How to See Last Seen on Whatsapp if Hidden

How to See Last Seen on Whatsapp if Hidden

Do you ever wonder how to see last seen on Whatsapp if it’s hidden? Here’s how!

1. Install WhatsDog

WhatsDog is an Android app which is specially designed to track when someone is online on Whatsapp. You can download it for free from the Google Play Store.

2. Add the Person’s Number to WhatsDog

Once you have installed WhatsDog, open it and add the person’s number to your list. You can also track multiple people at once, so you don’t have to keep adding them separately.

3. Monitor the Person’s Online Status

After you have added the person’s number, you will get notifications when the person is online. You can even view their online activity over time, so you can get an accurate idea of their online habits.

4. Analyze the Data

WhatsDog also provides data analysis, so you can get an idea of when the person is most likely to be online. This can help you figure out when to reach out to them and increase your chances of getting a response.


  • Be mindful of the person’s privacy. Using WhatsDog to monitor someone’s online status without their permission can be seen as breaking their privacy. So use it only with people you know and respect.
  • Check the app’s terms and conditions. Before using WhatsDog, make sure you understand its terms and conditions, as some jurisdictions may have laws restricting or banning its use.

In conclusion, with WhatsDog, you can see last seen on Whatsapp even if it’s hidden. So next time you want to track someone’s online activity, give this app a try!

5. How can I tell when someone was last online on Whatsapp if their last seen is hidden?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to tell when someone was last online on Whatsapp when their last seen is hidden. This setting is meant to offer privacy, so it is not possible to override it.

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