How to Track Someone’s Location on Snapchat (Snapchat Location Tracker)

Snapchat is a well-known social media application for connecting with pals. However, did you realize that Snapchat allows you to locate someone? Yes, Snapchat has provided a Snap Map tool that enables users to locate a person. Additionally, the tool enables you to view Snaps from across the globe.

Snapchat determines a user’s location via the Snap Map function. To utilize this function, you must first open it. Snap Map will display your position and that of your pals in real-time on the screen. Read this page for step-by-step instructions if you want specific instructions!

If you’ve never done so before, locating someone on Snapchat might be difficult. This tutorial has been compiled to assist you in doing so efficiently and save you time.

The tutorial describes the Snap Map function, the processes for identifying someone on Snapchat, what to do if you cannot locate their position and a list of frequently asked questions. Let’s get started!

What Is the Snap Map Option?

Snapchat is increasing its capabilities, and Snap Map is a mapping function that allows users to share their positions. In addition, visitors may view photographs and videos from sites all around the world, as well as breaking news. The functionality is accessible, however, activation within the Snapchat program is required.

Snap Map has made it easy for individuals to know what’s going on in their immediate vicinity. After sharing your location with a buddy, you may view what’s going on in their vicinity, such as athletic events and parties.

How to Locate Someone’s Snapchat Location

To locate a person on Snapchat, you must confirm that your Snap Map function is activated and that your position is pinned on Snap Map. After enabling Snap Map and marking your position, you may use it to determine the location of another user.

Enable the Snapchat See My Location Function

  1. Open Snapchat.
  2. To get to your Profile page.
  3. Select the Settings icon from your profile’s header.
  4. Locate and tap Look at My Location.
  5. Ghost mode may be enabled; deactivate it and choose the desired privacy settings (My friends, Only these friends, etc.).
  6. Allow Snapchat access to your Location Data if prompted.

If you have never configured the Snapchat location function, the instructions above will enable you to switch on your location.

Discover a Snapchat user’s location

After activating your location on Snapchat, you can locate others on Snapchat. To do so, follow the procedures listed below:

  1. Open Snapchat.
  2. Tap the location symbol in the bottom-left corner to see the Snap Map.
  3. On the screen, your location and that of your friends will be marked.
  4. To locate a specific buddy, choose Friends in the bottom-right corner of Snap Map.
  5. Tap the name of the individual you’re trying to find.

Snap Map will display a list of persons with the username you entered, along with their location. Note, however, that this will only function if the individual’s location services are activated.

What occurs if the location of a person cannot be determined through a search? In such a circumstance, there is nothing else you can do but request that they reveal their whereabouts.

Request the Location of Someone on Snapchat

The user might request their friend’s whereabouts through a selectable option. This option is unfortunately no longer available. If you have an earlier version of Snapchat, there is a potential that you may request a user’s location. The other party must possess an earlier version as well. Aside from this, your odds are nearly nil.

  1. Open Snapchat.
  2. Proceed to the profile of your buddy.
  3. Go to the Snap Map Settings page.
  4. Select Request Location.

A location request will be sent to your buddy over Snapchat, and they can accept or decline your request. In addition, the location request will only be sent to your buddy if he has allowed location requests.

If the location request has been disabled, submitting the request is futile. You may instruct your buddy to allow the location request by completing the following:

  1. Visit his or her Snapchat profile.
  2. Select the Configure button.
  3. Enable the Allow friends to request your location option.

Only after the user has activated the Snap location will their location be discovered on Snapchat. Otherwise, you are out of alternatives, and it is suggested that you respect the privacy of others when using Snapchat.


If a Snapchat user has enabled Snap location, it is straightforward to discover their whereabouts. After activating your location, you may use the function, but it does not imply you can share it with others. You may utilize the function while in Ghost mode, allowing you to use Snapchat with confidence. If you read this tutorial today, you will save a great deal of time when you want to find someone on Snapchat!


Q:Can I be harassed if I enable my location on Snapchat?

A:Before turning your Snapchat location to “public,” you must carefully evaluate the implications. Moreover, if you feel that your privacy is at risk while utilizing the function, you can remain in Ghost Mode to be secure.

Q:Why am I unable to locate my friends on Snapchat?

A:Only those who have enabled their location can be located on Snap Map.