Is There Any Way To Track A Scammer’s Location Via WhatsApp Without Him Knowing

With over two billion customers, WhatsApp has grown to be a straightforward goal for scammers. WhatsApp is a messaging platform; anybody along with your telephone quantity linked to your WhatsApp account can message you.

Unfortunately, many individuals fall sufferer from WhatsApp scams, and you’ll simply get scammed except you understand how scammers function and determine scammers. This put-up will inform you about observing scammers on WhatsApp.

How to trace a scammer on WhatsApp begins by understanding the assorted scamming varieties and techniques. The important scamming varieties are voicemail hacking, WhatsApp hijacking, impersonation, and malicious hyperlinks. Again, it is best to analyze textual content shared by a brand-new quantity. What key phrases are they utilizing? Is it a forwarded message?

We will perceive why WhatsApp is especially focused on by scammers and the several types of WhatsApp scamming techniques they use. Still, we’ll talk about observing scamming WhatsApp messages and blocking and reporting the scammer.

How To Track a Scammer on WhatsApp

WhatsApp has billions of customers, which means nearly each smartphone person is logged in on WhatsApp. Scammers know this, which is why they goal WhatsApp customers with varied scamming methods hoping they’ll fall to the bait.

To observe a scammer on WhatsApp, you have to first perceive the completely different WhatsApp scams you may encounter.

Voicemail Hacking

Here, the scammer creates a WhatsApp account utilizing somebody’s telephone quantity and chooses to obtain the verification code by telephone. Next, the scammer will name your telephone quantity so that your telephone will go to voicemail when WhatsApp calls you.

They can then enter your voicemail field and get the shared verification code. With that, they handle achieving management over your WhatsApp account.

Is There Any Way To Track A Scammer’s Location Via WhatsApp Without Him Knowing

Most scammers use messages containing exterior malicious hyperlinks geared toward stealing your credentials.

Such messages are primarily promotional and advert the place the scammer provides a hyperlink and advocates that it is best to click on the hyperlink to win a voucher.


When somebody has your telephone quantity and profile image, they will impersonate you by making a WhatsApp profile that matches yours.

Once they do, they will message people who know you and declare they’re in an emergency or require different monetary help. They rip off others in your identity and vanish as soon as the agenda is achieved.

WhatsApp Hijacking

Some scammers hijack WhatsApp accounts by registering them utilizing your telephone quantity and tricking the sufferer into sending them the verification code.

Once they get the verification code, they’ll have full management over your WhatsApp, as you may have two WhatsApp sharing identical telephone quantity.

Signs of a WhatsApp Scam

We’ve mentioned the varieties of WhatsApp scams. So, how are you going to know that somebody is attempting to rip off you on WhatsApp?

Suspicious Activities From a New Number

When a brand new quantity messages you, be eager about their motives. Many scammers impersonate folks and message their associates with new numbers. Avoid new numbers that declare they’re your pals and wish for monetary help or are selling gives.

When a suspicious new quantity messages you, hit the “Block” and “Report” buttons.

Forwarded Messages

Suppose somebody shares a forwarded message, be eager earlier than you click on any inside hyperlinks within the message. Most forwarded messages, particularly promotional ones, are scams attempting to steal your private data.

Login Requests

WhatsApp can by no means message or name you to ask for the verification code despatched to you. So, if somebody messages you that their verification message was wrongly dispatched to your quantity, block and report that particular person.

They are probably attempting to hijack your WhatsApp. Remember, don’t share your verification code with anybody.

Specific Keywords

Most scamming messages use key phrases comparable to the voucher, win, ahead, congratulations, hyperlink, activate, and many others. Besides, many will comprise spelling and grammatical errors. Don’t ahead or click on any hyperlink inside if you obtain such messages.

How To Respond to a Scammer on WhatsApp

When you discover somebody is attempting to rip off you, particularly in a case of impersonation, contact your legit good friend utilizing their telephone quantity. Contact them by way of telephone and ask them whether or not they have messaged you. If they don’t bear in mind messaging you, inform them that somebody has impersonated them and is making an attempt to rip off you.

Also, make sure you set a sturdy pin code to your voicemail service to keep away from folks hijacking it. Still, if you’re not sure whether or not somebody is texting you genuinely, ask them questions that solely your good friend may know the reply to and see how they reply. Still, name them to listen to their voice. Lastly, enable two-step verification on WhatsApp.


WhatsApp scamming could be very in style, and many individuals fall sufferer from it. This put up has defined all the pieces about WhatsApp scams and observed a scammer. Hopefully, you gained’t get scammed on WhatsApp, because of the guidelines lined on this put up.


Q: Can you observe somebody on WhatsApp without them understanding?

A: Yes, you may observe somebody’s location on WhatsApp. WhatsApp itself gives a “Share Location” characteristic, which permits customers to share location in each one-on-one and group chat. Except for that, you may benefit from some online companies or WhatsApp location trackers.

Q: Can WhatsApp location be tracked?

A: This characteristic is end-to-end encrypted, which implies nobody can see your residence location beside the folks you shared with. To be taught extra about your safety on WhatsApp, please go to WhatsApp Security. You also can learn our Privacy Policy for extra data on WhatsApp’s privacy practices.

Q: Can you observe somebody’s location with simply their telephone quantity?

A: You can solely observe an individual’s location on Google Maps if that particular person’s telephone quantity is registered on Google. Simply look up the placement of the telephone quantity by opening Google Maps, signing into your Google account, and deciding on the quantity you need to observe.

Q: Can you observe a telephone with a SIM card quantity?

A: Is it doable to trace by SIM card? Yes, it is doable. The special software program can observe the telephone or one other gadget with SIM by community towers or Wi-Fi hotspots. A SIM card is a particular reminiscence chip used to position calls, textual content and surf the Internet.

Q: Can you hint a scammer telephone quantity?

A: Another quantity you need to use to hint a name is *57. This is the quantity to make use of in the event you imagine a rip-off or spam caller is harassing you. *57 will get you the telephone quantity and name data *69 does, however it goes above and past. When you dial *57, the data you acquire is handed to the police.