What is the Difference Between Added by Username and Added by Search on Snapchat

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Continue reading to discover the distinction between Snapchat’s Added by Username and Added by Search features.

Let us inform you that there is a distinction between Adding someone by Username and Adding someone using Search. Even if it may not seem important, it’s better to be aware of these details than to wind up in a misunderstanding, right?

When someone adds you on Snapchat, you can see beneath their username how they added you. It’s one of the following six methods:

  1. Added by Indexing
  2. Added by Reference
  3. Added using Rapid Add
  4. Affecting Contacts
  5. Submitted by Username
  6. Added by Snap code

Why can’t I see how a Snapchat user added me?

If you cannot see the method a Snapchat user used to add you, do not panic. It just indicates that you added them initially, and they are now adding you back. It might also indicate that you were previously Snapchat friends, but one of you removed the other and is now adding you back.

Username was added on Snapchat

Let’s pretend your name is Jack Brown, and your username is heyitsjackbrown, for the sake of illustration.

When someone adds you by username, they input your Snapchat username (heyitsjackbrown) rather than your real name in the search window.

This might have several meanings:

  1. You provided them with your login directly, which is how they were able to add you.
  2. A common acquaintance provided them with your login, which they then copied and typed into the search field. They may have possibly noticed your username on the phone of one of your common friends and added you without your friend’s assistance.

It typically signifies that you two have not known one other for very long.

When someone adds you via search, they input your real name (Jack Brown) rather than your username in the search field. This might also indicate the following:

  1. They have observed you at school, college, or job and located your Snapchat username.
  2. They were forced to use your real name since you neglected to provide them with your login.
  3. They are a long-lost acquaintance who has recently joined Snapchat to reconnect with old friends.

Added by search often indicates that this somebody knows you, but not well enough to ask for your Snapchat login.


As we conclude this blog, let’s review everything we’ve talked about today.

When someone adds you using your Snapchat username, it implies they typed your username into the search field. This normally indicates that the Snapchat user knows you and has your permission to add you. It is also conceivable they spotted you on another account and thought you were nice.

When someone searches for you on Snapchat, they input your real name. This indicates they were aware of you and opted to add you on Snapchat. However, they may have also asked anybody for your name to add you.

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