How To View Specific Person’s Activity On Instagram?

Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps used by people today daily. It is an American photo and video sharing social media app which is owned by Facebook. It was previously created for the users as a platform for sharing photos and videos. Now, it allows users to upload all kinds of media, which can be edited with filters and organized with tags and location information of the user. Users can post anything that can be shared publicly or with pre-approved followers. Users can browse other user’s content by tags and locations and also view their trending contents like stories. They can like and react to their photos and follow other users, so they can view their contents in the feed. Now, there might be new users on Instagram and like all the newcomers they don’t know much about the features of Instagram and want to learn about it.

Now, most users or the newcomers on Instagram want to know about the activities of the people they have followed on Instagram. They want to know how they can view a specific person’s activity on Instagram. Like people are very much into a new person like they are huge fans of them and love them and are so much obsesses with the person that they want to know about them and want to keep a track of their activities. Well, this is the exact place where you will learn about it. We will tell you every possible way to view a person’s activity on Instagram.

Ways to View a Person’s activity on Instagram

The ways to view a person’s activity on Instagram is given below:

By following them on Instagram

This is the first step to know more about the person. You need to follow the person to know them and the track to their activity. You need to find the person on Instagram then tap on the follow button beside their profile. And, you need to like at least three posts of the person. Now, all the posts of this person will be shown in your newsfeed. 

By turning on the notification

This is the next step after following the person on Instagram. Open the profile page of the person and click the button that says “following” there is an arrow that slides you to some options. There you will have to turn the notification for the post, videos, story, and so. After turning on the notification you will be notified whenever the person shares a post, adds a story, posts a video and so. This way, you can keep a track of their activity. Since Facebook is connected with Instagram so you will also get a notification on Facebook about the person you have followed. This way, you will get notifications in two places.

By using DM

If you have texted the person then you can know about their active status by looking at the chatbox or the DM on Instagram. If you have had a chat with the person once then their active status will be shown once you open the chatbox.

By using third-party tools or apps

There are many third-party app and tools developed for executing these kinds of actions. You just need to install these apps in your device, any device you want to use it on; either PC or Android phones or iOS devices, it can be a user on any device easily. This app is designed to help you trace someone’s activity on Instagram. It keeps the track of every activity the person does like posting, sharing videos, online streaming, IG stories and so. You just need to fill up the required information and follow the instructions given on the special app. The link to the app is given here:


In this way, you can view a specific person’s activity on Instagram. Here you have found the best methods and ways to keep track of someone’s activity. Using third-party tools and applications provided by this site you will surely and conveniently keep a track of the person’s activity including posts, sharing videos, IG stories, etc. It will provide you with all the notifications. Just use it wisely and not for something mischievous or wrong.

This site is reliable and trustworthy and it wants to help you keep a track of the person you have followed but we insist that you don’t use the information in the wrong way or with a wrong intention.