How to Remove Phone Number From Snapchat Easily

Snapchat enticed you with its appealing filters and captivating video. Your Snapchat account has been created. To confirm ownership, a cellphone number was added. However, after posting your phone number on Snapchat, you feel vulnerable and frightened. I assume you are searching for methods to disconnect the phone from your account.

Verifying your Snapchat account requires either a phone number or an email address. Once you attach the phone number to your account, you cannot disconnect it without deleting your account. But there are ways to “erase” the number from your Snapchat account. You may hide the number, make a second Snapchat account with the same number, or replace it with a new number.

Why a Telephone Number?

For account verification, Snapchat requires a phone number. The number is also used to safeguard your account from unauthorized users. Two-factor authentication is made possible by your phone number.

Snapchat also utilizes your phone number to communicate account- and product-related information and updates.

Also, attaching a phone to your account makes it easier for friends to find you. You may disable the phone’s discoverability feature at any time.

Overall, anyone with the ability can obtain your phone number. How then may the number be eliminated?

Snapchat’s Elimination of a Number

You may have noticed that Snapchat’s settings do not allow you to deactivate your phone number. Let’s attempt to delete the number directly from the application.

  1. Launch the application and go to Settings.
  2. Choose your Mobile number and then hit Verify phone number.
  3. Tap Delete.

When you return to your Settings page, the number remains.

Fortunately, there are ways to bypass the settings and delete the number.

Cover the Figure

You can erase the number by making it inaccessible or concealed. Although concealing the number is not strictly the same as erasing it, it renders it unrecoverable.

Snapchat does not reveal your number, but others may locate you on Snapchat using it. In general, Snapchat utilizes your phone number to link you with your contact list. When Snapchat users add your number to their contact list, they will see that you have a Snapchat account. Consequently, people may connect with you on Snapchat using the provided contact.

You may, however, choose to conceal the number.

  1. Open the app and visit your profile.
  2. Select the Options icon.
  3. Visit Mobile number.
  4. Disable the “Allow others to locate me using my cellphone number” option.

Yes, your number may be stored on Snapchat’s servers, but no one will be able to discover or add you using it.

Deactivate Two-Factor Authentication and Use the Number to Create a New Account

You can use the number to authenticate a new account instead of concealing it. Begin by turning off two-factor authentication.

  1. Launch the application and choose the Bitmoji icon to view your profile.
  2. Select the Configuration icon.
  3. Proceed to the Two-Factor Authentication option and choose it.
  4. On the Two-Factor Authentication page, deactivate all of the choices.
  5. On the confirmation screen, choose OK.

Return to the configuration screen and log out.

  1. Create a Snapchat account. According to the on-screen prompts, complete all of the fields.
  2. Enter the phone number used on the other account to validate the new account.
  3. Snapchat will transmit a code. Snapchat associates the number with the new account after verification.
  4. Sign in to your primary account. Go to the screen for Mobile number. The absence of a number is evident.

Delete the new account once you’ve confirmed the number is no longer active.

Snapchat might fail to validate the account if:

  1. You have connected the number to many Snapchat accounts.
  2. You associated the number with a Snapchat account that was terminated for breaching the Terms of Service or community rules.
  3. Two-factor authentication has not been disabled.
  4. The new account was created using a VPN.
  5. You entered an invalid code.

Removing Your Account

If the aforementioned strategies fail, you may delete the account. This should, however, be your final resort.

  1. Log in and select a Bitmoji.
  2. On the profile page, select the Settings option.
  3. Select the Delete Account option from the Accounts menu.

After thirty days, Snapchat will deactivate and remove your account forever.


If you’re concerned about an unknown individual accessing your Snapchat, you don’t need a number. You can erase it and keep using your account without fearing termination. Follow the advice above.

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