If Someone Added You Again on Snapchat, Can They See If You Screenshot

Snapchat is the social networking platform with the highest emphasis on privacy. The platform prioritizes the privacy of its users and attempts to avoid any privacy breaches that may occur on the application. The platform includes several privacy features, including auto-disappearing messages, zero information on profile displays, and private conversations. Additionally, the app offers an excellent privacy function that alerts users if a buddy takes a picture of their chats or profile.

This strategy guarantees that no one can store your information in secret without your knowledge. As soon as a friend takes a screenshot of your profile or conversation, you are notified via a message in your chat with that friend. This allows you to be aware anytime a screenshot is taken.

But what happens when a Snapchat user unfollows you? What happens if you capture a screenshot of a conversation with an unadded user? Do they continue to be notified? Let’s explore these questions via this blog.

What happens when a Snapchat user unfollows you?

Let’s first examine what occurs when someone unadds you on Snapchat before considering this subject.

When a Snapchat friend unadds or unfriends you, you and that person are no longer friends. However, even if someone de-added you from their account, they will not be deleted from yours.

Similar to following and unfollowing on Instagram, Snapchat allows users to add and remove contacts. Even if someone stops following you, it does not impact your ability to follow them. If you followed someone on Instagram before their unfollowing you, you would continue to follow them after they unfollowed you.

Even if someone unadds you on Snapchat, they will continue to appear on your added list.

In addition, if one of you unadds the other, your chats will not be destroyed. Even if a Snapchat user de-added you, your discussions with them would stay intact on the Chats page. Saved messages will stay in their current state until one of you deletes them.

You may wonder, therefore, what difference does it make? The following changes occur when someone unadds you on Snapchat:

  1. No longer can you view their histories.
  2. They are no longer visible on Snap Map.

They receive no indication when you send them a message or a Snap. However, your emails are delivered as previously. They can continue to view the messages on the Chats tab.

If someone unadds you on Snapchat, are they able to view your screenshots?

If you attentively read the previous part, you may have found the solution. Even if a Snapchat user de-added you, your discussions with that individual remain in the Chats tab.

Therefore, if you took a snapshot of their conversations or profile, they would simply receive a notification that you did so. So, Yes. Even if a Snapchat user has unadded you, they CAN still view your screenshots.

The only difference is that they will not be notified because you are no longer friends with them. They will receive a notice regarding the screenshot, but they will not be alerted. The message will arrive on their Chats screen in silence. If they check their Chats tab for new messages, however, they will also see your screenshot message.

Wait a minute. Why wait for them to unadd you if all you want to do is snap a picture of their messages without them knowing? What if we told you it was simple to grab screenshots without them knowing?

How to snap Snapchat screenshots without people knowing

We have discovered not one but two methods for taking hidden screenshots on Snapchat (without letting the other person know about it). Moreover, guess what? Both are rather simple to accomplish.

Take screenshots of their profiles without their knowledge.

This approach only works for capturing a snapshot of a user’s friendship profile. Follow these methods to take a snapshot of the profile of a Snapchatter buddy without their knowledge:

  1. Launch Snapchat and navigate to your profile.
  2. On the profile screen, hit the My Friends option.
  3. Tap the worried friend’s bitmoji to access their profile.
  4. Now, press the recent applications button on your device. To the left or right of the Home button is the Recent Apps button.
  5. Now is the time to take a screenshot. Since Snapchat is not operating in the foreground, the screenshot will not be detected.

Capture images of messages

This approach is effective for taking screenshots of messages or the profile screen without sending a notification message. Follow the instructions below:

  1. Open Snapchat and navigate to the Chats tab.
  2. Open the chosen conversation with the desired person and navigate to the messages you wish to capture.
  3. Now, activate the phone’s flight mode.
  4. Capture a screenshot. You will notice the notification message in the conversation, but there is no need for an alarm. Keep reading.
  5. Exit the app. Navigate then to Settings Applications. Find Snapchat in the list and navigate to the app’s Storage information.
  6. Clear Snapchat’s data. Clearing cached data is insufficient. You must clear all of the app’s data. This action will log you out of Snapchat.
  7. Disable the Flight Mode setting, launch Snapchat, and sign into your account. The SMS notice would have vanished, and the individual would not have been informed.


When you submit a snapshot of a friend’s chat screen or profile screen, Snapchat sends a notification message. Even if a Snapchat buddy unadded you, they would still receive the notification message, but without a sound.

However, if you want to snap screenshots without alerting your buddy, you may do it by using one of the two techniques described in this article. These really simple strategies can let you grab hidden Snapchat screenshots.

If you have any questions when applying the methods outlined in the article, please leave them in the comments section. We will immediately assist you.