can Snapchat Photos Be Recovered After Uninstallation?

Snapchat archives your photos, videos, and snaps under the memories tab, therefore it is possible to retrieve deleted Snapchat photographs. These memories are stored in the cloud and are fully secure as long as your Snapchat account is active. The removal of the application does not affect these recollections.

However, Snapchat’s support website indicates that it is always prudent to back up your memories and stories.

Even if you haven’t backed up your Snapchat photographs and videos, there are many ways to retrieve them. There are a few third-party applications that accomplish this as well. However, the top three methods outlined in this article will help you recover your photographs rapidly.

How to Retrieve Snapchat Photos Following Deinstallation

You may have uninstalled Snapchat for a variety of reasons, but you still want to keep your photographs and videos. Or you may be preparing to remove Snapchat and wish to ensure the safety of your snaps. The removal of Snapchat will not affect your memories. They are kept securely in the cloud and are simple to retrieve.

Below are three methods for recovering your Snapchat photographs.

Retrieve Snapchat Images using Cache Files

If you have removed Snapchat and want to retrieve your photographs and videos without reinstalling the app, this is the best solution. We will restore your photographs from the cache folder using this method.

Every program you use will save its file in a cache that is not visible in your gallery since every memory has a duplicate. The cache file will contain the Snapchat photographs and videos you have recorded and saved.

Now, we will get them from there. Following is a step-by-step instruction on how to accomplish this.

  1. Launch the file management software on your device. If you do not already have one on your mobile device, you may get it from the Play Store.
  2. Tap the device storage or internal storage option after navigating to it. In certain file management applications, you may find this choice on the tab you initially arrive at when you launch the application. Be careful to thoroughly search the current tab to locate this option.
  3. After selecting internal storage, a list will appear. Search for the android folder in that list. After locating it, tap it.
  4. Inside the android folder, regardless of your file management application, you will see three basic options: media, data, and Robb. Tap the data folder now.
  5. Upon entering the data folder, a list of the application’s files will be displayed. Once you have located com. Snapchat. android, tap on it.
  6. Once you open com. Snapchat. Android, you will see two directories. The first is cache, and the second is files. Tap the cache selection.

There you will discover the received images snaps folder. Tap on it. You can browse all of your Snapchat photographs and videos. You can rename and restore them on your device.

Retrieve Snapchat Photos using Google Drive

If auto-sync is enabled on your mobile device, Snapchat photographs are automatically stored in a cloud service such as Google Drive. Choose this technique if you cannot locate your photographs and videos in the cache file. Read on for detailed instructions on how to accomplish this.

  1. Launch Google Drive on your mobile device and ensure that you are signed into the account where the backup is created.
  2. You must now press the three horizontal line symbols in the upper left corner. There you will see a list of options that includes the images option. Tap on it.
  3. Once you access the photographs page, you will be able to view all recently backed-up images. Now, open the image you wish to restore.
  4. After opening the photo, three vertical dots will appear in the upper right corner of the screen. Click on that. A menu will slide out from beneath. There, you’ll see the option to save to the device; press it to restore the image or video to the device.

Repeat Step 4 to restore all of your lost photographs and videos. Remember that you can only see Snapchat photographs if auto-sync is enabled.

Retrieve Snapchat images and videos with iCloud.

If you have synced your app data to iCloud, you may restore Snapchat photographs and videos using the iCloud website.

  1. Navigate to and sign into your account. You will be sent to the homepage.
  2. Get to the photographs tab by selecting the images option. There, you will find all of the recently stored Snapchat photographs and videos.
  3. Select all of the images to be downloaded to the device. Now, press the download icon in the upper menu to download the desired photographs and videos.

That is all. You may rapidly restore your Snapchat photographs and videos to your iOS device in this manner.