What Happens If You Mute Someone On Whatsapp

These days we reside our lives on social media. People use completely different platforms to keep up correspondence with family and friends. WhatsApp is one of them. It is extensively used as a result of it being free for its customers. However, there comes a time when you get irritated by your buddy’s fixed messaging. For this, it’s worthwhile to mute them on WhatsApp.

To know if somebody muted you on WhatsApp, ship them a message. If you don’t get a reply after the message is delivered with double ticks, then you may have likely been muted on WhatsApp.

People don’t outright block pals as a result it cuts them off fully. Instead, they mute them on WhatsApp till they feel like speaking to that individual once more.

This information will show you how to perceive the distinction between mute and block, issues to look out for once you suspect somebody has muted you, and rather more.

Muting a Status VS Muting a Chat

Muting a chat is different from muting status updates. Muting somebody’s contact received’t conceal their standing updates or profile image. It will solely cease exhibiting notifications of its upcoming messages. You will nonetheless have the ability to see their standing.

But for those who don’t wish to see their standing updates, you have to mute them individually. Muted contact standing won’t seem on the high of the standing listing. Moreover, they may nonetheless have the ability to view your standing updates.

How To Know When Someone Muted You on WhatsApp?

Since WhatsApp protects the privacy of its customers, there is no such thing as a surefire method of figuring out if somebody muted you. But don’t fear. We can assist you to determine whether or not you’re muted or not.

Here are some tell-tale indicators that may show you how to decide whether or not you may have been muted on WhatsApp.

What Happens If You Mute Someone On Whatsapp

You Won’t Get a Reply Instantly

Being muted on WhatsApp by somebody doesn’t imply you can’t message or name them. The sole solution to see if somebody has muted you is to ship them a message and wait for her reply.

Suppose that individual is used to replying within a couple of hours. This is your largest trace if they don’t do the identical with you. Your message shall be delivered, however, you received’t get immediate blue double ticks. This signifies they’ve muted your chat. 

They Appear Online, however, You Still Haven’t Received a Reply

To know if somebody has muted you, examine if they’re online. If sure, then immediately ship a message to them.

If your message will get grey double ticks, it has been delivered. If they’re online and you continue to haven’t obtained a reply, you may have been muted.

They Do Not View Your Story Updates

Your buddy views your story updates religiously. But instantly, you see that they haven’t considered your newest story replacement. What does this say?

It signifies they’ve muted your standing updates. As a result, you received’t see their title within the standing viewers listing.

Your Voice Message Icon Turns Blue Without a Reply

You have tried all of the methods talked about above however nonetheless can not come to a strong choice about whether or not you’re muted. This doesn’t imply that you’ve got come to a lifeless finish.

You can ship them a voice message. That voice message will get delivered. The spherical icon on the voice message will flip blue, indicating that the individual has listened to it. If you continue to don’t get a reply, meaning you may have been muted.

What Does Each Check Mark Mean on WhatsApp?

Knowing precisely what every examination mark means can assist you in probably have been muted. So let’s evaluate them one after the other.

Single Tick

When your message will get a single grey tick, it signifies it has been despatched out of your finish. But the message has not been delivered to the recipient. Moreover, you typically get a single tick if you find yourself blocked on WhatsApp or if there’s any connection error.

Double Ticks

When your message will get grey double ticks, it signifies it has been despatched and delivered to the recipient. They haven’t learned it but. Additionally, you get grey double ticks when others mute your chat.

Blue Double Ticks

The message will get blue double ticks when despatched, delivered, and browse.

Benefits of Muting Someone on WhatsApp

There are several advantages of muting somebody on WhatsApp. Here are a number of the advantages of muting somebody on WhatsApp.

  1. Muting somebody offers short-term aid – It allows you to ignore their messages without letting them know.
  2.  Stop getting annoying messages by muting – Your telephone received a buzz every time you get a message from a muted contact.
  3.  People can nonetheless ship messages and look at your standing when muted – Your buddy can ship messages and look at your standing regardless of being muted by you. So don’t fear getting fully out of contact with them.
  4.  You received’t get pointless notifications – No matter what number of messages your muted contact sends you, you’ll not get a single notification. So you shouldn’t open your telephone to see who the message is from. Once you’re free, you will get to these undesirable messages.


To sum up, it sucks being muted by somebody you take into account your shut buddy. What’s worse is just not figuring out if they’ve muted you or in case your thoughts are taking part in methods with you.

We tried to cowl up all of the bases relating to being muted on WhatsApp so that you don’t should stress over it a lot. A couple of minutes will reveal the final word reality whether or not you’re muted or not.

So, for those who doubt somebody, begin digging in to search out the reality. You should neatly play the act to search out in case you are muted so that the opposite individual doesn’t know that you’re being clingy.


Q: Can somebody inform those who mute them on WhatsApp?

A: When you mute somebody on Whatsapp, do they know? No, they have no idea as Whatsapp doesn’t notify them that the chat has been muted. This applies to one-on-one conversations or teams. These folks will nonetheless have the ability to message you, name you, and view your profile photograph and standing.

Q: When you mute somebody on WhatsApp Can they nonetheless see your standing?

A: Will the muted individual have the ability to see your final seen, standing, and profile image? Muting somebody does not affect how they see you on WhatsApp. They’d nonetheless have the ability to textual content you, see your profile image, final seen, and standing updates — except you exclude them from the listing.

Q: How have you learned for those who’ve been muted?

A: There’s no surefire solution to inform if somebody has muted you on Instagram. If somebody who used to actively interact with your content material not does, you would possibly be muted. When you mute somebody on Instagram, you will nonetheless be following them, however, will not see their content material in your feed.

Q: How are you able to inform if somebody muted you on WhatsApp without them figuring it out?

A: To do that, open WhatsApp and go to Settings > Account > Privacy. You can toggle the ‘Read Receipts’ choice to off. This methodology works for each Android and iOS unit.

Q: What does one gray tick imply on WhatsApp?

A: Most folks know that two blue ticks imply a message has been learned and obtained, however what about one gray tick? One gray tick on a WhatsApp message merely signifies that the message has efficiently despatched out of your telephone, but it surely hasn’t been delivered to the recipient.

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