How to See Someone Snapchat Story Even If I Have Been Blocked

Since the introduction of Snapchat eleven years ago, people have known it would be unique. Over a decade ago, the platform set out to establish a social media universe unlike any other, and they’re still going strong with the same mission. From the network’s timed messages and photos to its wacky filters, the app provides all the social online entertainment a user might desire. However, like with most things in life, it has its disadvantages.

Whether you were unhappy with a buddy or arguing with your significant other, have you ever blocked the next person? You do not need to feel embarrassed about your response; we’ve all been there and understand how humiliating it may seem later.

Additionally, our subject of discussion today is Snapchat’s block function. If you’ve ever blocked someone and subsequently wondered whether you might view their tale, stay with us to the end to find out if it’s possible.

What happens when I block a Snapchat user?

We recognize that your primary worry is if you can view someone’s story after blocking them. However, do you understand why this issue bothers you? This is because, despite your casual usage of the platform’s block function, you are unfamiliar with its whole.

We intend to modify this so that you may make more informed and deliberate judgments on social media. But how would we do this? First, we will cover the significant changes that occur on Snapchat when you block someone. Let’s get started!

They will not be included on your Friends list.

You must have checked you’re My Friends list several times as a Snapchatter, right? This list, which can be seen on your profile, comprises the names of all your friends on the network.

However, if you ban a buddy on Snapchat, their name will disappear from your list of My Friends. The same thing will occur with their My Friends list; if they access it and seek you, they will be disappointed.

Any communication or photograph they send you will not be delivered.

The second significant effect of banning someone is that your conversation with them will be deleted from their Chat tab as well as your own.

Even if any previously, stored messages remain in their Chat tab, every new message or snap they send you will appear to be sent to them but will not reach you.

The Search function on Snapchat is the simplest method to locate a user. However, when you block someone, they will no longer be able to locate you using Search.

When they input your login, they will only get No results with a poop emoji above; the same will be true if you try to locate them.

Can I still view someone’s Snapchat story if I block them?

Now that we’ve covered the fundamentals of Snapchat blocking, let’s get to the main question: can you view the story of a Snapchat you’ve blocked?

As you may have guessed, such a feature is not available on Snapchat unless you have a common buddy and are using their account (which is highly unlikely). You must realize that blocking is intended to remove all relationships between you and the blocked user on the site, including articles.

Here is how you may view their story

If you’re still interested in viewing this individual’s Snapchat story, you must first unblock them. Confused about the procedure? No problem; simply follow these procedures and you’ll reach your destination:

  1. Launch Snapchat on your mobile device.
  2. Upon doing so, you will be presented with your Profile tab, with your bitmoji prominently displayed at the top.
  3. You will then arrive at your Settings tab, which is subdivided into sections such as MY ACCOUNT, PRIVACY CONTROLS, MORE INFORMATION, etc.
  4. The tenth option on this list is Blocked with an arrow pointing to the right. When you see this option, tap on it.
  5. Upon doing so, you will be brought to your Blocked list, where the names of all users you’ve blocked on the platform will be shown beside a black cross.

To unblock a user, navigate to their profile and then press the cross next to their username. You will get a confirmation message requesting confirmation that you wish to unblock this Snapchatter. If you select Yes, their name will be removed from the list, indicating that they have been unblocked.

From this point forward, you have two options that will determine your next action:

If the setting for View My Story is set to Everyone

If they have set their story’s visibility to Everyone, you do not need to befriend them again. You may easily access their tales by entering their username in Search.

If the setting for View My Story is set to My Friends

Alternatively, if their narrative is only viewable to their friends, you must re-add them as a friend and wait for them to add you back before you can see their tale. Be prepared with an explanation, since you may be asked some difficult questions.


We have now concluded our blog. Today’s topic of discussion was Snapchat’s blocking function and how it operates. Later, we discussed the prospect of viewing the tale of a blocked user, only to discover that this is not feasible on the site.

If you really must view their story, you must first unblock them; a step-by-step method for doing so is provided above. Is there another Snapchat issue you’re having? Please share it with us in the comments section below, and we’ll have a solution soon!