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What Does The Emotion XD Mean

With the introduction of modern forms of communication such as texting and instant messaging, the relationship between what we say and what we write has become even more symbiotic, and the laid-back tone of texting has enriched today's language, offering us new words and expressions, much to the chagrin of older generations who despise hearing their children say words like “brb” and “lol.”

Texting, on the other hand, has not only exposed us to new terms, but it has also made emoticons, the forerunners of emojis, a part of our daily lives.

Emojis, which are little drawings used to convey emotions or thoughts, have grown so common in today's society that some linguists joke that we'll all be talking solely in emojis in a century.

One of these emoticons, the focus of today's investigation, is XD, an expression that first emerged in the early 2000s and has been popular ever since.

What is XD stand for?

XD may be used to represent a variety of things. It was used before emojis took on their more colorful look that we are acquainted with. As an emoticon, it signifies LOL, or laugh out loud; it was used before emojis took on their more colorful appearance that we are familiar with today. It may also imply “I adore you,” which is common in the emo community. Extreme digital is another term used by businesses like Disney and Cinemark to describe the entertainment offerings they provide. There are a few other meanings, such as crossing and kissed, and it may also be used as an abbreviation for a variety of phrases, depending on the situation.

As an emoji, XD

The most common use of XD is as an emoji for screaming with laughter, which individuals use not just in text messages but also in their social media profiles.

This specific emoji is likely to appear in a lot of adolescents' Facebook posts and Instagram comments.

They'll use it when they come across something ridiculously funny, whether it's a joke, a post, or a remark.

A laughing face is represented by the letter XD. The “X” symbolizes two closed eyes from all of the laughter, while the “D” represents an inverted open mouth.

While the “X” may be written in any case, the “D” must be capitalized in order for the phrase to be understood. This emoticon's phonetic transcription is dee.

XD has grown popular within the online gaming community, in addition to messaging and other networking.

After all, online gamers often have a lot to say to one another but seldom have the opportunity to properly express their thoughts in writing.

As a result, any shortcuts are appreciated. For example, a typical discussion between two gamers could go like this:

Person #1: Can you tell me where he is? I can't seem to locate him

Person #2: XD, XD, XD, XD, X I'll be right behind you.

XD's beginnings

People used to text emoticons using the letters and symbols on their keyboards before we had an emoji keyboard on our phones.

Smiling, for example, was :), while frowning was :(.

However, emoticons and their later versions, emojis, have always had the advantage of providing fast shortcuts for individuals to convey emotions, which is why they became popular among regular texters so quickly.

Side note: If you're like me and can't tell the difference between emoticons and emojis, don't worry.

Emoji comes from Japanese, where “E” stands for “image” and “mojo” is for “character.” These are the little yellowish figures that you may email to your pals; they're completely developed and almost comical.

Emoticons, on the other hand, are the faces and pictures that you may send using your keyboard's letters and symbols, such as the smiling and frowning faces seen above.

Emoticons predate emojis, however many messaging applications now convert emoticons to emojis automatically, bridging the gap between the old and the modern.

This specific emoji was all the rage among AIM users in the early 2000s, according to our buddy XD.

Although the actual origin of this emoticon is unknown, it first appeared in the Urban Dictionary on March 29, 2003.

Another user contributed the phonetic spelling of XD on December 23rd of that year, and it has been part of our messaging culture ever since.

The XD virus's spread

The response to XD has been divided. While some individuals like it and thought it to be expressive, others were less enthused. Some even considered XD to be a kind of spam.

While some were attempting to explain to the world what XD meant, such as the YouTuber Pronunciation Orator in their video “What Does XD Face Mean?” uploaded on September 5th, 2011 and the YouTuber Not an Alternate Channel in their video “Eck’s Dee” uploaded on May 12th, 2012, others were openly declaring their dislike for the emoticon.

On March 19, 2010, a Facebook user named “For all those who despise the “Xd” emoji!” created a page called “For all those who despise the “xd” emoticon!”

Another was Rod Humble of the IGN Forums, who stated in a post on January16, 2014 that people who use the XD emoji are “12 years old,” “aspis,” “brownies,” “betas,” and “forever alone.”

Indeed, one gamer, Tempname8956 of the League of Legends Forums, despised the emoticon so much that on March 27, 2013, he requested that both XD and D: be removed from multiplayer game chat.

Within the emo community, XD

When XD is combined with the dinosaur word “Rawer,” it may also signify “I love you.”

It's right, you read that properly, and there are no mistakes in the preceding phrase. Don't worry if you don't understand what you just read; I was in the same boat.

You're in excellent hands, and after we deconstruct that phrase, which will include a little emo subculture research, you'll understand it.

Emotional hardcore, a kind of punk music that was prominent in the 1980s, gave birth to the emo subculture.

People that identify as emo tend to be disillusioned adolescents who have a bone to pick with society and feel like they don't fit anywhere, despite the fact that the music is loud, passionate, and candid.

They dress in dark, distinctive attire that makes them stand out, and some of them dye their hair brilliant colors like light green, pink, and blue.

During the middle of the 2000s, the word “Rawer” emerged and became widespread among the emo subculture. (It's an onomatopoeia, which means it sounds like the sound it describes.)

Cuckoo and hiss are two more examples.)

It became a word for attraction, similar to cat-calling but for dinosaurs, apart from being an alternate, adorable way to write roar. “Rawer” evolved to signify “I love you” as well.

The notion is that it is seldom used seriously; rather, it is employed in a fun manner and may have a broad variety of connotations, all of which are limited by the concept of interest/love.

The “XD” was inserted at some time. “XD” is written as an emoticon, with the “D” capitalized and the “X” going in either direction.

The “XD” seems to contribute to the overall “cuteness” of the phrase, with “Rawer” indicating “I love you” and “XD” a big grin after that confession.

The emo subculture's adoption of “Rawer XD”

Teenagers and preteens were the primary users of the phrase when it first became popular. It was used to flirt with another person.

For example, a young guy might text a girl, “Rawer XD, LOL,” with the LOL cushioning the impact of the Rawer if not providing the boy with an escape hatch, a kind of “I was only kidding” clause, should things not go his way.

Surprisingly, the word grew in popularity to the point that it leapt out of the message displays and into ordinary discourse.

Middle school students began repeating it, and when a lady wanted to let a man know she was interested in him, she would approach him and say “Rawer XD.”

Things, however, did not end there. “Rawer XD” was also used in many memes and popular articles.

For example, a Facebook user named Burdock Obama said, “”Rawer XD” means “I'm going to devour year a** in dinosaur,” which just goes to demonstrate the Rawer XD's flexibility.

On the same day as the Facebook post, @Trilluminaughty created an emo version of the Confused Nick Young meme and put a joke over it, “When you find your Emo Girlfriend texting “Rawer XD” to other people…”

(If you don't know what the Confused Nick Young meme is, just Google it now.) I can only explain so much about internet culture in one post.)

The phrase has even become a political meme. There was a photo of Donald Trump that was altered to make him seem like an emo girl, with the comment “”Rawer XD” meaning “make America great again in dinosaur.”

XD in the workplace in the United States

Let's speak about how XD is exploited by corporate America, especially the media business, in one of the most abrupt segues ever.

If anybody reading this has kids, you're undoubtedly familiar with the Disney XD channel. For the rest of you, Disney XD is a children's and early adolescent entertainment channel.

The Walt Disney Company produces or has produced comedies, cartoons, and films, all of which are or have been available on the site.

The channel also has youth-oriented sports programming, including highlights from the greatest games of the week.

Disney XD has more than 80 million members in the United States, thanks to all of its content plus the fact that it is available in both English and Spanish.

Final Words

Simply said, XD stands for “extreme digital,” and Disney uses it to emphasize the high quality of the programming they show.

Cinemark, a network of movie theaters owned by Cinemark Holdings, Inc., is another business that uses XD to refer to “extreme digital” quality.

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