How to Send Snap to Everyone at Once

Undoubtedly, snap-talking is a lot of fun. Whether it be with your friends, strangers you’ve met on your travels, or that special someone you met at a coffee shop on a Saturday night. What if, in addition to sending snaps to individuals and groups, we need to send snaps to everyone?

This may be accomplished in three ways: by forming a group, via a shortcut, or with the assistance of SnapAll Mod. Either of these approaches will discover you successfully. Unsurprisingly, Snapchat already includes built-in tools that enable you to capture numerous individuals simultaneously.

After finishing this article, you will be able to send snaps to all of your contacts with ease. The end of losing streaks! Adhere to our instructions, and your teammates will be thanking you in no time.

Sending Snapshots to All

Sending snaps to all of your contacts may sound daunting, but it is no more difficult than sending snaps to individual contacts. You only need to create shortcuts or groups including all of your pals.

After then, it’s simply a question of taking pictures with your buddies as usual. However, instead of snapping at your pals, you would snap to the newly established shortcut or group.

Establish a Group

Creating a group is unquestionably the simplest and most well-known option available. If you’ve never started a group before, you can rest assured that it’s simpler than you would imagine.

  1. To access the conversations tab, touch the dialogue symbol at the bottom.
  2. Locate the chat icon in the lower right corner. This link will lead you to your contacts list.
  3. The first selection will be labeled “New Groups
  4.  all of your contacts, then touch “Chat with Group” to complete. You have just created your group successfully!

Create a Shortcut

Shortcuts provide an alternative to the conventional method of generating and snapping objects into groups. Creating shortcuts is a simple operation, comparable to creating groups. Unlike groups, shortcuts enable you to snap more individuals. Follow these steps to make a shortcut:

  1. Take a picture as usual and then press “Send To.”
  2. Tap the search box located at the top.
  3. Choose “Create Shortcut” beneath the search box. This will open your contact list.
  4. Add a single emoji at the top of the shortcut to distinguish it.
  5. To complete the procedure, choose up to 200 contacts and then touch “Create Shortcut.”
  6. Each snapshot may now be sent straight to the shortcut.

Employ the SnapAll Mod

SnapAll adds a little button to the toolbar of Snapchat. Using this tool, you can automatically add all of your contacts to a group or shortcut without having to individually pick them. However, this approach is not supported by Snapchat and carries certain inherent dangers. This approach only functions on Android smartphones.

  1. Install SnapAll on your rooted smartphone with Xposed installed. To accomplish this, navigate to the “Download” area and search for “SnapAll.”
  2. Once the module has been downloaded, activate it and hit “Soft reboot.”
  3. This will add a brand-new function to your current Snapchat, allowing you to send photos to more than 200 recipients simultaneously.


Snapping all of your contacts at once might be difficult, especially if you have 200 or more recipients. Our exhaustive tutorial has walked you through every procedure for every user type. For users with 100 or fewer connections, groups provide one of the simplest methods to send photos to several people simultaneously. If not, shortcuts may be employed.

The SnapAll mod, while its versatility, has several significant dangers. In addition, the mod is exclusive to the Android platform. Therefore, we do not encourage this strategy as a first choice and only provide it as a last resort for seasoned app veterans.