What Happens When You Block Someone on WhatsApp? All You Need To Know

  • You can no longer get reminders, texts, calls, or status changes from anyone you have blocked on WhatsApp.

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  • Someone you’ve hidden on WhatsApp may no longer be able to see when you were last online, however they will be able to see why their messages were sent but never received.
  • You can’t tell whether anyone you’ve blocked knows you’ve blocked them and there’s no direct way for them to recognize.
  • At any moment, you will unblock anyone you’ve already blocked on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is a successful chat app that competes with iMessage and Facebook Messenger. Many people use WhatsApp as their main mode of communication on their tablets. If your mates don’t all have the same phone or reside in different countries, it’s a nice tool for messaging and group chats.

Of course, blocking anyone on WhatsApp, as blocking someone on every other app used for person-to-person communication, is often important. If you’re receiving calls or messages from numbers you don’t recognize, whether you’re being abused by anyone you do, blocking is a quick and painless way to end communication without inconvenience or awkward conflict.

If you block anyone on WhatsApp, this is what happens.

When you blacklist anyone on WhatsApp, you can no longer get their updates or calls. And if they keep sending them, they would never appear on your phone. Similarly, the user you blocked would no longer be able to access your content, such as status updates, profile picture adjustments, and ‘last seen’ timestamps.

Blocking someone on WhatsApp can save you from receiving direct messages from them, but it will not delete them from your contacts. You’ll have to manually delete their touch from your phone to do this. You can even unblock anyone you’ve blocked at any point, so if you need a break from them for a while, you’ll be able to contact them again when you’re ready.

To secure their users’ anonymity, WhatsApp tries to leave things unclear whether or not you’ve been banned.

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