Why Can’t I See My Friends Story on Snapchat

Snapchat Stories are one of the finest methods to stay current on the lives of your pals. While snaps and direct messages are both highly intriguing and allow you to communicate with your friends individually, adding snaps to your story allows you to share unforgettable experiences with your friends in a single step. Stories allow us to be frequently informed about the lives of our friends. Seeing a friend’s narrative allows you to remain connected with them even if you don’t converse with them frequently.

However, occasionally you may notice that one of your friends’ tales is absent from the Stories page of the app. It is that your buddy just has not uploaded any stories. But if you haven’t seen updates from a buddy who writes them frequently for several days, there may be other factors at play.

To understand precisely why you cannot access your friend’s Snapchat story, you must understand how Snapchat stories and story viewing function. Scroll down to learn the potential obstacles that might prohibit you from seeing a friend’s videos.

Why Can’t I View My Friends’ Snapchat Stories?

We have had enough conversations. Now let’s get right down to business.

It is not up to you to view a Snapchat user’s story. You have no control over the stories you view. You can view a story if it shows on the Stories tab. If it does not appear, it cannot be seen. Yes, you can also view articles on Snap Map. But that is it.

If you cannot view a friend’s Snapchat story, it is most likely unrelated to your activities or Snapchat account. Typically, it relies on the other person: your friend.

Let’s examine six instances in which you cannot view a friend’s Snapchat story.

Your friend no longer posts tales.

Despite how clear this option is, it is still pretty prevalent, therefore it is appropriate to put it here. If your buddy does not publish any stories, you will not see them.

Therefore, if you are wondering whether they have ceased posting articles, simply question them immediately. Or, if feasible, it would be preferable to ask a mutual friend if they can see the narrative. If they cannot see it either, probably, your buddy has not posted any tales recently.

A friend has restricted your access to their tales.

If a mutual friend can see your friend’s story but you can’t, the friend in question may have banned you from viewing their tales.

Every user has control over who they share their tales. They can choose to share their experiences with Everyone, Friends Only, or Custom audiences. If a friend selects Custom and bans you from the list of story watchers, you will not be able to access their tales on the Stories screen.

A buddy has been sharing intimate stories recently, but you are not a watcher.

Another reason why you may not be able to access a friend’s Snapchat story but a mutual friend may be if your buddy has been sharing private tales with a restricted number of others over the previous several days.

Almost certainly, you are aware that you may share a different, private tale with a specified group of friends. Snaps uploaded to a private tale can only be viewed by a specified group of friends.

Consequently, if your buddy has created a private tale for their close friends and has not added you to the Story Viewers list, you will not be able to view the story on your Snapchat.

You are no longer friends with the individual.

This is another typical reason why Snapchat stories cannot be seen. This can occur if you and the other user are not friends and their story is viewable exclusively to their friends.

If your buddy has deleted you from Snapchat and their story viewers are set to Friends Only, you will not be able to read their stories. To determine whether or not you are still friends, you can:

Tap your bitmoji avatar on the Camera tab to access your Profile area. To view a list of friends, scroll down and click My Friends. If your friend’s name is missing, your friendship has ended.

Your friend has blocked you.

If a buddy blocks you on Snapchat, you will be unable to communicate with them. Consequently, you will not be able to view their tales.