How to See Mutual Friends on Snapchat Without Adding Them

Snapchat is an outstanding social messaging application. You may add friends or receive friend requests from strangers. Occasionally, you and your pals may wind up having common friends. There is a way to view all of your shared friends with anyone on your friend list.

Under “Add Friends,” it is simple to determine which shared friends you and a friend share. In addition, you may request that your buddy email you a snapshot of their friend list. Using the image, you may view your shared friends. Snapchat provides a high level of secrecy for user profiles, making it nearly hard to view common friends on another user’s profile. However, this tutorial will show you how to do so.

This article will also detail the simplest approach to viewing a person’s friends and common friends. You will have a better grasp of Snapchat friends after this tutorial, which will also address more Snapchat-related topics and issues. Let’s get started!

What are Snapchat Mutual Friends?

Everyone on Snapchat has buddies who show on their friend list. Your friends have their friends, and if you share a Snapchat friend with someone on their list, that person becomes a shared friend. Mutual friends might be the individuals your friends follow or members of the same groups as you.

The advantage of viewing mutual friends is that you may add them as friends rather than adding strangers. People have confidence in the combined connection because it feels more secure.

How To View Mutual Snapchat Friends

Snapchat has made it hard to view the friends of your friends by introducing a privacy function that restricts the information Snapchat users may access. Using the instructions below, however, you may view your shared Snapchat friends.

  1. Launch Snapchat and sign in using your Snapchat credentials.
  2. Next to the search icon on your profile page, click the Bitmoji button.
  3. Scroll down until the “Friends” category appears.
  4. Select “Add Friends” from the menu.
  5. The “Quick Add” area is located beneath the “Added Me” section.
  6. In the “Quick Add” area, Snapchat users and your friends are highlighted. Sometimes, “x+ Mutual Friends” will appear next to a user’s name as you scroll down the page. The “x” indicates the number of common friends between you and the friend.
  7. To add a user’s common friends, click “Add” next to their name.

Note that any common friend you add using “Quick Add” will receive a notice of your addition. You may bypass this, though, by just copying their username and searching for them on Snapchat using that username.

Similarly, you may click the cross next to a common friend to remove them from the list. This is a smart method to avoid certain individuals.

How to Block Snapchat Appearing on Mutual Friends

By default, your username might show on the mutual friend lists of other users. However, you are not required to be on their list. There is a means of hiding. If you follow the procedures below, you should be all set.

  1. Access your Snapchat account’s “Privacy Settings” page.
  2. Scroll until the “Quick Add” feature area appears.
  3. Select the “See me” option from the menu.
  4. Turn it off.

That is all! You may now hide on Snapchat so that not even your crush, ex, or family members can find you through the shared friends tab.


Numerous Snapchat users increase the likelihood of having mutual friends. This post addressed how to browse and add mutual Snapchat buddies to your list. In addition, we reviewed how you might avoid appearing on a mutual friend’s list page if you don’t want to be discovered.

Frequent Requested Information

Q:What does having 10+ mutual Snapchat buddies mean?
A:The amount of common friends you share with the Snapchat user is displayed next to their username under the “Quick Add” feature.

Q:Can I conceal my identity from common friends?
A:Yes, you can. You only need to deactivate the “See Me” option under “Quick Add.”

Q:Can someone add me as a Snapchat buddy through shared friends?
A:ndeed they can. There is a “add” button next to the shared friend list. When someone uses this way to add you as a friend, you will receive the message “Added By Quick Add.”

Q:Can I view a Snapchat user’s friends?
A:No, Snapchat protects user privacy by limiting access to a user’s friend list. In the “Quick Add” area of your profile, however, you may examine the common friends you share with that individual.