How to Tell if Someone Blocked You From Seeing Their Story on Snapchat

So, you suspect that someone has stopped you from seeing their Snapchat story. Unfortunately, Snapchat does not give a straightforward method for obtaining this information. You want to know if this individual holds a grudge against you.

If you’re wondering why you can’t view a buddy’s Snapchat story while not being banned, it may be because their tale is set to friends-only and you’re not their Snapchat friend. A bug is another reason why you cannot view their story while not being blocked.

Occasionally, Snapchat indicates that a story is inaccessible even though the individual has not hidden it. This glitch or issue may be resolved by upgrading your application, and it should not occur frequently. However, if it does, they have likely been preventing you from viewing their narrative.

Can You Tell If You’ve Been Blocked From Viewing Someone’s Snapchat Story?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to determine who prohibited you from seeing their Snapchat story, as doing so would violate the privacy of others. Although their Snapchat story is accessible to all of their friends, if they have chosen to block you, there is no way for you to view it.

If you are unsure if a friend has prevented you from watching their Snapchat story, there is no definitive way to determine this. If they did not post frequently before blocking you, you can use this to determine if they have blocked you. However, the fact that someone no longer posts tales does not indicate that they have stopped you from viewing their story.

The quickest technique to determine if someone has concealed their story from you is to ask a buddy of theirs on Snapchat, “what tales have they posted?” You will be able to determine if they hid their narrative from you from this location.

How to Determine if Someone Has Blocked You on Snapchat

Using intuition, it is extremely simple to determine if someone has limited your access to their narrative. There are ways to discover this information, but since your Snapchat account may have been prohibited from being theirs, you cannot utilize it for this purpose. Since they will not be concealed from story viewers, you can only find out by using another account.

Request that a Friend send their story

In this circumstance, the first step you should take is to request someone’s Snapchat story. You must ask someone who has not blocked them who is their buddy.

If their Snapchat account is set to private, this individual would need to be their buddy. If the person you believe has blocked you has their story settings set to ‘Everyone’ rather than ‘Friends only,’ you should be able to search for their name and see their tale.

After that, they would email you their narrative. If “Snap unavailable” appears, you have been banned. If you had not been blocked, you would have been able to view the Snapchat story. The only other reason snap might state Snap is unavailable is if the sender removed it after updating their Snapchat and sent it to you, however, the snap will no longer be available because it has been erased.

Create a Second Snapchat Account

Create a phony Snapchat account to determine if you have been blocked. You can create a false account if you do not wish to urge anyone to submit their tale. This account must be credible for them to accept you as a buddy, so that you may view their tales. Or, if their Snapchat account is viewable by everybody, you may create an account without making it appear plausible.

After doing so, you may check to see if there are any stories you were unable to see with your original account. This indicates that they have prohibited you from viewing their story(s).

Ask a Friend to Demonstrate

If you are with a friend who has Snapchat, you can provide them with the suspect’s Snapchat username and request that they read their story. This is only possible if they are not their buddy and their account is not private.

If they are their buddy, then this situation would be a lot easy. If they show you their story but you are unable to view it on your account, it appears that you have been barred from viewing their story.

Have They Stopped Publishing Recently?

You may also determine if they have blocked you from watching their story by comparing the amount they used to post to the amount they publish now. If they blogged regularly and consistently, and then abruptly stopped, you may use this as proof that they have blocked your access to their narrative.

If they had blogged often and consistently for several months and then cease for a few weeks, it is reasonable to assume that they have concealed their tale.

Inquire If They Did

The simplest approach to determine if someone has stopped you from viewing their story is to ask them directly. Simply ask, “Have you blocked me from viewing your story?” If they are not an honest person, they may not give you the truth, and you will have to use other means to determine if they blocked you from viewing it. However, if they are truthful, they will admit that they stopped you from viewing it. Perhaps they didn’t want you to see something that might offend you, or they just wanted a select subset of individuals to view the content.

Check Once Again

Occasionally, bugs might occur that prevent a tale from being displayed the first time. Glitches are software problems that result in unforeseen mistakes, and in this situation, someone has written a piece, but it has not appeared for you. To determine if they withheld their tale from you in this circumstance, you must check again. Simply search for their name again and swipe down on their profile to edit the information. If there is no red circle around their profile picture, they have likely prohibited you from viewing their stories.

They might have just blocked you on Snapchat.

If someone has banned you on Snapchat, it is similar to them preventing you from viewing their stories, since you will be unable to view them. Although barring you completely prevents you from viewing their Snapchat profile, it also prevents you from viewing any stories that they post.

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