Why Can’t I Delete WhatsApp Messages for Everyone

Did you ship a wrong message in WhatsApp to somebody, and now you possibly can’t discover the Delete for everybody choice? On many occasions, the choice goes lacking or it doesn’t work. Wondering why? Let’s discover the reply to this submit the place we inform you why can’t you delete WhatsApp messages for everybody.

Earlier, should you despatched an incorrect message on WhatsApp, it was gone, and there was no option to cease it. Fortunately, issues were modified when WhatsApp introduced the Delete for everyone characteristic. But it additionally offers us hassle on occasion.

Let’s see what’s the difficulty behind that and why can’t you unsend messages on WhatsApp.


If you delete a message on WhatsApp, you get two choices — Delete for me and Delete for everybody. The first one is your outdated delete button which may solely delete the message on your telephone. Hence, the identify Delete for me. It won’t unsend or delete messages from the recipient’s telephone.

The Delete for everyone will magically delete the message from your individual and the recipient’s telephone. It works in private and group conversations. In the latter, the message will probably be deleted from all of the group participant’s telephones.


When you press the Delete for everybody button, the message will get deleted immediately from all of the telephones that had it. No affirmation field will seem. So watch out once you use it.

Once you delete it, you’ll not get a notification about whether or not the message was deleted efficiently or not. Instead, the message will probably be changed by deleted textual content. While the sender will see the textual content ‘You deleted this message’, the recipient will see ‘This message was deleted’ in the place of the deleted message.

Now let’s dive into the principle factor.


Since it’s a particular characteristic, it doesn’t work regularly. The characteristic has to fulfill sure necessities for correct functioning. So should you can’t see the Delete for everybody button in your messages or it didn’t work once you used it, there are several causes for that.

Let’s test them out.

Time Limit for Deleting WhatsApp Messages

Unlike the conventional delete that works regularly, there’s a time restriction in utilizing Delete for everybody. You can unsend messages within an hour of sending them solely. After that, you’ll not see the Delete for everybody choice. So, if it’s lacking once you press the delete icon, you are likely to be attempting to delete it after an hour of sending a message

Received Messages

The Delete for everybody characteristic works for the despatched messages solely. Meaning, you possibly can solely unsend messages that you’ve got despatched and never for any individual else. For occasion, in case you are a bunch admin and somebody sends an inappropriate message, you can not delete it utilizing the Delete for everybody characteristic. That’s one of many privileges that are at present lacking within the powers of WhatsApp admins.

However, you need to use Delete or Delete for my choice to take away the acquired messages from your telephone.

Quoted Texts

Strangely, Delete for everybody doesn’t work for quoted texts. Picture this — you ship a message, and somebody sends a response quoting that message. Now, should you unsend the unique message that you just despatched, technically, the quoted message of yours also needs to get deleted. But that doesn’t occur. Only the message that you just despatched will probably be eliminated, and the quoted message will keep.

So should you try utilizing Delete for everybody’s characteristics also you are puzzled how the quoted message didn’t disappear, we hope you’ve got discovered your reply. Fortunately, should you delete the message first and later somebody quotes it, then the textual content won’t be seen?

WhatsApp Pictures on iPhone Not Getting Deleted

The restricted nature of the Apple ecosystem typically pinches the customers. The iPhone house owners’ expertise in such restrictions particularly with regards to deleting WhatsApp messages. That is, Delete for everybody doesn’t delete WhatsApp media files from iPhone.

To perceive the purpose higher, you could know how WhatsApp media files are downloaded on Android and iPhone. On Android, once you obtain a photograph or video from WhatsApp or you’ve got auto-download turned on, the recordsdata will get saved robotically to your telephone.

For occasion, if somebody sends you a photograph and also you obtain it (earlier than they delete it) or it’s downloaded robotically. Later, if the sender deletes the message, then such a photograph will probably be eliminated from your WhatsApp and telephone.

On WhatsApp for iPhone, issues are different. When you obtain a photograph or video, it’s in a roundabout way saved to your telephone. Even should you obtain to view it, the media stays on the WhatsApp servers until you manually press the Save button, or you’ve got the ‘Save to Camera Roll’ setting enabled in WhatsApp.

Now, when somebody sends you a WhatsApp photograph on your iPhone, and you’ve got Save to Camera Roll enabled otherwise you reserve it manually, then if they unsend it, the photograph won’t be eliminated from your telephone. That is, the photograph will solely be deleted from WhatsApp and never out of your telephone. You can nonetheless enter it by way of the Photos app. However, it won’t be present in WhatsApp.

If the iPhone consumer didn’t reserve it or doesn’t use the Save to Camera Roll setting, then you’re protected. Meaning, should you unsend messages, then they are going to be eliminated utterly, leaving no traces.

Latest Version of WhatsApp

The Delete for everyone seems to be a brand new characteristic. So each of you and the recipient should be utilizing the most recent variations of WhatsApp, i.e., the variations that assist this characteristic. If any considered one of you is utilizing an outdated model that didn’t assist it, this characteristic won’t work.

Why Can’t I Delete WhatsApp Messages for Everyone


No. Clearing chat will solely take away WhatsApp messages on your telephone. It won’t have any influence on the messages on the receiver’s telephone. You have to press the delete icon and choose Delete for everybody choice to unsend a message to everybody


That relies upon. If the individual has already seen your message, then deleting it can solely take away it from their telephone and never the individual’s reminiscence. However, if they haven’t seen it, there are tips to view the deleted message on WhatsApp.


Sometimes, once we are deleting a WhatsApp message, we use Delete for my choice as a substitute for Delete for everybody. Therefore, you ought to be cautious when deleting messages as now you will be unable to unsend the message as you don’t have entry to it.


Q: How can I delete a message for everybody on WhatsApp after deleting it for myself by mistake on my iPhone?

A: WhatsApp provides you with a 5-second window to undo the unintended deletion and choose to Delete for all customers as a substitute. If you choose “Delete for me”, you may see an undo choice on the backside of the display. Click Undo to see the message once more. After that, you possibly can proceed to “Delete for everybody”.

Q: Can you delete a WhatsApp message for everybody after the time restrict?

A: Tap and Hold on to the message, and it ought to now present a window. With choices corresponding to Delete for Me, Delete for Everyone, and Cancel. Select the Delete for Everyone choice. Then return to the Settings app and revert the Date and Time to the unique settings.

Q: Why some messages can’t delete for everybody?

A: The Delete for everybody characteristic works for the despatched messages solely. Meaning, you possibly can solely unsend messages that you’ve got despatched and never for any individual else. For occasion, in case you are a bunch admin and somebody sends an inappropriate message, you can not delete it utilizing the Delete for everybody characteristic.

Q: How to delete WhatsApp messages older than 6 months for everybody?

A: Go to settings then click on the date and time choice. Change the date and time and set the date earlier than the time of the outdated WhatsApp messages. Now choose the message that must be deleted and click on delete for everybody.