If You Mute Someone on Whatsapp Can They Call You?

If You Mute Someone on Whatsapp, Can They Call You?

Muting someone on Whatsapp can be an effective way to avoid online conversations with people who are bothering you. But what happens if they try to call you?

The answer is, no – you will not receive any incoming calls if you’ve muted someone on Whatsapp. However, this is only if both people have the Whatsapp app installed on their phones.

WhatsApp mute allows you to block individual chats or group conversations from showing up in your notifications. This is effective for avoiding messages from specific people. When you mute a contact or a group, their messages will still be sent directly to you, but you won’t get a notification about it.

Reasons to mute someone on WhatsApp

There are a variety of reasons why you might want to mute someone on WhatsApp, here are some of them:

  • To avoid too many notifications: If someone is sending you too many messages, you can mute them to avoid constant notifications.
  • To block someone: If someone is harassing you or bothering you, you can mute them to prevent them from contacting you.
  • For privacy: Muting someone prevents them from seeing your status updates or seeing when you were last active on WhatsApp.


In conclusion, if you mute someone on Whatsapp they will not be able to call you. However, it is important to note that mute only applies to conversations that take place on WhatsApp. If someone calls you outside of WhatsApp, you will still be able to receive the call.

3. Will the person still be able to see your messages if you mute them?

No, the person will not be able to see your messages if you mute them. They will not see any of your messages when you mute them, but all their messages will still be visible to you, whether or not you have muted them.

2. Is the mute feature on Whatsapp temporary or permanent?

The mute feature on WhatsApp can be either temporary or permanent, depending on the user’s preference. When muted temporarily, the user will be able to receive notifications, but won’t be disturbed by sound or vibrations. When muted permanently, the user won’t receive any notifications from the group or individual.

5. What happens if you mute someone on Whatsapp and then try to call them?

If you have muted someone on Whatsapp, then you won’t be able to see any of their messages in the group chats you are both a part of. If you try to call them, the call will still go through, and you will be able to talk; however, you will not be able to see any messages from them.

4. Is it possible to unsilence someone on Whatsapp after they have been muted?

Yes, it is possible to unsilence someone on WhatsApp after they have been muted. To do so, open the group or contact in question and then tap on the silhouette icon in the top right-hand corner. You will then see the option to Unmute on the pop-up menu. Select this option to unsilence a user.

1. How do you mute someone on Whatsapp?

To mute someone on WhatsApp, open the conversation with the person you want to mute, tap on the contact’s name or profile picture at the top of their conversation, then tap Mute. You can select how long you’d like the conversation to be muted for (1 Week, 1 Year, or Until I turn it off).

Can you still read messages when you mute someone on WhatsApp?

No, you cannot read messages from someone you have muted on WhatsApp. The messages sent by that person will not appear in your chat list.

How do I know if someone has muted me on WhatsApp?

Unfortunately, there is no way to know if someone has muted you on WhatsApp. The only way to confirm this is to ask the person directly.

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